This little baby warms my heart so much…

We brought her to see Santa last night. I may have cried (just a little and it was more like laughing tears) watching Kev sit her on Santa’s lap. She was just so small and cute nestled into the big jolly Santa. He didn’t have a real beard, but oh well. I just was so happy and so in awe that we have a little baby that we are actually bringing to see Santa. Oh man, it was a good moment. The picture is about the most perfect thing I have ever seen. Look at her!! She is so cute with her little double chin and chubby cheeks. Ahh! I have looked at it like a million times since last night. I am in love.

  1. What a baby doll! She’s just so precious.

  2. She is such a pretty little baby girl! And yes! She does look so teeny tiny!

  3. Just precious!!

    I’m wondering, I’m not getting your blog updates in google reader anymore. Do I Need to do something different? The last update on reader was your post enttiled “oh, Rowan”…

    I love reading your blog…so I don’t want to miss anything!

  4. cutest ever! she’s actually smiling! i love this! and i love her outfit, it’s not the typical christmas dress. and colored tights just like momma!

  5. So cute and precious. That is the same dress I have for my baby girl to wear Christmas Eve 🙂

  6. Aah!! Those chubby cheeks! She is getting so so big!

  7. cutest cheeks ever! i just want to eat them 😉

  8. Oh my gosh, her cheekse are just so adorable.

  9. She is just too precious! And posing so perfectly with Santa, she must be taking after mom already 😉 I think I prefer Santas with fake beards, they generally seem a lot cleaner and prettier I think. Haha. Happy Holidays, hope baby R enjoys her first Xmas!

  10. What a good baby! All smiles 🙂

    My 2 year old nephew was a sobbing mess for family portraits this year. Poor little guy.

  11. Aww we took Alyson to see Santa on Monday. She did really good although she was so into everything else that was going on around us!

  12. i am usually not an “awwww!” person, but i swear I said it out loud when I saw this picture. so sweet, so perfect. she just looks like the perfect cute little christmas baby.

  13. She is so cute! I love cute little chubby cheeks on babies 🙂 What did she think of Santa?
    <3 Kastles

  14. cute! lol.
    my uncle is a santa!! he has a real beard and belly lol.

  15. i love that little face she is making! precious baby.

  16. Wendy Gonzalez •

    Oh such a cutie!! Rowan is a chubbers!! 🙂 Merry Xmas!!

  17. And a lovely dress too, Rowan stylefiles! 🙂

  18. What a happy baby!! =)

  19. OMG she is the cutest!! 😀

    Have a lovely Christmas Jen!

    Xo Mandy

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