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it’s 2.32am. Why I am up I have no idea. Sometimes its hard to go to sleep because I enjoy the time I have to myself. Is that bad? I always regret it in the morning when little miss Rowan wakes up early, but a non-stressed day sometimes makes up for the lack of sleep, when I know my inbox is empty and my posts are all scheduled. So, here I am writing this post to be scheduled in the morning.

Here is my second styling of this Chambray shirt. I am almost done. Only 5 more outfits. Yippie. Guess what? I ran my first 2 miles tonight in about 10 months. It was extremely tough. I though doing these Jillian Michaels videos for the past 3 weeks would have helped but boy was I slow and tired. Yikes. I have a long way to go to get back to where I was last october. It did feel good to be running, although I hate the treadmill. A little Top Chef Masters helped pass the time. What are your favorite exercise routines?

Hat: Forever 21
Chambray Shirt: Target
Belt: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21
Pencil Skirt: J.Crew
Socks: Forever 21
Oxfords: Rockport (thrifted from Savers)

  1. You look darling! I just bought a similar hat yesterday because the snow was coming down so hard on me and my head/ears were freezing!

  2. Your past couple style files have had me wondering ~ What’s going on with her body? It’s like you were chiseling away at your waistline. You look so tall and fit. I think the Jillian Michaels must be doing your body right. Good luck getting back into running!

  3. I noticed what Amanda noticed!!! I love to run, but running inside on a treadmill makes me really depressed.

  4. Becoming a mom has worked wonders for you. Your style has definitely evolved, and you look amazing. Just thought you should know :o)

  5. cute outfit, and seriously, you are a trooper, i would be freezing!

  6. I hate the gym or using machines! I’d rather do an activity. Lately I’ve been doing 2 mile walks. My neighborhood is mostly hills, so I get really good cardio and muscle tone in. Then on weekends my husband & I do 8 mile hikes through a wilderness park by our house.

  7. The combination of the skirt with those shoes and socks is cute city! The addition of the hat is awesome too!

  8. Really like that skirt/ shoe/ sock combo. I’ve been struggling with how to wear some ankle socks that I have. Now I may try them with a pencil skirt.

  9. hi, my name’s brittney, and can i TELL you how much i love your skirt? everything, really, but that skirt is fabulous. loving chartreusey anything (i just painted a table in my house that color).
    ANYway. i wanted to invite you over to my new fashion blog. it’s nothing fancy, but it’s a guaranteed good time. well, maybe not guaranteed, but a probability. orrrrr…it’s not uncommon to have a good time? how about it doesn’t suck…that much.
    sounds tempting, doesn’t it.
    come on over! i’d love it!

  10. Love your matching skirt and socks. That shade of yellow is beautiful. And the puff ball hat is an adorable touch!

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  11. The colorful pencil skirt makes me happy!
    As far as exercise routines go… I actually like a treadmill! But, that’s because it’s the only way I can run and not hurt my knee. I just make a really good playlist or make sure I go at a time I can watch something I wouldn’t normally watch at home (as I never really watch tv!) and people watch. My favorite way to exercise is to actually play a sport, but I’ve just moved to a new city and don’t have a group of sporty friends or a volleyball team yet!

  12. White Christmas is a christmas classic for my mom, sister and I too! When we were growing up, we would watch it every year on Christmas morning while we opened our stockings and had tea! Tea always taste so good on Christmas morning.
    We love the movie so much that on my wedding, my sister’s “speech” was an amazing slideshow presentation of pics of me and her growing up(and then she introduced a pic of my husband at the end – it was so funny) to the song “S isters, Sisters” from White Christmas. That’s by far our favourite part of the movie when the guys to the “sisters, sisters” song!! My other fav x-mas movies are: Elf, Santa Clause and all the Die Hard movies 🙂

  13. I am so loving that yellow skirt!! I recently just started boxing and it is so exciting to find a new exercise to vary up the routine.

  14. I’m a runner like you – So I can totally understand how you might feel after such a long time away from it! I refuse to go to the gym or use a treadmill because it just makes me so unhappy and feels so fake 😛 I need to be outside with fresh air and the world around me to look at.

    My exercise routine is running about 20-25 miles per week (includes a long 8+ mile run on the weekends) and that’s pretty much it! When I run, instead of listening to music, I usually listen to audiobooks I take out from the library! I’m such a sucker for the crappy mystery novel … Keeps me entertained on my long runs and gives me something to look forward to if I’m feeling particularly unmotivated 🙂

  15. My favorite exercise routine is walking around without any agenda. And the trampoline. I HATE running with a passion. The elliptical machine is okay, but I hate going to the gym.

    Annnnyway, I think this is my favorite look you’ve done so far. You just keep gettin’ better! I can only imagine how cold your legs must be though! Eep!

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