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I was going for the christmas color look today. hehe. I wore these olive tights for the first time today and I really like the color of them. With the green shorts, I felt very elf like or maybe Robin Hood. Either way it was fun.

I loved hearing what your favorite Christmas movies were, now lets move on to favorite Christmas Cds. I am looking for some new ones. I know everyone loves Mariah Carey but i’d love suggestions for some new christmas music…
Lace Top: Forever 21
Bow Belt: Forever 21
Wool Paperbag Shorts: UO
Olive Tights: c/o We Love Colors
Wedges: Jessica Simpson Collection
Necklace: c/o LOFT

  1. the Glee christmas album!!!!! Even if you don’t like the show, you can’t beat the cheesy holiday cheer it brings 🙂

  2. The Josh Groban Christmas CD from last year is great!

  3. n sync christmas!!! 😀 hahaha (its actually really good)

  4. I love the green on green! Merry Christmas week!

  5. I just bought my mother Sufjan Stevens’ Christmas collection. She really likes it.

  6. Sting’s “If on a Winter’s Night…” Beautiful, haunting, and unlike all the rest of my Christmas cds.

    But I love A Charlie Brown Christmas, too. And those olive tights!

  7. Every year after Christmas I buy the starbucks Christmas cd on sale. I usually get it for like 2 bucks. Also, I dont know if you saw any of the Target Christmas commercials this year but the songs are all fun. And if you go to you can download them all for free. It was in small print on the bottom of the screen at the end of one on the commercials. btw, you look very pretty. I love your colored tights.

  8. I love those shorts with that belt, so cute.

    Also, Target is doing a free Christmas CD download, with some indie bands (including coconut records, so good) – you can download here:

  9. I agree with Emily- The Sufjan Stevens box set is incredible. There’s hymns, funky new songs, funny stuff. It’s got the works! Check it out.

    Also, the Charlie Brown Christmas album is so classic.

  10. The Very Special Christmas cd series are great as well as Harry Connick Jr’s new album. His young daughter sings with him on one track. She’s super excellent.

  11. The original “A Very Special Christmas” will always be the quintessential music collection to me – I grew up listening to it and whenever I hear songs from the album, it immediately takes me back to the days where my sister and I danced around the living room and played with the train and old cast iron animal figurines under the tree … 🙂

    Some of my other favorite singles:
    “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” by Band Aid
    “I Believe in Father Christmas” by Emerson, Lake & Palmer
    “Christmas Time is Here” by Steve Vai (a sweet guitar version of the Charlie Brown classic)
    “Christmas Tree” by Lady Gaga (very naughty, but catchy!)

  12. rebekah kessler •

    my favorite christmas cd/record of all time is Evie. not because it’s the best, but because it is so sweet and i have so many memories of listening to it while decorating the tree…. i cry every time i hear the song “come on ring those bells…”

  13. bossa nova christmas, for something different. good background music for a holiday party:

    latin jazz christmas is fun, too:

    pink martini, for a retro modern vibe:

    the “a very special christmas” series used to be cool, but i dunno if that’s played out now. the first few albums were good, though.

  14. bob dylan’s christmas album is the best! it might be kind of weird that he has one but just enjoy it.

  15. You are almost done with the 30 for 30 challenge Jen, woot woot!

    I would recommend Nat King Cole as a Christmas CD, it is a strong family tradition of ours, I’ve been listening to it since I was just as small as Rowan and still love it so.

  16. this free compilation from Target is pretty good- i really like the Best Coast and Coconut Records tracks the best!

    Merry Christmas! My favorite is the Sufjan Stevens collection someone mentioned earlier. it’s really great.

  17. I knew there was another one, but I couldn’t think of it and then there it pops up on Pandora!! This Warm December. It’s various artists like Jack Johnson and Zee Avi.

