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Talk about a change in outfit from yesterdays. I am out of Florida outfits now, back to the cold. I thought I had my box of scarfs and mittens at my moms but I just found them all inside a suitcase. I was pretty excited because who doesn’t love huge scarfs? I sure do. I make myself tons of scarfs every year. Especially tunnel scarfs. I am still working on crocheting a bunch for my etsy shop. There will be an update one of these days soon. Anyways, this one I did not make. I scored it from LOFT during the big sale over the weekend. I had a gift card that couldn’t wait to be used up. I got lots of great things. I can’t wait to wear them all. haha only 16 more outfits to go before I can show you guys my new things.
Black Infinity Scarf: LOFT
Buffalo Check Boy Shirt: J.Crew
Moto Jacket: Forever 21
BDG High Rise Cigarette Jean: UO
Flats: Target

I have to share this funny story because it just happened and it makes me laugh. I just got the mail and our birth announcements finally arrived. I was super excited to open them up and check them out. They look great! Tiny Prints really is awesome. They paper weight and printing is beautiful. Then I realize that the name on the front of the card says… “Natalie Pennyforth.” Ummm? I think our daughters name is Rowan. haha. Everything else is right, just the name is wrong. DOH! Bummer. I wanted to get them sent out right away. Its been so long already. Back they go.
But hey, if your daughters name is Natalie Pennyforth- I may have your cards.

  1. I love this outfit. Those black skinny jeans look great on you!

  2. mmm… <3 giant LOFT sales. and cozy scarves. and buffalo plaid. and that whole darn look.

    ps – linked to your orangey tights post today! one of my recent faves. 🙂

  3. Jen, those bangs are incredible. I love this look! Simple and classic. You look good, girl!

  4. That scarf looks sooo cozy. I need a thicker tunnel scarf!

  5. please tell me… what is that lipstick?! the colour is gorgeous!

  6. I love this black and white look with your pop of bright lipstick! And I want a scarf like that! I’m seeing so many things on blogs I want for autumn/winter, but summer just began here – I think I might have to start hoarding things for the next season 🙂


  7. I love your lipstick and bangs! And that’s hilarious about your cards (in an unfortunate way). Can you crop the name out and print a sticker on the other side with her name and deets? Just an idea!

  8. I am obsessed with your scarf! So cute!

  9. you look wonderful!

    “Natalie Pennyforth” sounds like the name of a Bond Girl.

  10. i love this outfit. your scarf looks so warm & comfy!

  11. Such a funny story… good thing you noticed!

  12. Love this outfit Jen, and what a funny story! Hope you get your real cards soon!

  13. this outfit is perfect from the hair to the scarf to the plaid. i love it! reminds me of something id’ wear.


  14. AHAHAHA Jen, that is SO funny! Natalie Pennyforth. That’s awesome. Sucks that you have to wait longer though.

    I love your scarf! It looks so cozy and warm! I’ve been really wanting a tunnel scarf.

  15. Loving this outfit – maybe its my penchant for earth tones but I just love it. It looks effortless but still styled.

    Also – Natalie Pennyforth? Hysterical! Such a good name to have accidentally put on your birth announcements…somewhere there’s gotta be a mama opening her birth announcements and writing on her blog that Rowan Winter was put on HERS…too funny.

  16. Hmmm…maybe Tiny Prints knows something you don’t! 🙂

  17. I love the bulk of the tunnel scarf– so cosy! The whole look is totally cool–awesome!

  18. I just saw you on the news!!

  19. You look great in this outfit – especially love the lipstick.

  20. GREAT OUTFIT – I may have to copy that one …. And bummer about the birth announcements. Hope the new ones arrive soon!!!

  21. Cute outfit! I love this one and it is just making me want that shirt more and more…Christmas is coming right? Maybe it will end up under my tree!

    xx, Katrina

  22. Awesome outfit! Perfect for the cold weather!! And, you seriously look amazing!!

  23. i love everything about this look, but especially your lipstick, bangs, and high bun. so pretty! rowan is going to love having all of these photos of her mama someday. i have like 3 “young” photos of my mom and i treasure them like the crown jewels.

    i also had to lol at natalie pennyforth. sounds like a missing character from “a christmas carol”! rowan’s will come soon!!

  24. This outfit rocks! Chunky scarves make me happy. Oh, and you look lovely in that shade of red lipstick.

  25. How hilarious! Knowing me I would have sent them out in the rush of the day, everyone receiving them being very confused by the Natalie Pennyforth announcement!

    I really need that scarf in my life…

  26. Oh wow you look amazing! I wish I looked this good after having my little girl. I still don’t look how I used to.

  27. LOOOOOVEEEE this outfit!!!

  28. I’m with Jazmyn, you look great! cute outfit!

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