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Modcloth of course has some great items right now. How cute would this outfit be? With lots of holiday parties coming up in the next month and a half make sure you check out modcloth for all your fashion needs.
1. Op Art Enthusiast Dress
2. Industrial Revolution Bag
3. Never Felt This Way Hat
4. Tights for Every Occasion

Christmas presents have been on my mind more and more lately. With Rowan here and some very excited Grandma’s around, these Photos Books from Tiny Prints are top on my list. We have tons of pictures already of her and I really want to get some made into books. How cool would it be to make a 40 weeks book with all my pregnancy photos? I am sure we all have tons of pictures laying around that would be awesome in book form. A summer vacation? A wedding? Your daily outfit posts? I know this is a digital camera world but there is something so special about something in print. Especially a cool book.

  1. I love photobooks! I made one for my summer trip in Spain with shutterfly and it turned out great!

  2. i too love photobooks! we actually made one for each of our families of my daughters first days/weeks…. a few from the hospital when she was just born, some of my inlaws/parents holding her for the first time, her first days home, some of just the three of us and then of course her. they loved it!

  3. Great outfit! Im just really starting to get into the colored tights. Grey and Black fill my closet at the moment… Im eyeing my first Red and Purple pair…just have yet to bite the bullet! TeeHee

    LOVING the Photobook idea…

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