  18. My favorite holiday songs:

    “What Christmas Means To Me” by Stevie Wonder (and pretty much everything else on the Motown Christmas CD)
    “That Spirit of Christmas” by Ray Charles
    “Christmas in Hollis” by Run DMC
    “The Carol of the Bells” by The Bird and the Bee
    “Santa Baby” by Eartha Kitt (always a classic)

  19. super cute outfit! I love those shorts so much.

    I have to admit, the only time I really truly like Celin Dion is when she is singing Christmas songs. Maybe because my mom always played them, but they remind me of being a kid and getting super excited about Christmas.

  20. Cute outfit! I might have to try something similar! I actually wore tights that color the other day and my brothers joked about me being the Grinch! I love Kenny Roger’s album The Gift and also Faith Hill’s Christmas music – she has a really beautiful voice.

  21. I am a big fan of Christmas music by Elvis Presley!!!!!!!

  22. If you haven’t tried Low – Christmas, you definitely should!

  23. I love this combination of the olive tights and shorts. So great and easy to wear.

    I watch the movie “Love, Actually” around Christmas time just for the soundtrack. There’s some Mariah, some older traditional stuff, and some Christmas parody songs. Love it.

  24. my absolutely christmas record is jason mraz’s “winter wonderland”. it’s so light and cheery.

    btw, just found your blog. i love it! love your cute f21 top. i have a dress that looks similar, but i love the rouched shoulders on your top!

  25. Try “December” by George Winston. Some amazing piano music that isn’t too Christmas chintzy themey.

  26. kaylea d. •

    i am loving those shorts! and girl you are looking fab!

  27. Sorry I can’t help much with the Christmas music, I usually just listen to whatever other people have playing.

    You look great! I want to try wearing my winter shorts now, though they aren’t the awesome green of yours!

  28. Bing Crosby ‘Merry Christmas’ – classic. His voice melts me everytime. And a dark horse – Michael W. Smith ‘Christmas’ – it’s from like 1989, but I love it! Lots of orchestral and choir pieces – really good.

  29. Paul Simon has new Christmas music out! Yiippeeeee!

    And Sufjan Stevens’ “The Worst Christmas Ever” is devastatingly beautiful.

    And I get all emotional thinking about Wyeth’s first Christmas, too. It’s the combination of the magical time of year and the most amazing gift of all… ugh, it’s so beautiful! 🙂 Merry Christmas to your family!

  30. This is going to sound so dorky, but my family has listened to Kenny Rogers’ Christmas since my older bro and I were babies, and now we can’t NOT listen to it. The songs are a little hokey (Just Another Homemade Christmas in Kentucky? really?) But so loveable, and the messages are corny by great.

  31. One of my good friends listens to the Neil Diamond Christmas album through the holidays. It’s one of those things that’s so bad yet so addicting.

  32. I really love this outfit especially the two shades of green together.

  33. My Christmas season is never complete without listening to The Roger Whittaker Christmas Album (Thanks Mom and Dad for playing it every year when I was home!). It doesn’t have your standard Christmas songs, but they’re absolutely beautiful and Roger has a wonderful voice. Highly recommend.

  34. I love everytime you wear these shorts. They are SO cute. I might have to get a pair.

    I love Sufjan’s Christmas album. I guess I am not too picky, I just love hearing my favorite Christmas songs, so I have them by a variety of artists.

  35. When I was younger we used to always listen to the Alvin and the Chipmucks Christmas RECORD! lol!

  36. I second Sufjan Stevens.

  37. Oh I love the colour of these tights, Im never brave enough to wear coloured tights, but I got some yellow ones today! You really inspire me to go for ones other than black! 🙂

  38. tastymoog •

    hmm, my comment seems to have disappeared. maybe too many links? there were some good suggestions but i don’t feel like looking them up again. 😛
    a couple were:
    pink martini joy to the world (album)
    bossa nova christmas

  39. oh man, Jen, your legs look amazing with the green tights and shorts, so leg lengthening, I need to get in on that!

  40. i read yr blog and never comment… but i have to tell you that, in addition to checking out the aforementioned low album, you also need to check out the raveonettes’ christmas album.

  41. LOVE those tights!

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