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November 2010

10 Weeks

This has been a super big week!!! Rowan started rolling over and had her first little giggle all in the same day. It was so exciting! She rolled the first time for me just as Kev was calling and I picked up the phone screaming “she rolled over, she rolled over!!” Then the next time she rolled over, she was on her floor mat with Kev, me and our 2 friends all sitting on the floor around her cheering her on. It was so cute and when she rolled over everyone was clapping and laughing. It almost made me cry. haha I was a very proud momma. It was such a sweet moment to share with everyone.
One of our favorite times of the day is when she wakes up in the morning or from naps. She is always so happy to see you and has the biggest smiles on her face. She also does the cutest little stretch when you unswaddle her. For some reason she also LOVES the change table. It’s the only place I have heard her really start talking back to us in her little coo’s. For some reason when you place her up there she just gets so happy and starts chatting away to you. I keep trying to capture it on film, but everything I use that captures videos (my iphone and our kodak zi8) has a shining black back and she gets so mesmerozied by the reflections that she stops.
Everyday that passes she gets more and more of a little personality. It really makes them so much more enjoyable. The newborn stage is great but I love being able to intereact with her a little more.

Headband: Lou & Lee
Kerchief Geo Romper: c/o Tea Collection Please check them out for lots of great baby clothes!
Zebra Socks: Gift from Punky

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$100 Lulus Gift Card Giveaway

Lulu’s is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to shop. They have an amazing collection of dresses, shoes and accessories. Now that holiday season is here, what better way to help buy some gifts for someone or even a little treat for yourelf (like these super amazing Jeffrey Campbell shoes) than with a $100 gift certificate. Lulus’s is offering one lucky reader a $100 gift certificate!!

All you need to do is head over to Lulu’s and find something you would purchase with the $100 dollars and then leave a comment here letting me know what that something is. Easy-peasy, right? Contest is only open US and Canadian readers. Contest will run from now until Sunday night, with a winner randomly chosen and announced on Monday.
Good Luck to all!

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Also the winner of the Kissing Tree Vintage Giveaway is… Michelle!!
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Style File 11.29.10

Can you guess that this is one of my new favorite outfit pics? I couldn’t decide on just a few pictures so I just posted a bunch of them. I love when Kev takes the pictures they are always so great, plus I love my Dad’s boat. We have been in Flordia since Thursday and have been enjoying some much needed family time together. My parents have a house on the Grand Canal, so every morning we have been waking up and hangin out on the dock watching Manatee and Dolphins play in the water. It’s pretty fantastic!! I will have a bunch of great pictures to share when we get back. For now here is a cute little outfit I wore yesterday for a lunch outing. I am still going strong with the 30 for 30 challenge, even though I am way behind everyone else. Slow and steady wins the race, right? I don’t know what race I am trying to win but I am sure going slow thats for sure.

You can check out a little write up I did for Kendi on why I remix over on Kendi Everyday.

Happy Monday Everyone!

Lace Top: Forever 21
Boater Hat: c/o Modcloth
Belt: Thrifted
Necklace: NY&Co.
Skirt: Vintage
Genevieve Wedges: c/o Spotted Moth

Rowans Christmas List

Christmas shopping is in full force now that Thanksgiving is over and I have been working on making a few little shopping guides. The first one would be for a little girl, in this case a little girl like Rowan. We are working on getting her Nursery step up and I was thinking of a few things that would be perfect for her room. I want there to be lots of cool artwork and neat handmade items. Do you have a special “little” someone in your life you will be buying gifts for?
1. Sevilla Building Blocks by Haba. $69.99
2.Zuzii Bijou Baby Boots by Zuzii. $36.50
3. Best of Friends Dress by Misha Lulu. $70
4. Donut Rattles from Yellow Label Kids. $26.99
5. 4.0 Artist Series by Bum Genius Diapers. $19.95
6. Alphabet Print by Sweet William $18.00
7. Stuffed Barn Owl by Alison Alison. $35.00
8. Yellow Bicycle Print by Tuesday Mourning. $20.00
9. Sugar Skull Print by Hilary Bird. $15.00

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Although today is a day full of food and fun, I always like to take a moment and truly reflect on what I have to be thankful for. It’s easy to go about this busy day and forget to think about it but here are just a few things I am so thankful for…

1. Haha that there is free wifi on this plane right now. This is my first ever post, posted from the sky.

2. Kev. I am so, so thankful for him. He is my best friend and I honestly can’t imagine my life with out him. I am thankful for his sense of humor, his adventurous spirit, his passion for never settling, his desire to reach his goals and the way he loves Rowan and I. He makes my world complete.

