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Today has been an interesting day to say the least. I am really looking forward to Kev coming home, getting a big hug and then heading to a Christmas party with some of our closest friends. It’s our first christmas party of the season and I think these Maroon tights work perfect to feel festive without being over the top red and green themed. Have you ever tired a pair of We Love Color tights? Umm, THEY ARE AMAZING. Best tights I own, thats for sure!

I am starting to drag my feet a little with this challenge. It’s really 23 for 30, right? Can I say I am done? Just kidding, just kidding. It’s starting to feel very, very long. I tried to run out and take a second picture today but let’s just say there was an extremely awkward moment with a construction worker, followed by a tripping accident, ripping a hole in my tights and my cold, chapped, lips splitting. Ouch. It was a disastrous 20 mins, which left me with no pictures to use.

We will try again tomorrow.
Vintage Fur Collar: It was my Grandma’s
Hickory Hipster Brown Floral Dress: Lulu’s (worn as a shirt)
Belt: Thrifted
Skirt: Vintage
Maroon Tights: c/o We Love Colors
Shoes: Jessica Simpson Collection
Vintage Pins: Also my Grandma’s

  1. You’re right, those tights are amazing!! This whole look is wonderfully christmas!

    Aren’t your wee wrists cold?

    Love the broaches too 🙂

  2. oh no! i’m sad you had a rough day. here’s to hoping your evening is MUCH better!!!

    the photos you got are so great. you sure know how to pose!

  3. Love this look! I have been wanting a fur collar so badly lately after seeing how everyone else styles them up so well. Also I follow you on Twitter, and let me just tell you that plus-size comment on was absolutely nuts. You look AMAZING, and I don’t think you are anywhere near plus-size. Keep up the great remixing, and just keep being you 🙂

  4. ah! that sounds awful. i’m glad you escaped (relatively) unharmed. i really love how you’ve been styling these bright colored tights recently. it’s so inspiring!

  5. Your high waisted skirt and those heels make your legs look a mile long! Love this look! It is totally perfect for a holiday party.

  6. That’s one of my favorite skirts on you, and it looks amazing with those tights! And I LOVE that you’re wearing your grandmother’s fur collar. I have a jacket of my grandmother’s that I need to get out and wear. It doesn’t fit perfectly (she was shorter than me, so the arms are short), but who cares, right?

  7. This look is perfect for Christmas, very very chic and yet seems cozy and warm. I love your setting! I’m glad to see even great bloggers such as you sometimes have awkward times taking pictures (my whole neighborhood thinks I’m coo coo…)

  8. It’s so hard taking outfit pics in the winter time. I think that fur collar is perfect for Christmas parties and I love that skirt.

  9. I just got my We Love Colors maroon tights in the mail over the weekend. Thanks for showing me how to wear them…I’ll be trying it tomorrow!

    The Auspicious Life

  10. I love your hair! and your shoes, super cute outfit!

  11. It’s okay. I had a run in with my mail man today. Totally awkward. I almost ripped my long skirt.

  12. Ripped tights are the worst! 🙁

    Hope that your photo taking is less eventful tomorrow, haha. And you are putting together some of the best 30×30 outfits that I’ve seen, for what it’s worth 🙂 xoxo

  13. wow you such chic and fav the shoes as well

  14. This outfit is pure elegance!
    You look so lovely! Sorry about your day, hope tomorrow is a better one hehe.


  15. Such a lovely outfit. I love the tights, great colour. I only wish I looked half as good with an 11 week old baby. My daughter is so much better dressed than me.

  16. The vintage fur is amazing! Love this outfit! Hope you warmed up with a hot cocoa afterwards. Brrr.

  17. LOVE this outfit!!

  18. That’s why I’ve never tried the 30 for 30, I’m too fickle! I’d wake up in the morning and just refuse to do it anymore if that wasn’t what I felt like wearing for the day! This is super cute though! I love the tiny print on the dress and the shape of the skirt is lovely!

  19. Love the tights! I work in a pretty conservative office and colored and patterned tights (a la purple argyle) are my way of adding some flair to otherwise boring professional attire.

    On a different note, though we’ve never met, thought of you yesterday. I went to a friend’s Christmas party where she had us drinking out of these: Made for some awesome photos and lots of laughs!

  20. Great look Jen, the tights are great! And I love this vintage fur collar!

  21. I’m wearing my maroon tights today as well!! I love everything about this luck. Have fun tonight with your man

  22. I absolutely ADORE this outfit!!! Especially the fur collar and the shoes… they remind me of some from the Lanvin Cruise 2011 collection that I have been drooling over!

  23. Jen you’re absolutely adorable! I love your style so much. I hope you’re having a very merry first Christmas with Rowan 🙂

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