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So every year Kev and I make a new christmas card to send out to family and friends. Before Rowan was even born, I could not wait for this years christmas card because I knew we would be able to include her in it! BUT… I am totally stumped this year. I want it to be something great of course, but my ideas are running low! Anyone have any ideas or have you seen any great/cute christmas cards ideas out there? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Here are our last 4 christmas cards since we have been married








(I made and painted the little dolls)

  1. Santa, Mrs. Claus, and a little worker elf!!

  2. How about a classic family snow picture? You could dress your darling up as something cute (like a reindeer, etc) and show her playing in the snow. It would be darling-You’re such a great looking family!

  3. Oh Jen. Your cards always make me feel so lame!!

  4. Those are all so great!! My favorite would have to be from 2007!!!!

    Here some idea’s I found and think you could get creative with as I know you and Kevin can!

    Yours Truly

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  5. How about dressing up as mary and joseph and rowan and a little baby jesus.

  6. i adddore the one of you in the woods with the multiple kevins!

  7. Girl, your cards are amazing!!!! I’m not sure any of my ideas will be as awesome as any of those, but if i think of something, i will let you know!

  8. Oh my goodness, you guys are adorable. I think 2008 is my favourite – what a fun idea!!


  9. I’m sorta feeling Rowan as rudolf and you two as other reindeer behind her (like how she’ll lead you through life…)

  10. Those are really cute- now I’m inspired to make some christmas cards! Rowan would make a really cute elf- Santa, Mrs. Clause, and an elf, surrounded by toys.

  11. Just realized Sophie said the same thing- so I second her idea!

  12. Nathalie •

    Waouw! I’m amazed by your christmas cards! They are just awesome and so creative!
    For this year, I like the above idea of Rowan as rudolf. Another idea would be to have Rowan being the christmas present under the tree.
    I’m looking forward to see what you came up with!

  13. You could do your family out of Legos! Or you could do an old fashion western photo in sepia- that would be hilarious!

  14. Wow! I think the 2008 is my favorite. you should dress up Rowan as a little reindeer or elf or something!

  15. They are great!! Especially the last one. I don’t have any ideas for you though. :/

  16. this is SOOO precious!!!!! Can’t wait to share my card with you :))) kisses. kim

  17. Oh my goodness… those are amazing! Note to self: be half as cool as this when it comes time for me to design my own Christmas cards.

    I like the ideas of Rowan as a little elf and you guys as the Clauses. That would be adorable!

  18. those are soooo cute! you could do an ugly sweater christmas card … i like the lego idea, too! a baby out of legoes!!

  19. What beautiful holiday cards!! I saw a photoshoot of a family in bed – pj’s and all. It was very intimate and simple. This would be a much better suggestion if I could find the blog post I saw this on. Oh well 🙂

  20. Your Christmas cards are SOO cute!

    My suggestion would be just a nice picture of all three of you! Santa hats included!

  21. I was just reading through the comments and saw the one about the family in pjs–my friend Wesleyann did that here: . Cute idea!

  22. umm, these are SO cute! i’m so impressed with all of them. i especially love the twilight esque one! hilarious.
    actually my favorites are the last two. so fun and cute!!! can’t wait to see this years with your sweet baby girl.

  23. lol how about a picture of “natalie pennyforth”?

  24. Steve and I came up with a creative idea this year….well more creative for us. LOL. Since he dabbles in photoshop and me in photography….well, you’ll just have to wait for your mail to arrive in a week or so….
    what about just a nice “pretty” picture of the 3 of you but put yourselves in a snow globe of sorts….
    OK, it’s late, but right now that sounds kind of cool…. 😉

  25. 2008’s card might be the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time!
    I really like the “everyone wear the same color” thing. I think, esp. for baby’s 1st Christmas it’s dreamy looking.

  26. Maybe a group of pictures showing the progression of your pregnancy – a belly shot from each month – and then a picture of the happy baby & parents at Christmas?

  27. How about You and Kev dress up in typical kid looking clothes(pjs, you know the whole christmas p.j.s), and of course Rowan is already a kid, but have wrapped boxes around you and take pictures of you being curious kids trying to figure out what is inside..(shaking the boxes, scissors opening the presents, and maybe the one you sneak open.. maybe as a joke has some coal in it??)
    My imaginations runs off with me!! hahaha
    check me out:

  28. These are awesome! Last year’s with the dolls is insanely amazing. The only problem is now you have to keep topping yourself!

    xx, Katrina

  29. How about a picture of the three of you and put a big red bow on her. Or maybe a bunch of gift boxes around you and Kevin and have Rowan in side a gift box. Kind of like you just opened the box and she is in there.

  30. I saw you on nightline last night!!!

  31. you guys are so darn adorable – and you are so talented, jen!
    those dolls are amazing!
    i totally love 2008. so happy.

  32. you should all dress up as the beatles. for sure. and maybe add an animal to play Ringo. since you know no one want to play him in real life and you only have three people. hahaha!

  33. Tryston •

    These are all so great!!! No matter what you pick it will be awesome. You two are so creative!
    I do like the idea of Rowan being an elf. What about If your all elves. You are sewing, Rowan could be making toys or something in that line and Kev could be making something he likes to do. You are all preparing your gifts of sort. Post your card when you make it please!! 🙂

  34. anna mulligan-freeman •

    2008 is my favourite

  35. anna mulligan-freeman •

    der sorry i meant 2007 is my favourite- the red of your dress the snow- winter wonderland – id display that picture in my own home at this time of the year

  36. Krystal •

    Oh my gosh !! Love love live the “Twilight” theme card ! Hah brilliant! 🙂
    But um sorry no creative ideas for baby…hmm…
    But I’m boring just put pretty pics we had taken from a professional on a tiny love card this yr..
    Good luck thinking!

  37. emily f. •

    You guys should do a Christmas scene and then make it look like you unwrapped a present and Rowan was in the box!

  38. one of my all time fave Christmas photos was my friend and her husband kissing in front of the tree, holding their crying (but so sweet) newborn between them. it was an outtake that turned out incredible.

  39. idea #1. you + kev unwrapping baby rowan in a gift package.

    idea #2. you + kev kissing rowan under mistletoe.

    idea #3. to through something out there. totally off the wall. a reenactment of “a christmas story.

    Good luck! Love all your previous cards!

  40. These are so cute! I’m lacking ideas though. I can’t wait to see what you come up with though. 🙂

  41. You made those dolls?! WOW. Totally impressed. I think 2008 is my favorite because I love when you can tell how much people love each other by how they look at each other, and all those pictures are just like hi-we’re-totally-in-love!

    As for ideas.. hmm.. maybe do something inspired by baby Jesus in the inn with Mary and Joseph?

  42. Jennifer •

    You should all get goofy Christmas sweaters, santa hats/raindeer antlers, suspenders, giant glasses, bowties, etc and just look as dorky as you can and take an “awkward family photo”.

  43. all these cards are awesome! I love the middle one.

    I like the Rowan-as-present idea. or the three of you wrapped in a string of christmas lights!

    or the three of you could lie under your Christmas tree and take a photo like you are all presents! I did it last year- it’s hard to wiggle under there but it looks kind of cool.

  44. Wow! Love your cards from previous years! Also loving some of these great suggestions from commenters- make your family out of legos, a nativity scene, ugly sweaters… such cute ideas!

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