3. I am so thankful for Rowan. I am thankful for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy and happy baby. So much can go wrong and I thank God everyday for this little healthy baby. It is something I do not take lightly. I am thankful for the love that she has brought us, for the parents she is making us into and just the joy she has brought into our life.

4. I am thankful for our life. I always feel selfish on this day when I think about times when I have thought “I wish I had that or if only I could have that.” We all live very blessed lives. So many people struggle in the world and I take for granted that I never have to think about when my next meal will be or where I will sleep tonight.

5. I am so thankful for this blog and the opportunities it has brought me and the community it has surrounded me in. I love you guys. I am so thankful for all the readers of this blog. You guys are all so encourging and I never ever get tired of reading your comments, emails and tweets. It’s a highlight everyday!

6. I am so thankful for the dear, dear friends I have made from this blog. I consider you some of my closet friends now. It’s such a small world and amazes me that I found bloggers who live so close(well some), share so much in common and are truly amazing ladies!!

7. I am thankful for my family. They are always there for us no matter what and have been there cheering us on thru every life stage we go thru. We couldn’t have done it all with out them!

8. Our church family, our church and God. I don’t know what my life would be without any of this. Sometimes I wonder why we were brought to Albany and I can’t help but think it was to meet the friends we have and to be a part of Terra Nova. It has changed us in more ways than I can count. For the first time in my life I am not thinking about the next place I want to move. I can’t imagine leaving now.

What are you most thankful for?

*these pictures were taken about 5 years ago in Niagara Falls (Canadian side of course!)

Style File 11.24.10

You may be saying to yourself, “Hey! those weren’t choices in her 30 pieces.” Well, your right. I have to cheat. Hmm, but is it really cheating if I hadn’t wore some things yet and I just switch out 2 of them? I never tried on the black leather skirt or the sequin tank I picked and when I put them on today, they just do not fit. I sort of looked like a hooker. It wasn’t pretty. So, if you are mad and think I am cheating you can take it up with Rowan for giving me larger boobs and wider hips, and if not then we can just move forward. haha. I am adding into the mix this super awesome tulle skirt and a leopard blouse.

Yesterday I mentioned that bows make me feel like myself. Well this outfit also kinda makes me feel like myself (haha there is a bow!). I would say a blouse, a skirt and some black tights is very much me as well. I love this new skirt from lulu’s. Its so fun and perfect for the winter.

We are off to Florida tomorrow! I can not wait! I will be continuing with the challenge but from FL, so expect some warmer weather photos on friday and into next week. I can’t wait to see Rowan in her little bathing suits!! and to stick her little toes in the ocean!
Leopard Blouse: Forever 21 (2 years ago)
Bow Belt: Forever 21
Tulle Butterscotch Candy Vegan Leather Skirt: c/o Lulu’s
Tights: Target
Flats: Target

are you following me on twitter? I am sure there will be lots of updates and fun pictures during our vacation.

Rowan Style File

I am always on the look out for soft, well made baby clothes, so when the lovely people from tea collection contacted me a while ago I was thrilled. They are a San Francisco based apparel company that specializes in modern, design driven children’s and (very recently) women’s clothing. They have the coolest fabric patterns and everything is beautifully made and fits great. I had such a hard time choosing just a few things from the baby clothes section because I wanted everything. They also have a great girls clothing and boys clothing selection as well.


Rowan is wearing:
Tori Shirred Neck Dress: c/o Tea Collection
Grey Slim Cuffed Pants: c/o Tea Collection
Bear Booties: Carters

Last Nights Dinner 11.23.10

MMM Falafels! I have never made falafels before, so I thought it was time to try because I do love them so! It was super easy and delicious. I didn’t have any tahini on hand so I just used some toasted pine nut hummus and some balsamic dressing for some extra flavor. The left overs were great in a salad the next day.

1 (15 ounce) can chickpeas, drained
1 onion, quartered
1/2 red pepper, sliced
1 tbsp dried parsley
2 cloves garlic
1 egg
2 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp ground coriander
1 tsp salt
1 dash pepper
1 pinch cayenne pepper
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp baking powder
1.5 cup panko bread crumbs
oil for frying

In your food processor, add chick peas, onions, parsley, red pepper and garlic. Process until pieces are small but haven’t turned into a paste. A little chunky is good. Pour into a large bowl and add egg, cumin, coriander, salt, pepper, lemon juice, and baking powder. Stir together. Add bread crumbs and mix all together.

In a large pan, heat about 1 inch of oil over medium high heat. When oil is ready shape falafel into balls and fry until golden brown. It took a couple mins per side. Drain on paper towel lined plate. Make into pita sandwiches.

