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This is not the oddest outfit I have ever worn but, yesterday when I was wearing this at the grocery store, I felt like I was in some sort of crazy Halloween costume. I swear everyone in there was giving me crazy looks. It was like they had never seen a nice pair of shoes or a girl in a hat before. Crazy! We went to a Christmas party at some friends last night. We had a really great time. Rowan was like super baby. She played and hung out all night long. I couldn’t have been a prouder Momma.

Can you believe that Christmas is this week?!?!?!?? AHhh! I still have so much shopping to do! Wish me luck!
Stripped Top: H&M
Tulle Band Skirt: c/o Modcloth
Long Chain Drifter Necklace: c/o Modcloth
Tights: H&M
Wedges: Jessica Simpson Collection
Hat: H&M

  1. I love that skirt! It reminds me of my days as a Majorette in the marching band. Also, I wouldn’t worry about the stares. Those people probably just felt under dressed, lol.


  2. they were probably stareing because you look so darn cute. Love the buttons on the skirt and that fun necklace.
    Good luck getting everything for Christmas done this week. I cannot wait to see pics of Rowan all dressed up for the holidays.

  3. I am lol at people looking at you funny! I love that skirt so much! You always look stylin’!

  4. Hi Jen! I love those shoes!!!
    I was looking at some websites you posted and I can’t believe the prices!!! Here in Argentina clothes and shoes are very expensive! Now I have a very strong reason to travel there, hehe.
    Kisses from Buenos Aires

  5. That happens to me a lot when I’m wearing something more fashion forward. I’m done caring cause you know you look good and what does it matter to Mr. & Mrs. Sloppy Pants over there?

    I think you look adorable Jen. Seriously the stripes & little hat are very cute together. Your smile proves it!

  6. They probably thought you were famous or something because you looked so darn cute!
    Love this outfit my dear!

  7. I adore that skirt Jen! Just a stunning combo! I hope Rowan’s feeling all settled again – maybe she’s just super excited/frustrated its not Christmas yet…maybe..

  8. i think everyone was staring at you because they wished they could look as adorably cute as you! 😉


  9. Oh those shoes!!!! Everytime you where them I just get so envious. Do you know the name of the style? I can’t seem to find them on the website but wanted to check ebay!

  10. They were just lookin’ because you’re fabulous!! =)

  11. Such a cute outfit. I love that skirt!

  12. I have no idea why everyone would be staring at you wearing this outfit! I really like the skirt and stripes combo! 🙂

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