Welcome Sponsors Pt. 1

Have you been over to Ruche lately? How cute are these outfits in their Cozy Layers section? They are so adorable. I want to wear everything in each outfit right now! I am loving all the boots with socks and pretty dresses. Its a great look.

I want to welcome the newest sponsor to jenloveskev, CAPow. They have the most adorable vintage style photos of hometowns. How cute would one of these prints be in a frame on your end table or bookcase? I love the little messages. There are over 150 hometown prints, is yours one of them? What a great christmas present for someone. These 3 are my favorites!

  1. I love those prints! I have a thing for maps… the best lovenote I ever got was a heart shaped map of the place I had my first vacation with an old boyfriend 🙂

  2. I love these too! I lurk Ruche’s website so often, it’s becoming a slight obsession. Everything is so pretty. I want it all.

  3. Those prints are so fun, and yep…those Ruche outfits are so cool!

  4. They are adorable, but I would definately have to add leggings. Cozy layers except for your legs, they mean, which are left out in the cold. Brrr!

  5. yay! there is a boston one!

  6. Ruche is fabulous! How could you not love their clothes. 🙂 xo- karrie

  7. Thank you for sharing your sponsors links with us. I love CAPow and am considering ordering a print.


  8. I was excited to see my city!! I think I might get it for my roommie for Christmas.

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