A lifetime of adventures

We are back from Florida now and although I have a whole bunch of photos to share, I just wanted to share these few today. I have been reflecting a lot on the trip today and it really was such a wonderful time. We got to experience so many first with Rowan. Her first airplane ride, her first time to Florida, her first time on a boat, her first time seeing the ocean, first time putting her feet in the sand and in the waves, her first time in a little bathing suit. It was a trip of all these magically little moments with her. But best of all it was 5 days of family time together. I want so badly for Rowan to remember her childhood as endless adventures and chances to experience new things. This was just the beginning and what a wonderful one at that…

  1. I love mom onesie! So cute! Those first times are so much fun. I miss that! I am going for a first tonight. I am going to let my 3 year old make his first gingerbread house. (It’s a kit – I’m not *that* good!)

  2. Jen, this is so sweet! One of my favorite things about my childhood is that my parents, much like you and Kev, were always taking us around and showing us new things. My parents are avid outdoorsmen (or outdoorspeople?), so I spent so much of my childhood climbing mountains, exploring caves, and sleeping under the stars. While that’s not on my Favorite Things list to do now, I love the memories I have!

  3. I’m a new reader and just wanted to say, I love your writing and your outlook and everything about what you share with your readers. And Rowan is pretty darn cute, too! These pictures are so fantastic; I live in Florida, but we’re moving soon. So glad you were able to enjoy your family and the weather 🙂 Loving reading your blog and learning about your lovely family.

  4. I love the second picture! That’s so darling. And adorable dress/top (whichever it is).
    It must have been nice to get away from the cold weather and relax on the beach! How did Rowan like the sand and the ocean?

  5. Hey Jen! Wow your adventures must have changed slightly with Rowan in the mix, maybe not as spontaneous? How does Rowan do adventures?

    I love that you and Kev are the adventure sort. I’m currently really wanting to start my family but my husband is still very hesitant, not wanting to give up our lifestyle yet, so I always mention your blog ahha. You are the 2 more adventurous people I know! 🙂


  6. Very sweet. So many firsts! I loved seeing pictures of you and kev with Rowan.

  7. Your pictures & words make me smile 🙂

    Have a great week settling back into life.

  8. her cheeks. ohmygoodness. the squeeze factor is endless. its so lovely to see a new parents enjoying time with their baby!

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  10. Jen, with parents like you two, I think little Rowan will have a wonderfully adventurous little life!! I love your attitude to parenting – i’m sure you guys are great parents!

    Also on a vain note, I’m kind of inlove with your dress in these photos. That print is to die for!

  11. She gets more gorgeous every day!

  12. awww! Glad you had such a wonderful time! I love Rowan’s onesie : )

  13. aw Jen these photos are so sweet! You look so in love with little Rowan 🙂

  14. Glad you had a great time in Florida! These pictures of you three are adorable!

  15. What a beautiful little family!

  16. I love these photos, your dress reminds me of the sort of things that my mum is wearing in my baby photos.

  17. Aw, what a wonderful post! You and Kev are perfect parents for going on adventures!

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