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How Cute is this butterfly dress? I, as well as most other girls out there love a good peter pan collar. It’s just so sweet. I am back home now. It was nice visiting my mom. She always takes such good care of me. Even when I was there to take care of her. I had made a list of things I wanted to get from her house but I totally forgot all of it. First on my list was to get a bunch of our old dresses. My mom saved a box full of them. We used some for decoration at the shower, remember? I can’t wait to find some that fit Rowan. I feel like they don’t made baby girl dresses like that anymore. I was thinking would I save any of the dresses I have for Rowan now? I feel like they don’t hold the same quality/pretty detail that these dresses do. I guess I mean ones that are made today. I would save some of the vintage dresses I have gotten her. Hmm does that make sense? anyone else feel that way?

Jacket: LOFT
Fluttering Butterflies Chiffon Dress: RUCHE
Tights: H&M
Genevieve Wedge: c/o Spotted Moth

  1. Hey Jen! Love this dress and the color combo of the black and taupe – looks great!! (:


  2. Those shoes are AMAZING. Totally makes the outfits. And aren’t moms the best? That’s what Rowan’s going to think of you someday! : )

    Ps – I really like Gap kids and Jcrew Cuts…they have some nice kids clothing. Also check out some shops on etsy – there are a lot of vintage kids clothing on there that is awesome!

  3. JEnnnnn! I LOVE THIS LOOK SO MUCH. Great pattern on the dress. and i love the layers with the tights and wedges. this 30×30 is such a great way to explore! ur braver than I am!!! xo, Kim

  4. I love the look! The jacket goes awesome with that dress, and I LOVE the dress!
    Too bad I couldn’t wear something similar at the moment, over here the temperatures are in the minuses and it is very cold!

  5. Hey Jen!

    I wanted to order a dress on Ruche but I wasn’t sure how their sizing was! I’m usually an 8 in dresses — would you say medium or large?

    Thank you!

  6. Love those shoes!

  7. ruche and spotted moth are both so lovely. i just wish i had some money coming in (& that christmas wasn’t coming up) so that i could indulge a little.

    you look amazing jen. i can’t believe that you just had a baby…you’ve bounced back oh-so well!! those shoes are great. gosh, i can’t get over them!! and you’re right, that dress is lovely too. oh and while we’re on the topic, i also ADORE your glasses 🙂 basically, you’re amazing. hehe 🙂

  8. I recently wore a dress for Halloween that my grandma wore back in the 70’s and was thinking the same thing about quality now vs. then – her dress has a tag in the back that reads “union made in the USA” – don’t see that much anymore! I don’t feel like a lot of my current clothes would ever last 30 years into the future for my granddaughter to wear!

  9. I’ve thrifted quite a few beautiful vintage baby and kids clothes and those are the ones I’ll probably keep to hand down. The only reason I hang on to some of the store-bought items is the memories that go along with them. Oh gosh, isn’t that what hoarders do? Hopefully it’s not too slippery of slope. Ha!

  10. such a fun dress…love those shoes with the tights…you look great
    I second trying Jcrew Cuts and etsy for dresses and vintagey clothes for rowan

  11. That’s a great jacket. I like those heels with the tights.

  12. It was raining here today, and I wore nearly that exact jacket for “outerwear”. Practically, it was a disaster, but fashionably, it worked. 😉

  13. I’ve had my eye on that dress – I love it on you! It’s perfect with those wedges, too.


  14. I’ve had my eye on that dress from Ruche forever! It looks wonderful on you. I’m only 19, and I have no plans to have a child for at least 6 or 7 years, but I definitely linger over the children’s section way too much in the thrift store. Vintage baby clothes melt my heart. They are so much more beautiful than the crap they sell today! And more affordable to boot 😀


  15. Loving the tights/sandals combo! I haven’t been brave enough to try it yet, but you’ve inspired me.

  16. Love your dress! And those heels have given me some serious shoe-envy.

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  17. Sweet dress.
    I agree that vintage dresses are definitely the ones to save… my Mama has a bunch of mine too. I am so glad she thought of saving them way back when…

  18. The butterfly print of that dress is lovely!

  19. Very pretty dress. I agree about the baby cloths but I’m sure they were just dresses back then but now they hold so much meaning. I’m sure if you save something from today when Rowan grows up she’ll love it. I had this plain old striped shirt that belonged to Anthony when he was a little boy and Anthony wore it all last winter – it was just a simple shirt but it was so special just cuz it was his daddy’s. Have you considered making her a dress? That would be special. My mom has one dress of mine from when I was little. I’ll have to swipe it if I ever have a little girl.

  20. Those wedges are AWESOME!

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