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Do you like Black and Tan’s? I am not a huge Guinness fan but one time I had a black and tan with a cherry wheat as the “tan” and it was delicious. Ok, on to clothes. I have been loving neutrals so much lately. I really can’t get enough. They seem so elegant and feminine. I also have been loving fuller skirts lately as well. Isn’t this one from Poetrie just too darn cute! I love it paired with this Modcloth sweater. I may be purchasing this entire outfit. LOVE!

Keeping Pom-Pom-ises Cardigan: Modcloth $64.99
The Coppercabana Skirt: Poetrie $39.99
Tights: Urban Outfitters $28
Lace Up High Heels: Lulu’s $35
Tart Deco Nail Polish: Essie $8

  1. Cutest and most creative post name ever. I will have to try it with Cherry Wheat!

  2. I’m wearing black and tan as we speak… great color combination. I love the items you picked out!

  3. adorbs, i love black and tan or black and cream, it’s super elegant mixed with a kind of burlesque/pin-up look

  4. I can totally see you rocking this! Love the whole ensemble.

  5. I’m also really loving throwing on a bunch of neutrals- At one point I would have never thought I’d wear that sort of nude/blush color, but now I’m finding it hard to resist. Super cute outfit! It definitely looks like something I’d love to be wearing.

  6. OMG! I love those shoes. I have to own a pair!

  7. Love this outfit!!

  8. I def like these two colors together!
    lovely picks 😉

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