Style File 11.23.10

I use to wear headbands a lot. I just love a good bow in your hair. My students even knew how much I loved bows because one day during spirt week it was dress like a teacher day and the girls came in dressed in cute dresses, tights, and bow headbands. I was pretty flattered. I haven’t been wearing them all that much lately, but there is something that always makes me feel like “me” when I put one on. Here are some of my favorite past bow/headband photos…,,, and

Do you have something you wear that just makes you feel like “you”?

Headband: Forever 21
Moto Jacket: Forever 21
Dress: Target
Tights: My sister
Flats: Target

Style File 11.22.10

I died my hair last Thursday. It came out a little darker than I wanted, but overall I like it a lot. I also very much like this outfit. I have been really loving dressing for Fall. I scored a ton of awesome colored tights from forever 21 this year. You really can’t go wrong for $6.80 and I have to say they are pretty quality. They are super thick, stretchy and have tons of colors. I love this burnt orange color.

We are leaving for Florida on Thursday. I can’t wait for a little vaca with Kev and Rowan. I am hoping for nice weather. I have been checking and its been around 78-80 degrees everyday, so I am pumped. My parents have a house down there on the Grand Canal. I can’t wait to see the manatee and dolphins swimming by every morning! I ordered a bathing suit from modcloth. I am hoping it arrives tomorrow. I am a little scared to try it on, but no fears of my post baby body will keep me out of swimming in the hot tub every night while we are there!
Buffalo Check Boy Shirt: J.Crew
Wool Bell Skirt: J.Crew
Belt: Thrifted
Tights: Forever 21
Oxfords: Rockport (thrifted from Savers)

December Sponsors

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Week 9

Rowan is turning into the sweetest little baby! She is all smiles and I can tell she is on the verge of giving us her first little laugh. I can’t wait for it. I am so excited. I try every day hoping that I will be able to get her to laugh. Today she is actually 10 weeks but we will get to that post this week sometime.

We have had a little trouble with sleeping this past week. Daylight savings really thru everything for a loop with her and it just got worse from there, but we are back to a pretty good schedule as of the last 2 nights so I am hoping it sticks. We have switched her from her tiny little bassinet to the Pram now. She has way more room and I think she likes it.

We have been using our cloth diapers for about a month now and we could not be happier with them. I love them so much. I am working on a post about cloth diapers. We have gotten our routine down with them and it seems to be working out great. I am still nursing and I am enjoying it more, but we do about 50-50 nursing and bottles. It has made us all happier.

Kev has start spending a lot of time with Rowan at our piano. He plays her songs and lets her bang on the keys (with his help). She loves it. She stares and smiles like crazy as the music plays. We have also found that she loves TV. If you set her swing up in front of it and put on a cartoon or something with music and bright colors (barney) she will sit and watch for like 30 mins. It has been a life saver for me to be able to get a few things done around the house. We are totally going to go get some of those Baby Einstein videos. Does anyone have those? Do they work good?

We love cuddling and kissing her. I seriously think she is the most precious little baby ever. I mean look at her cute little face? Is it not the most perfect little face? haha I know I am a bias mommy, but we just love her so much!!

p.s. Thank you to Mrs. Towner and Robyn for a beautiful box of goodies for little miss Rowan. We loved everything. I can’t wait till the pretty hat fits her! We loved these sweet Owl shoes!!

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Style File 11.19.10

11.19.10 copy
This is an outfit that when I was putting it on was like “does this all go together?” The answer is kinda no, but I think I kinda like that about it. It doesn’t really match at all. Do you like mismatching items?

I have just about gotten back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I am only off by like 2 pounds, but lets just say your body is not the same after. I am trying to embrace my now ever wider hips. haha. I have always been a curving girl but your hips def. widen after pushing out a baby (at least mine did). I am hoping some time and some exercise will help that, but in the mean time there is nothing that makes you love your curves more than a good pencil skirt I think.
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Plaid Shirt: Forever 21
Skirt: J.Crew
Brooches: Vintage
Tights: H&M
Bismuth Booties: Seychelles

Kissing Tree Vintage Giveaway

I would like to welcome jenloveskev’s newest sponsor The Kissing Tree Vintage! The store is jam packed with tons of amazing vintage dresses, skirts and tops. There are seriously like 15 dresses in there right now I have to hold myself back from buying. The selection is seriously so great! Lucky for you The Kissing Tree Vintage wants to give away a $50 gift certificate to one lucky reader!

All you have to do is…
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Good Luck!

