Style File 11.12.10

Oh man, as I write this there is a major strike going on outside my window. We live in an old factory building (they actually made the union army uniforms for the civil war here) that has been converted into lofts. They have been doing a lot of construction on it lately making more units and I guess the construction workers are unhappy. I am sorry if they are being mistreated, but they keep waking the baby and I am getting frustrated. They are screaming and blowing whistles. ahhh I might go insane.
Anyways, I think this is also a new favorite outfit. I love how everything came together with it. These shorts were such a good buy. I think I will be wearing them quite a lot this winter. What are you up to this weekend? We don’t have anything planned and I am actually quite excited about that.

Hope you all have a good one!
Moto Jacket: Forever 21 (last year)
Blouse: Tucker for Target
Paper Bag Tweed Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Forever 21
Tights: H&M
Flats: Target

  1. You look super cute! Those shorts really are awesome, I love seeing you remix them!

  2. Love your Tucker blouse, and your shorts! This is such a great outfit Jen!

  3. Must be a Tucker kind of day–I have on my plum colored Tucker dress! Looks great–love the shorts.

    And I have a quick question. I’m looking for a new pair of black leather flats, and wondered if those Mossimo ones are comfy? I don’t even mind if they aren’t constructed for an eternity of wear–but I need to wear them all day long, with a baby, teaching (sounds like you!)

  4. This is maybe one of my favorite looks I’ve seen on you! So perfect!

  5. I love those shorts! And it just so happens that I have to stop at UO to make a return today…temptation looms!

  6. I agree with you; those shorts were an excellent buy!

    Happy Friday!


  7. that tucker for target blouse is so pretty — the target in my town doesnt carry the Go! lines, so i definitely missed out! 🙁

  8. Those shorts are beautiful against the trees. I’m loving the whole outfit actually. It seems like you’d be able to make a noise complaint/disturbing the peace to police. While I respect people’s right to protest, they can definitely do it quietly. Hopefully it will get settled soon.

  9. Yes! Moto jacket! I feel like we always sort of wear ours on the same days!!

    You look great. I cannot believe you just had a baby!

  10. You look so beautiful, love the look 😀 so relax

  11. you should go out and protest the STRIKE!!

  12. The blouse and shorts look so good together! I can imagine those shorts would be really versatile and comfy!


  13. I love this outfit sooo much!! I really wish we had Target in Canada so I could buy the whole Tucker line!

    pretty pretty top and great shoes.
    basically, it’s my favorite outfit too! you look fantastic 🙂

  15. L O V E. i bought the tucker dress in the same print as your top and i’m completely obsessed with it. i’ve already been planning on wearing it for thanksgiving this year 🙂

  16. You should just walk outside, show ’em your outfit, and watch them all go silent in admiration because your outfit is amazing! Seriously–the jacket, the blouse, the necklace, the shorts (!!)–I’m in love.

  17. Love the shorts! They are definitely a good buy.

  18. I love this outfit!! I have the same top (in cream) and I feel inspired and have new ideas on how to wear it!

  19. This is a nice way to wear your shorts for winter.I like that you take time out of being a mommy to do something you like!It brings a lot of balance back(the mommy of 3 speaks here). I also take part in the remix and I love to connect with other bloggers!

  20. Love the way you wore the shorts for the colder weather…That tucker shirt works so well on you….such a great jacket

  21. Ahhh! I wore shorts with tights this weekend, too. It seemed like such a weekend-wear friendly choice. But you really took the whole look up a big notch by adding that lovely silky Tucker blouse in such a rich, fall color. And then topping it off with the leather jacket: Oh the textures!
    You look great!

  22. I really love this outfit. I really love shorts-and-tights combos and this is yet another Tucker for Target piece I wish I bought! Fantastic!

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