Style File 11.10.10

Alright, I am 3 days late with the start of this challenge but so it goes in the life of this new mom. This thing might take me till christmas! Well, here is my first outfit. I went with my Band Practice Skirt from modcloth and the lace top. I have to say I love the blue tights with it! I have been at my moms the last couple days. I love my parents backyard. There is so much space and I just love the country. Its a nice change from all the construction and construction works around our place lately.
Lace Top: Forever 21
Band Practice Skirt: c/o Modcloth
Tights: H&M
Flats: Target
Hat: Forever 21

  1. so you’re not counting tights as one of your 30 things?

  2. I love the blue tights! I’m going to have to post my daily pics in sets of five. I can’t do it everyday, and I don’t even have the mommy excuse. 😉

  3. Lovely! I’m obsessed with those tights!

  4. Very good choice for day one! I looooove the skirt & tights color combo.

  5. Super cute tights. And I love the pompom hat!

  6. Blue tights on blue skirt is totally awesome!

    Great outfit and an awesome way to start the 30 for 30.

  7. Cute skirt! I love how long your legs look with the matching tights! Great first look!

  8. You look fab Jen! It’s just starting to get warm in Australia, but I know I’ll soon be wishing for chilly weather again – so much more scope for dressing up!

  9. Jen, you are just fabulous. This outfit is so cute and your hat is adorable. I love all of your outfits so much, you are SO inspiring!

  10. You aren’t behind at all — you are right on time!

    LOVE that skirt, especially with the tights! Can’t wait to see what else you come up with!

  11. This is such a pretty outfit! That skirt is to die for, and you look pretty gosh-darned awesome in those tights.
    I can’t wait to see your other remixes! (And hey, maybe you started a little later, but this means that we get to enjoy your 30 for 30 for a couple extra days!)

  12. I just picked up a pair of blue tights myself, but from Target.

    I love the blue on blue combination. You’d think it would be too much blue, but it totally works! I’ve always wanted to try a challenge like this, but I’m sort of lazy. If I started now I’d be done by Valentines day. haha.

  13. Love the skirt – you look amazing in it! Love the background for these shots, too.


  14. Love this contest idea and the layout of your blog. Following you. 🙂

  15. you look so fab with the skirt and tights combo!
    and really, i love the hat too 🙂

  16. I’m loving following the 30 for 30 on all the blogs I read. Maybe next time I’ll participate! I just am so excited to wear all my stuff from pre-pregnancy I couldn’t bear to limit myself. That is a great skirt. And I would have never thought of pairing it with the blue tights but that is brilliant.

  17. Oh I do love those tights! I think it actually works quite well with the skirt!

  18. I LOVE that skirt! I used to be a majorette in both high school and middle school, so I think it’s only fitting that I should get one for myself… after this challenge is over of course, lol! Glad to see you’re participating!

  19. I love this challenge – is so appropriate since most people have about that many items to really put together. I think you look great. Good for you for still doing your style files. It’s so hard to get dressed every day, it must be even harder to actually put thought into it! I think you’re an inspiration to mom’s with newborns. Maybe I’ll get dressed today. 🙂 Miss u!

  20. your skirt is so cute!! and i just love a good lace top too, i need to get me one!

  21. Good for you, jumping into the challenge. You have so much else on your plate no one will blame you one bit if you are a little behind. This outfit was a homerun – can’t wait to see what else you come up with.

    The Auspicious Life

  22. i love the button detailing on that skirt and that lacy top is so cute!! great outfit combination!

  23. Great Skirt

  24. i absolutely love the top and skirt! 🙂

  25. Ok, I have to stop leaving all these swooning comments with so many exclamation points. (I feel like a junior high girl with a Trapper Keeper full of love notes!) BUT: I must add one more. That skirt just may be the coolest skirt I have ever, ever seen. Oh, why, oh why Modcloth don’t you have skirts in my size?
    You look like the leader of the band!

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