Style File 11.17.10

It has been raining and miserable this whole week so far. Yuck! It doesn’t really allow for picture taking outside. I am not a great photographer. I usually get Kev to take my photos, but I have been taking them more and more over the last few months. You can always tell when Kev takes them or when I take them. His are always way nicer. I am always crisp and in focus and the background always has a nice blur. When I take them I am usually up against a wall so I can focus easily, set the self timer and jump in the pictures. Things are always slightly out of focus. haha I am trying. I think I am getting a little better, but my saving grace is that I can take them outside in natural light. The winter is fast approaching and its making me nervous because before I would grin and bare the freezing cold to take some pictures, but I can’t do that to Rowan. So, I am trying to figure out how to take pictures inside. We have super high ceilings (like 14 feet) so bouncing a flash doesn’t really do anything. We do have some super tall windows, so I tried playing around with them today. I think for my first try they aren’t so bad. I need Kev to give me some lessons though.

I pretty much love this outfit. I feel so lady like with a full, softly pleated tweed skirt, high bun, socks and oxfords. I even put on some lipstick. It feels good to get dressed up for your day. Even if its only to fold laundry, play with Rowan and chit chat with my Kitties.

Chambray Shirt: Target
Necklace: NY&Co.
Belt: Forever 21
Skirt: Vintage
Socks: J.Crew
Oxfords: Rockport (thrifted from savers)

Some Mommy Thoughts…


I am going to try to keep this short and to the point, otherwise I might blabble on for way to long. I was reading A Cup of Jo and clicked on one of her Friday links and read this post over on Simple Lovely and it really hit home for me. I have been thinking about it all weekend and really had to share.

The one thing I have found that I have struggled with the most since Rowan was born, was this back and forth with myself feeling like being a mom was suppose to be enough. That every morning you are suppose to wake up and be completely fulfilled that your roll in life is Mom. The truth is that’s not the case for me and that has made me feel so guilty. I get frustrated with myself that I want to be able to put her down and go paint, or blog, or play dress up in my closet. I have so many passions in my life that it’s been hard to swallow that I am “suppose” to put them aside now. I don’t know where this notion came from, no one told me that is what I am suppose to do, but I think as a mom you do that to yourself. That when you have a free minute it would be better spent on doing something for the good of your family rather than for yourself.

This is why this post on Simple Lovely totally gave me a new perspective. I want to copy and paste the whole post here but I wont. I would suggest you go over and read it yourself but here is a little excerpt:

“I heard Terry Gross’s Fresh Air interview with Jason Schwartzman while I was driving to lunch last week and was totally struck by how he describes the environment that his mother (the actress Talia Shire) created in their home, specifically this:

“But, at a young age, what I really did witness, because she never forced it upon us, but I witnessed how movies and music can be nutritional, I guess, to a person. I would come home from school; she would always be downstairs with an old movie on. Every room in our house had a different book open, face down. There would be music on in one room, even though she wouldn’t be in it, and she would kind of just go from room to room and pick up and read and go and listen and go downstairs and watch. She needs that. It’s still the same way. If you go to my house, the same house I grew up in, she’s there with movies on, music playing and books everywhere. And so I witnessed how important these things can be to you.”

After hearing Schwartzman recount that specific memory, I had to pull over so I could jot a little note to myself… Here’s what it said:

the type of mother I want to be…”walk the walk”

-From Simple Lovely

1. I love that this was an interview with Jason Schwartzman because he is my FAVORITE! He is in pretty much all my favorite movies.
2. Duh! If I want Rowan to grow up being passionate about life and having a desire to see and experience new things, why would I not model that to her in my own life. Of course classes are great for kids, but what if she came home from school and saw Mommy painting in her studio or making a new craft or cooking a new recipe or planning a trip to some neat art exhibit for all of them? That seems like it would have so much more influence on her than me dropping her off at a class or me filling my time dwelling every second over others needs.

I don’t mean to sound selfish. That is not what this is about. I love Rowan with every ounce of my being and my family comes first before everything. If Rowan or Kev needed something I would stop everything I was doing to help and/or be with them. This was more about the idea that it’s ok to still feel passionate about the things I love. That its ok to still feel like those things make up who you are, as well as being a mom.

I think back to my own childhood. My mom always had a craft room that was FULL of amazing things to play with, create with and be entertained by. I have memories of being down there with her, making my own things as she made hers. Being influenced by what she was making and trying something like that too. She has always been a very creative person and I look at all my sisters and can see how that influenced us. Even my Dad was always doing something, making something, fixing something. Being very hands on. He built everyone of his telescopes and I can see how that molded me and my sisters.

I want to be that. I want to show Rowan what I am passionate about. I want to share that with her. I want to bring her on adventures and I want her to come cheer on mommy as she runs a marathon, or celebrate with her at one of my art openings. I want to be the best mommy to her and slowing I am allowing myself to realize what that means for me.

(haha, ok, so that was no short post, sorry.)

