Week 11

Since we were in Florida during week 11, we thought it was only fitting to take her weekly pictures there. haha. We thought the Florida grass was a good substitution for our shag carpet. Rowan did not like it all that much though. Like I said before, our week was spent sharing many first with her. It was so fun to bring her to the ocean and let her dip her toes in the water and let her wiggle her toes in the sand. I hope we can bring her to FL way more often, so she can become a little ocean loving baby.

I feel like for the most part things are running really smoothly. I am starting to see how people say it take 3 months to really feel settled and comfortable with everything. I feel like we are there, like we can pretty much go and do anything with her and know what to expect or how to handle different situations as they come up. It’s a good feeling. I can’t say enough about how much I love her little personality shining thru. You start to know what makes her smile and you can’t help but make those silly faces or crazy sounds all day long. She has the biggest and cutest smile. It takes over her whole face, like she almost can’t control it and shakes her head back and forth because she gets timid. One of our new favorite things is giving her kisses on her little lips. We have always given her kisses, but lately she does this thing where as you go in for the kiss she opens her mouth super wide. It makes for a very funny/awkward kiss. It cracks me up. I think she thinks she is getting food somehow.

Here are a few pictures from the beach and a little video…


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  1. The part about her “mouth kisses” crack me up – Sam still does that! Sloppy kisses, indeed.

    She looks beautiful!

  2. Aww this is so sweet! I love FL and we’re taking Alyson next summer, she’ll be 11 months old so I’m hoping it will be fun for her, we plan on going to Disney World but I’m not sure yet.

    She seems like such a sweet and relaxed baby! 🙂

  3. my little boo has the same “sunshine” shirt! fyi, this post makes me want to have another little one OR head to the beach. most likely the latter. ouch on the whole birthing thing again. am i right?

  4. adorable! love the shirt too! ultra cute!

  5. this is WAY too CUTE! I love it! beautiful pictures and a beautiful baby.

  6. Jennifer •

    Aww I love in the video how Kev is cheering her on! Sooo cute!

  7. Oh my goodness, this is divine. She looks so perfect on the green grass! Also love the vid.

    style activist

  8. i looove this little shirt. ‘you are my sunshine’ is our lullaby for our oldest daughter. makes me sentimental…she’ll be 7 in a few weeks. gulp!

  9. i LOVE her shirt. where is it from? very sweet post.

  10. Aw she is so adorable! And her expression when those toes hit the water is just too sweet.

  11. That is too cute!

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