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This Sweater is def. my fall staple this year. I wear it like everyday, all day. I wear it with dresses, with jeans, as my coat and even with my pajamas. Its so warm and cozy. The only thing is that when I wear it, Rowan ends up having fuzz all over her. Some how baby collect fuzz like crazy between their fingers and toes. This sweater doesn’t help either. I am always trying to pull it out before she eats it.

These are my first pair of Seychelle Shoes. I love these shoes! They go so well with everything!! I just need to find out how to correctly take care of suede shoes. I have a few pairs of black suede shoes and I want to water treat them and stuff before the snow gets here, so I don’t ruin them. Anyone have any advice? or tips? I have no idea what to do.
Hat: H&M
Dress: H&M
Sweater: H&M
Tights: Target
Bismuth Booties: Seychelles
Belt: Thrifted

  1. you look so gorgeous. am wishing for cold air here. send me a lot pls.

  2. i can’t believe how close am i to my due date. It feels like not a while your blog was recommended to me. Wish i can lose my baby weight as healthy/fast as possible just like you. .

  3. Jennifer •

    Hi Jen,

    I used to work in a shoe store so I have some tips to take care of your shoes! First you definitely want to protect them with some sort of suede protectant spray. Spray them all over and pay special attention to the glue seams between the upper and the sole as that will help prevent water from breaking down the glue and having the soles separate. You wanna re-spray them about ever 12-15 wears. Before you re-spray them you wanna clean them with a suede brush (don’t clean them with any sort of wet product it will ruin the suede and make the colour bleed). This will make sure that when you do re-spray them that the spray doesn’t seal in any dirt and that the spray sticks to the suede and not the dirt. If over time the colour of the suede does start to fade you can also get a product called suede renew which is a tinted spray which will take care of any faded spots. It’s saved so many of my black suede shoes!

    Anyway, hope this helps! 🙂

  4. I just bought some suede shoes (in tan) and I’ve been wondering the exact same thing!

    I absolutely love that sweater – ah, wish we had H&M here! You look so gorgeous in this outfit.


    PS. What a sweet surprise to see you respond to a conversation I was having over twitter! Yay for heels and wedges indeed! 🙂

  5. Jen, you rock! All these bloggers who don’t have kids take forever to post for the day, and here you are with a newborn and something is always up first thing in the AM.

  6. I love this look. H&M has been killing it with the sweaters. I was in there yesterday and wanted to buy so many.

    For my suede shoes I have a suede protector spray that I use. I think I got it at Aldo. It works pretty well, but I wouldn’t recommend splashing in puddles or anything. If you re-apply it every few months or so it should keep them in pretty good condition.

  7. Love the sweater and I have the same problem with fuzz with my 2 month old! What’s a girl to do? I feel so bad when I have her in the Moby and it’s all on her cheeks! And the above post from Jennifer is good advice for your suede shoes, spray and respray! You can get some at Target, your local shoe repair, just about anywhere. Let us know if you get a sweater fuzz solution for baby!

  8. Love the muted colours in this outfiy Jen. You look like Julie Christie in Dr. Zhivago wearing that furry hat, love it!

    xx Emma

  9. I love this hat. It makes me smile every single time I see you wear it. And this sweater – it is wonderful.

  10. I saw those booties at DSW and they are on my Christmas list! Sooo cute!

  11. I love everything! Especially the dress and the booties, awesome.
    Your hat is so cool, Love it!

  12. Oh HAT!!! Grinning.
    That is all.

  13. Ooh I’ve seen this dress in pretty much all H&M adverts but never got round to buying it, but I think now – I might just have to! It looks so lovely the way you styled it up! And those shoes are so cute! 🙂

  14. Such an awesome dress & the best hat ever!!

  15. I just use a spray for my suede shoes, but don’t wear them in the rain or snow ever ever ever (scared to ruin them!) Love your outfit, such wintery dreamy colours!

  16. Love how you pull of that hat… The sweater looks so comfu cozy, no wonder you live to wear it!

  17. In Love with this outfit! It is my favorite yet. I adore that pink and grey combo!

  18. I’m with kim – def. spray them and steer clear of any moisture – rain, snow, and DEFINITELY salt!!!!! Great outfit.

  19. LOVE LOVE LOVE you hat – must be the canadian blood in me 🙂

    Your dress is quite something as well….

    Yours Truly

    ~ When Fashion and Tea Collide ~

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  20. Gorgeous outfit !!!

  21. Love the dress tights color combo.

  22. Heather loves feathers •

    I love this look overall. Shoes are something I’m passionate about and I always like seeing what shoes people put with what outfits.

  23. i love the colour or i guess more like lack of colours in those photos, they are great. i love the white balance to them, with the soft pink from the dress. wahoo, go h&m…hehe, i work there! i love that hat and wanted to get it. when i went back the next day, the last one was gone 🙁 ho hum!

  24. I love the colours and the print belt. Have no idea about the suede shoes, sorry.

  25. Cute outfit!!! I am currently obsessed with a pair of seychelles shoes (gold metallic password) and these are really cute too. I would totally wear this outfit!

  26. I know that scotch guard does water proof but I dont know what it does to suede. If all else fails, when it starts fading you can always sharpie the color back in!

  27. I like these pictures a lot – it has a lot of wintry vibe in it!

  28. You are doing an excellent job with this challenge!
    I don’t know how you find the time 🙂

    Love the hat of course!

  29. I like the whole ensemble! Wow! Btw, I think Seychelles usually does a great job with shoes.

  30. I think this is one of my favorite looks on you!! Totally gorgeous Jen!

    Lulu Letty

  31. I can’t get enough of this hat! 🙂
    Love it. And this whole outfit is so pretty…

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