Style File 11.16.10

ok, so I have to say so far so good with the 30 for 30 challenge, but then again I am only on 5. haha. I was nerdy and drew out sketches of all 30 outfits before I started. Did any one else do that? I love this little brown dress. Its pretty short when you sit or bend but, oh well. I love it just the same. My favorite parts are the lace collar and little puffed shoulders. If you follow me on Twitter you know that my sister and I sat around most of the afternoon on Sunday watching Anne of Green Gables. Boy, do I love that movie/mini series. I love the part when she is going to the ball and she wants big huge puffy sleeves. haha the blue dress she gets from Matthew is CRAZY! Those sleeves are huge. I love the lace neck though. Did you love Anne of Green Gables? I think Anne is the most dramatic 16 year old I have ever seen. Watching it now as an adult is seriously funny. My sister and I couldn’t stop laughing half the time.
Hickory Hipster Brown Floral Dress: Lulu’s
Belt: Thrifted
Flats: Target
Tights: Target

Boston’s DTX Swap


Thursday, November 18th, 2010
24 Bromfield Street
Boston, MA 02108

Clothing drop-off: Noon-6:30 p.m.
Swap: 7 to 8 p.m.
After-party at Silvertone: 9 to 10:30 p.m.

There is nothing I love more than a good clothing swap. I love going and see my dear friends and giving and getting new clothes! I will be there- will you?

Bring a Bag, Get a Bag:
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$1 from every ticket goes to support Project Place, plus all the clothing left over at the end of the swap will be donated to Goodwill Boston!

Keep the Swap Party Going!
Join, The Swapaholics & our friends at Second Glass at Silvertone across the street post-swap for sipping, noshing, and sharing swap stories!

Style File 11.15.10

This Sweater is def. my fall staple this year. I wear it like everyday, all day. I wear it with dresses, with jeans, as my coat and even with my pajamas. Its so warm and cozy. The only thing is that when I wear it, Rowan ends up having fuzz all over her. Some how baby collect fuzz like crazy between their fingers and toes. This sweater doesn’t help either. I am always trying to pull it out before she eats it.

These are my first pair of Seychelle Shoes. I love these shoes! They go so well with everything!! I just need to find out how to correctly take care of suede shoes. I have a few pairs of black suede shoes and I want to water treat them and stuff before the snow gets here, so I don’t ruin them. Anyone have any advice? or tips? I have no idea what to do.
Hat: H&M
Dress: H&M
Sweater: H&M
Tights: Target
Bismuth Booties: Seychelles
Belt: Thrifted

Welcome Sponsor pt. 2

Modcloth of course has some great items right now. How cute would this outfit be? With lots of holiday parties coming up in the next month and a half make sure you check out modcloth for all your fashion needs.
1. Op Art Enthusiast Dress
2. Industrial Revolution Bag
3. Never Felt This Way Hat
4. Tights for Every Occasion

Christmas presents have been on my mind more and more lately. With Rowan here and some very excited Grandma’s around, these Photos Books from Tiny Prints are top on my list. We have tons of pictures already of her and I really want to get some made into books. How cool would it be to make a 40 weeks book with all my pregnancy photos? I am sure we all have tons of pictures laying around that would be awesome in book form. A summer vacation? A wedding? Your daily outfit posts? I know this is a digital camera world but there is something so special about something in print. Especially a cool book.

Style File 11.12.10

Oh man, as I write this there is a major strike going on outside my window. We live in an old factory building (they actually made the union army uniforms for the civil war here) that has been converted into lofts. They have been doing a lot of construction on it lately making more units and I guess the construction workers are unhappy. I am sorry if they are being mistreated, but they keep waking the baby and I am getting frustrated. They are screaming and blowing whistles. ahhh I might go insane.
Anyways, I think this is also a new favorite outfit. I love how everything came together with it. These shorts were such a good buy. I think I will be wearing them quite a lot this winter. What are you up to this weekend? We don’t have anything planned and I am actually quite excited about that.

Hope you all have a good one!
Moto Jacket: Forever 21 (last year)
Blouse: Tucker for Target
Paper Bag Tweed Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Forever 21
Tights: H&M
Flats: Target

8 Weeks

Holy Cow! I can’t believe that Rowan is eight weeks. haha well she is almost nine now but, wow! Time really does go by so fast. We are off to her 2 month check up this morning. I am a little scared because she will be getting her first shots today. Poor baby. I don’t want to get into the whole immunization thing because, wow being a parent can be so political and what is right for your family doesn’t mean its right for ours. I will say I think immunizations are important, but we have chosen to go with a delayed schedule for some of them.
Rowan has really grown in the last week. In size and in personality. She really is turning into the most precious little baby. Her fussiness is subsiding and we are actually having some really nice evenings all together when Kev comes home. She LOVES to look around. She gets all upset when she can’t see what’s going on. We went to the mall the other night and she just stared wide eyed at everything for like 2 hours. It was so cute. She is liking her swing more and more. She even will fall asleep in there and take a nap. I really just love this little baby so much! Seeing her grown more and more everyday just makes my heart so big. She is so smiley and is starting to talk to us a little with her cute coo’s.
Aren’t her little shoes so cute? I love them so much!! They are from the most adorable etsy shop called Gracious May. They were nice enough to send Rowan these cute little Mary Janes. I think I need to order some more though! They have so many cute styles to chose from.

