10 Weeks

This has been a super big week!!! Rowan started rolling over and had her first little giggle all in the same day. It was so exciting! She rolled the first time for me just as Kev was calling and I picked up the phone screaming “she rolled over, she rolled over!!” Then the next time she rolled over, she was on her floor mat with Kev, me and our 2 friends all sitting on the floor around her cheering her on. It was so cute and when she rolled over everyone was clapping and laughing. It almost made me cry. haha I was a very proud momma. It was such a sweet moment to share with everyone.
One of our favorite times of the day is when she wakes up in the morning or from naps. She is always so happy to see you and has the biggest smiles on her face. She also does the cutest little stretch when you unswaddle her. For some reason she also LOVES the change table. It’s the only place I have heard her really start talking back to us in her little coo’s. For some reason when you place her up there she just gets so happy and starts chatting away to you. I keep trying to capture it on film, but everything I use that captures videos (my iphone and our kodak zi8) has a shining black back and she gets so mesmerozied by the reflections that she stops.
Everyday that passes she gets more and more of a little personality. It really makes them so much more enjoyable. The newborn stage is great but I love being able to intereact with her a little more.

Headband: Lou & Lee
Kerchief Geo Romper: c/o Tea Collection Please check them out for lots of great baby clothes!
Zebra Socks: Gift from Punky

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  1. Did you make Rowan’s headband? It’s adorable.

  2. D’awwww! Go Rowan go!

  3. she couldn’t be any cuter 🙂

  4. She’s so sweet, Jen! Right now, she’s your husband’s mini me, but it’ll be fun to see how her looks change as as grows.

  5. Jen, she is just ADORABLE!!! I love her little outfits and her headband is GORG!!! It is great to watch them as they start to learn more and more at this stage. Enjoy!


  6. Daaaaw! That was the cutest video eveer! I love how you tell her she can do it! She’s adorable! Congrats Jen and Kev!

  7. This is so cute! Is she wearing zebra socks?! She’s got the best baby style. Must have something to do with her momma… 😉

    xx, Katrina

  8. so cute! be careful with those early rollers… my daughter rolled pretty early and now at 8 months she is pulling up and cruising on furniture! enjoy the limited movement stage while it lasts!! 🙂

  9. I had tears in my eyes watching that video because when I heard you say “yay” and then you laughed a little… I just know that feeling and it’s so awesome and I’m so happy for you that you’re experiencing it. You could just hear the pride in your voice. It’s funny that when you have kids you’ll hang around all night on the floor waiting for her to roll over and when she does it’s a bigger cheer than when your favorite team scores a goal or something. Who says babies are no fun.

  10. That is possible one of the cutest videos I’ve ever seen. You’re such an inspiring momma!

  11. it just gets better and better. there’s always something that you love (and don’t love) about each stage. with my first baby i couldn’t get enough of her and all her little triumphs. enjoy them all…she’ll be in first grade and reading before you know it 🙁

  12. i love the post-swaddle stretch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your photo of her are so so cute 🙂

  13. Ella es super hermosa…. She’s so beautiful…. and the clothes amazing

  14. Awww that video is so cute! it’s like she surprises herself that she can do it haha. Babies are just to freaking cute!! How do you stand it???

  15. You know, my daughter loved the changing table too. Almost every video we have of her coo-ing is taken there. Funny, huh?

  16. What a little darling! She is so cute, I wish I could kiss the top of her fuzzy little head. Babies have a way of making us cry out of happiness, don’t they?

  17. Holly Mae •

    Yaaaayyyyy Go Rowan! super cute!

  18. Gaaah I love her little faces! They are so adorable 🙂 What a milestone. Go Rowan!

  19. What a little darling! That headband is so cute!

  20. OMG. That was so cute. The little music playing from her toys suited her well when she rolled over. Jen, is adorable. What a precious baby girl!

  21. Same thing happens to me! My babe’s turning 13 weeks and, as John Lennon would put it, “everyday, in every way, it’s getting better and better”! I just can’t wait to see him crawling, walking or talking…

  22. Jen, she is adorable!*

  23. Awww adorable! She is so so pretty and cute!! Good job Rowan:):) and mommy and daddy for being amazing parents!!!
    Oh I wanted to tell you I orders holiday cards from Tiny Prints because of you posting your birth announcements!! I’m so happy I did:) thank you!

  24. Aw she is getting so big! They grow up so fast. Its so fun to realize that they have started doing something new! You have such a cute blog and I love seeing the updates on Little Rowan. I hope you are getting adjusted to being a new mommy!


  26. quite possibly the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.

  27. Okay MOST adorable baby ever. I found your blog via Kendi Everyday, and think you have rockin style! So cute! I am glad I found your blog for some outfit inspiration. My sister, good friend and I are starting our 30 for 30 in January. I hope I can be as creative with my outfits!!

    XOXO. Stephanie
    http://www.stephanieansuch.blogspot.com (if you want, follow me, i could def use some outfit feedback 🙂

  28. aw she is absolutely adorable!! You must be a very proud momma indeed 🙂

  29. I wanted to thank you for your honest posts about being a new mom. I truly related to your breastfeeding post, it felt like I was reading my own thoughts. My baby is 5 weeks old and as much as I LOVE him it hasn’t been easy. I want to enjoy this time with him but there’s a large part of me that can’t wait until he’s a little more interactive ;D

  30. so cute!!!! and that picture of her with her tongue out – oh my goodness i just want to eat her up! <3

  31. Oh my goodness! She is just the sweetest thing!

  32. Omg so sweet! Alyson still isn’t rolling yet and she just turned 3 months but I know its going to be soon. She is so cute!

  33. Shes adorable. Its the best when babies start developing into interactive little people.

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