Rowans Christmas List

Christmas shopping is in full force now that Thanksgiving is over and I have been working on making a few little shopping guides. The first one would be for a little girl, in this case a little girl like Rowan. We are working on getting her Nursery step up and I was thinking of a few things that would be perfect for her room. I want there to be lots of cool artwork and neat handmade items. Do you have a special “little” someone in your life you will be buying gifts for?
1. Sevilla Building Blocks by Haba. $69.99
2.Zuzii Bijou Baby Boots by Zuzii. $36.50
3. Best of Friends Dress by Misha Lulu. $70
4. Donut Rattles from Yellow Label Kids. $26.99
5. 4.0 Artist Series by Bum Genius Diapers. $19.95
6. Alphabet Print by Sweet William $18.00
7. Stuffed Barn Owl by Alison Alison. $35.00
8. Yellow Bicycle Print by Tuesday Mourning. $20.00
9. Sugar Skull Print by Hilary Bird. $15.00

  1. What an adorable list. I love those boots!! I will have a nephew in April (my first one) so I will have to find some cute ideas for next Christmas, but boy style.

  2. Love them all especially the dress and donut rattles! Great style for Rowan to come 🙂

  3. That’s a different but fantastic list 😀

  4. Awww! I love those #2 boots! SO CUTE.

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