I have been asked a few times to list out what I thought were my baby “must haves” for the first 2 months. There is no denying that there is A LOT of baby crap out there. It’s easy to fall victim to thinking you need it all, but as I was thinking of what I couldn’t live without, not a whole lot came to mind. Really, the baby needs your love and attention. They aren’t really entertained by a whole lot when they are that small. They just want to be held. Here are a few things that have helped us though and I am glad that we have had them…
1. Our Stroller!!!
I can not say enough about the Uppa Baby. I freakin’ love this thing. Not only is it a great stroller, but the bassinet is perfect. Rowan has slept in this every night since about week 1. We roll it right next to our bed and it’s easy access to her when she needs to be nursed. It’s a great way to bring her bed when you go to Grammy’s as well because its her stroller too. You are not bring hundreds of things. Just 1. It’s small and cozy and fits her just perfect. It creates this little safe bubble for her and I like to think that is why she sleeps so good. She is starting to seem big in there though and we will be transitioning her to the Pram for sleeping in a little bit I think.

2. A good Blanket and a good Swaddle Blanket
We love our Lola Miren Blanket. It goes with us everywhere. It’s soft, cozy and warm. I like to think she knows that its her blanket and feels comforted by it. I would say the one thing that we could not live without are these swaddle blankets. Rowan has always been super strong or maybe just extra fidgety and has always busted out of regular blanket swaddles. The velcro kind keep her tight and wrapped up all night, which keep her sleeping soundly. This baby needs to be swaddled at night or she doesn’t sleep.

3. Ocean Wonder Sea Horse
We got this seahorse (or “bubbles” as its nicknamed in our house) as a gift at our shower and it has become a night time favorite. It has such soothing music mixed with ocean bubble sounds. I feel like I even need to listen to it to fall asleep now a days. hehe. Kev was putting Rowan to sleep last night and aftering being gone for quite a while I went to go check on them. Kev was fast a sleep as well with Rowan and Bubbles on his chest. It was very cute.

4. Boppy and a baby holder
The boppy is an arm life saver. I think its a no brainer for new moms, but it really is so helpful. I call it my pillow tutu. If that baby is going to be nursing you can guarantee that, that pillow is around my waist. Also something that will hold the baby safely is a must. That could be a swing, a vibrating chair, a bouncer whatever you got, its good. The baby may not like it yet (Rowan is just starting to enjoy hers now) but sometimes a momma just needs to take a shower, or go pee or do something. I would bring our Baby Bjorn Chair in the bathroom with me and would take a quick shower with her sitting in it. Totally helpful.

5. Lotions, Soaps and Nipple Care
I really have loved the Aveeno and Burt Bee’s baby care lines. We use the Aveeno baby shampoo and wash for bath times and the few times she has gotten a little red on her bottom we have used the Burt Bees Diaper Ointment. It smells amazing and the tiniest dab works wonders overnight. Also we keep this BabyGanics Hand Sanitzer right by her change table. Its quick and easy and no alcohol in it. I also have a little one for the diaper bag.

6. Oh Yeah and a baby carrier and sling. We take these everywhere with us and are totally helpful when your little one wont let you put her down. I have done many chores around the house with her in a sling. We have a Baby Bjorn, a Moby wrap and a Maya sling.

Those are our picks. What are yours?

p.s. We have been using our cloth diapers now for about 2 weeks and I will be writing a whole post about them on Monday!

p.p.s someone mentioned in a comment White Noise and I couldn’t agree more!! I should have added Vacuum! haha it sounds funny but whenever Rowan has been really upset and we can’t calm her, we turn on the vacuum and instantly she stops crying. It has worked 100% of the time. It makes us laugh because it’s so instant that she stops. We also sleep with a loud fan on for white noise at night.

Style File 11.11.10

How Cute is this butterfly dress? I, as well as most other girls out there love a good peter pan collar. It’s just so sweet. I am back home now. It was nice visiting my mom. She always takes such good care of me. Even when I was there to take care of her. I had made a list of things I wanted to get from her house but I totally forgot all of it. First on my list was to get a bunch of our old dresses. My mom saved a box full of them. We used some for decoration at the shower, remember? I can’t wait to find some that fit Rowan. I feel like they don’t made baby girl dresses like that anymore. I was thinking would I save any of the dresses I have for Rowan now? I feel like they don’t hold the same quality/pretty detail that these dresses do. I guess I mean ones that are made today. I would save some of the vintage dresses I have gotten her. Hmm does that make sense? anyone else feel that way?

