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Kev and I went out for a nice little afternoon by ourselves yesterday while my mom watched Rowan for us. We wanted to walk on the beach but by the time we got there, there was a huge storm brewin’. It was so windy and getting so dark. It was crazy. We really only had enough time to take a few pictures before it started raining. As we were walking down to the beach I started singing a song about wearing socks to the beach. I thought it was funny but wanted to keep them on for the picture. No more than 5 seconds after I stopped making up my silly song, some old man looked at me and very seriously said… “you should take off your socks, they are going to get all sandy.” I guess people don’t like socks and sand. hehe. He continued to watch us the entire time we took pictures. Awkward!
Fluttering Butterflies Chiffon Dress: c/o Ruche
Socks: Forever 21
Flats: Target
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Clubmaster

  1. You look really beautiful! I love the coloured socks with the black flats 🙂

  2. You look lovely! and the coloured socks witht he flats look great 🙂

  3. haha! What a funny story…:) I really love the socks! That olive color looks great with the outfit-you look gorgeous!

  4. You look great. I’ve tried wearing little socks with dresses but it never seems to look this good on me. Maybe I just need to try again and own the look.

  5. you look beautiful! i love the color of your socks.

  6. haha, how funny about the man:)

    I love the color of those socks! You look so cute!

  7. I love that dress! what an adorable print.. p.s Rowan is amazingly cute in the last post, and love her name!

    Miss Neira

  8. You look great Jen, this outfit is perfect, the print is adorable!

  9. I saw this dress on online at Ruche and thought it was just adorble! It’s only fitting an equally adorable person should wear it. You look fantastic!

  10. These pictures are some of the prettiest you’ve ever posted! What a romantic date…

  11. Your hair is soo pretty and I love those socks!

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