Oh, Rowan

Dear Rowan
You gave Mommy and Daddy quite a little scare last night. I don’t know how you acrobatically rolled off the couch but please don’t do that again. It made Mommy’s heart stop when she heard that noise of you landing on the hard wood floors. You precious little head! Ahh, the sound still gives me the chills when I think about it. We brought you to the doctors right away and they checked you out. They said you were ok, which made Mommy and Daddy feel a lot better. It’s a scary realization though, that we can’t protect you all the time. We just have to trust that you will be safe. I know there will be more bumps and bruises to come, but I am praying that you will always stay safe and that Mommy doesn’t end up wrapping you in bubble wrap when you want to go play. (haha anyone picturing that kid from Little Giants?) I just want to hold you and protect you forever.

  1. yikes! that sounds so scary, but i’m glad she is ok.

    p.s. that picture of you and baby is sooo adorable. perfection.

  2. emily f. •

    Awww! Poor honey baby! Does she like her Minnie hat?

  3. babies are ridiculously resilient, they bounce right back My niece fell when she was only a few weeks and was fine, the dr.s said that this sort of thing is extremely common, and babies are almost always okay and interestingly enough, it’s better when it’s wood than carpet! how strange. i’m glad she is okay, you guys look adorb in the pics.

  4. Oh how awful! I am glad she is ok.

    Being a parent literally does feel like your heart is outside of your body. Wait until her first cold/illness – there is no greater anxiety!

  5. The first fall is always the scariest—and take it from me they only get more terrifying as they get older! My son constantly had a bruise in the same spot on his forehead for about 3 months when her was two!

  6. Ashley J •

    Awww, poor little Rowan!!! Glad your precious cutie is okay!


  7. I think both of my kids rolled off the couch or bed at some point in their first year and they are both pretty normals kids…no head dents! It happens, but I remember being so scared with my first one that I think I did not put him down for a week!

  8. Ahh these pictures are so cute! Thank god she is ok! 🙂

  9. I can imagine what a scare that was! But that’s why babies are made to withstand a lot more bops and bumps that grown ups 🙂

  10. That would be so scary!! I’m glad everything is okay. These pictures are adorable, by the way!

  11. She is so adorable! Glad she is ok though! We were worried about Alyson doing the same thing so we got her a pack and play and its a lifesaver! Especially when you have to do something and you have no where to put your little one!

  12. Oh poor thing! You know what… it happens so much more than you think! My best friend told me that her little girl rolled off their bed and horrified, I made Brent swear that we would never, ever put Everly in a situation where she could roll off.

    Well, one morning he got up to go to the bathroom and left EV and I sleeping in the bed w/o putting in pillows on his side – I was dead asleep and she rolled right off.

    I woke up to that thud and her cry – I nearly had a heart attack – I couldn’t figure out what had happened – I thought Brent fell off too!

    Fortunately, babies are pretty resilient, but it’s still one of the scariest experiences! So glad little Rowan is ok.


  13. I feel so bad admitting this — but I definitely giggled a little bit when I read about little Rowan rolling off the couch. My parents have told me so many times about how they would snuggle me up in my bassinet, or my stroller, or something! and then plop! I’d roll out!

    Really glad that she’s okay though!

  14. I’m guessing no one is going to state the obvious – but babies should not be left alone on couches/dressers/beds, even when they are one day old. Many times, babies do bounce back and everything is alright. But sometimes – stories don’t have good ends.

  15. That is such a sweet picture of you and her.
    I love the polka dots 🙂

  16. My cousins baby just did the same thing off the bed. He was projectile vomiting everywhere and they had to take an ambulance to the hospital! So scary! I’m glad she’s okay =)

  17. ahhh so scary. wouldn’t it be nice if we could just stick them back in our wombs from time to time to keep them safe? ok, maybe that’s going a little too far. but so glad she’s ok 🙂

  18. OMG, the falls – they’re so traumatizing but usually everything is okay. My guy took a header off a bed (ahem, daddy was watching him) at about 8 months. I heard the thump and cry from the bathroom and I was there so fast. And so mad at dad for failing to protect him. Of course he was fine and learned that you can’t go head first off of beds. Valuable lesson in gravity! Though I wish we didn’t have to go through it!

  19. Ouchy! I am glad Rowan is okay. I certainly felt your heart leap out of your chest in this post – so frightening!

  20. When I was a baby we went on a mini vacation in a hotel. In the morning my parents alerted the entire floor as they thought I had gone missing, they couldn’t find me in my bed.
    Turned out I rolled of the bed and was asleep underneath it… hehehe. I think my chubbyness (is that a word?) broke my fall.

    Oh yeah, at our Christmas party the year I graduated (top of my class) my cousin confessed she once dropped me on my head while babysitting. She never told anyone at the time, but now that it was safe to assume I was smart she came clear. My mom wasn’t too thrilled to find out though 🙂

  21. Yikes, that sounds scary! I am glad she is OK. I’ve heard that the firstborn is always the most difficult when it comes to dealing with things like that. Parents always worry about bumps and bruises because they just SEEM so fragile, like the littlest thing could cause them to shatter when they are so tiny. I think she’ll surprise you though – she’ll be a strong one!

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