Jacket: LOFT
Fluttering Butterflies Chiffon Dress: RUCHE
Tights: H&M
Genevieve Wedge: c/o Spotted Moth

Style File 11.10.10

Alright, I am 3 days late with the start of this challenge but so it goes in the life of this new mom. This thing might take me till christmas! Well, here is my first outfit. I went with my Band Practice Skirt from modcloth and the lace top. I have to say I love the blue tights with it! I have been at my moms the last couple days. I love my parents backyard. There is so much space and I just love the country. Its a nice change from all the construction and construction works around our place lately.
Lace Top: Forever 21
Band Practice Skirt: c/o Modcloth
Tights: H&M
Flats: Target
Hat: Forever 21

Welcome Sponsors Pt. 1

Have you been over to Ruche lately? How cute are these outfits in their Cozy Layers section? They are so adorable. I want to wear everything in each outfit right now! I am loving all the boots with socks and pretty dresses. Its a great look.

I want to welcome the newest sponsor to jenloveskev, CAPow. They have the most adorable vintage style photos of hometowns. How cute would one of these prints be in a frame on your end table or bookcase? I love the little messages. There are over 150 hometown prints, is yours one of them? What a great christmas present for someone. These 3 are my favorites!

A Healthy Vegetarian

Since today is Tuesday and I am not quite back to cooking regular dinners yet, I thought instead of a Last Nights Dinner Post I could talked a little about being a vegetarian. I have gotten a couple questions lately on my formspring about being a vegetarian and healthy eating and thought I could answer them in a little more detail here.

I have been a vegetarian for quite sometime now and I really can’t imagine ever not being one. I hate in our culture it is assumed by most people that being a vegetarian automatically means you are not getting enough protein. Sure if you are lazy and only eat pasta maybe you aren’t, but there are so many alternatives out there that easily fill your protein quota. My sister is a vegan and she has been a great example to me for getting creative and eating nutrional meals. I am not one for diets. I am much more into a healthy and balanced life style. I think that is something that sticks with you long after you get tired of your diet. Here are some excellent sources of protein for a vegetarian…

1. Beans. There are so many out there! I am a big fan of chicpeas. They go with so much stuff, not to mention how tastey is hummus? Plus Black beans! I could eat mexican food every night of the week!

2. Dairy Products. I will say I don’t eat a lot of dairy products. I am a little more half way between Vegetarian and Vegan, but it is a great source of protein. I do like cheese. I don’t think I could give that up. Plus greek yogurt saved me during pregnancy when I need extra protein to grow a baby. One of those yogurts are like 13grams of protein.

3. Nuts. Next time you make a stir fry add some peanuts/cashews or pine nuts to the dish. Almonds make a great afternoon snack.

4. Soy. There are lots of soy products out there and its easy to think this is the only source for protein, but it’s a lot healthier if you use it as part and not all of the protein in your diet.

5. Whole Grains. Try eating wheat pasta or a multigrain pasta. Look for cerals that are high in protein for breakfast. Eating whole grains is an easy switch in your diet to add some protein.

6. Fruits & Vegetables. EAT YOUR GREENS!! Kale is so freaking good! eat veggies like kale, collared greens and broccoli. Fruits are excellent for when you are craving something sweet. When you want ice cream try a homemade fruit smoothie instead. Mmm they are so good.

There are other sources out there but these are the main ones that make up my diet.
Lets look back at some of my favorite Last Night Dinner Posts that were good well balanced, high protein meals.
Homemade Black Bean Burgers
Around Clockwise
1. Acorn Squash stuffed with Cranberry and Pecan Multi grain Stuffing
2. Thai Pineapple Fried Rice
3. Sweet Potato and Kale Burritos
4. Jen’s Crazy Awesome Protien Packed Marathon Soup


30 for 30

It’s 2:04am and I have been up editing these photos for like 2 hours. I am so going to regret this in the morning when the baby wakes up and I don’t get to sleep in. DOh! I couldn’t help myself though, I wanted to get this post up. I decided to join Kendi’s phenomenon that is the 30 for 30. Why you ask? Well, I started this blog way back in hopes of sharing with people that you didn’t need to spend a lot on clothes to look great. I still maintain that philosophy, but sometimes materialism can get the best of me and leaves me with a feeling of needing more. I def. don’t need more clothes! My closet is overflowing, but I seem to find myself lately standing in my closet thinking I have nothing to wear. That is why I thought it would be a great challenge to pick 30 items from my closet and remix them for a month into 30 different items. I am a little nervous but excited to get creative. It took me most of Sunday afternoon to figure out what my 30 items would be. I drew out little sketches of all the outfits so I am ready to go. Here are my picks…
9 tops +
7 Bottoms +
5 Jackets/Cardigans +
4 Dress +
5 Pairs of shoes (not listed)=
30 Pieces from my Wardrobe

It may take me longer than a month. I have not taken 30 outfit photos in a month in a very long time. I am lucky if I get 2 up a week, but I am going to try my best.

Are you taking Kendi’s 30 for 30 Challenge?
Let me know if you are!

Couple Style File 11.08.10

So this is our very first couple style file. I feel like we should be a band or something in these photos. A cool band too like, Mates of State or She & Him or better yet if Zooey Deschanel and her hubby formed a super indie music duo we could be like them. haha ok, ok I don’t think we would ever be as cool as them, but one can hope right? (funny fact: Kev and me tried to make a band one summer. We had a sweet old organ and some drums. It lasted like 2 weeks).
The lovely folks over at Threadless sent us these awesome shirts. I picked this sweet Birds of a Feather shirt and Kev picked out an Animals with Eye Patches shirt. Who doesn’t like animals with eye patches! Both shirts are super soft and made from Organic Cotton. They are from the new Select Line over at Threadless. No family band photo would be complete with out Rowan. My mom got her this little suit to keep her warm when we go on walks. I don’t know how well a giant teddy suit goes with our abandon building band photos vibe haha but boy, oh boy it brings up the cute factor! Don’t you want to eat her right up!!

Animals with Eye Patches Tee: c/o Threadless
Plaid Button Up: H&M
Jeans: Levi 511 Skinny
Shoes: Vans

Birds of a Feather Tee: c/o Threadless
Jacket: Forever 21
Bracelets: Target
Skirt: Target
Tights: H&M
Flats: Target

Teddy Suit: c/o Grammy

p.s. I decided to take part in Kendi’s 30for30 challenge so I have some more post coming your way later today. Rowan and I are packing up and heading out to my mom’s for a couple days so posts will be up later tonight.

Week 7

Rowan is such a little cutie. She is growing so fast. This week it feels like all the sudden she fits much better in 3m clothing than in newborn items. I am slowing starting to put away things that she doesn’t fit into anymore. Its sad but I am having so much fun dressing her. They make more clothing like items for 3m than newborns. I am obsessed with anything that has cats on it, but I am even more obsessed with a baby wearing something with a cat on it. Plus if the cat is wearing glasses. So awesome- haha.
Thank you to everyone for all your comments last week about nursing. I appreciate everyone’s advice and tips. We are still taking nursing one day at a time as we decide what is the right choice for us. I have taken a little of the pressure of myself as far as going out and pumping goes. I decided if we were out that I am totally ok with supplementing with formula. It has helped me even enjoy nursing a little more when we are home. Plus it gives Kev a chance more often to feed her and I know he loves that.

Rowan is doing so good this week. She is still quite fussy in the evenings, but aren’t most babies? She still sleeps awesome thru the nights. She sleeps almost every night from 10:30pm to 8:00am. She has even been sitting in her swing for a good amount of time, just awake and looking around. I was able to make lunch yesterday and eat it while she sat in there. haha it was such a huge accomplishment. I wanted to do a jump high five with someone! I love her little smile, her big alert eyes, her pouting little lips and her round sweet cheeks. She is the most adorable little baby ever. She really is developing quite a little personality and a very healthy little cry. When she is mad- she is really mad. But she loves standing up on your lap while you hold her, she loves to lay on her back and stare at the flashing lights on her floor mat and she loves going for walks with her daddy.
The first few weeks were rough but I never really felt like I was down or had any kind of postpartum, but in the last week or so I have felt a lot more of the “baby blues” I have heard people talk about. Do I think I am depressed? No, but I have been having a lot more down days lately. I think for me the initial craziness that the baby is here is starting to fade and now its just left me trying to figure out this new life that we have with Rowan here. I don’t love her any less, but sometimes I just feel so overwhelmed with wanting to get everything done but I just can’t with her around. I know it will get easier and we will figure out our routine but some days it just gets the best of me. I also have a hard time with feeling so overwhelmed with love for her that I can’t stop thinking about what I would do if something happened to her. I have never really been a worrier but something about having this little helpless baby makes you worry about everything that is around her. Any tips on the baby blues? I am so grateful and in love with my family so sometimes it baffles me when I just can’t stop crying sometimes. Boy this whole thing is so emotional.

Things that can always makes things better though. Her little smile and hugs from Kev.

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I’d Wear That…

It has been a very long time since I have done one of these post, but slowly I am trying to get back to my old posting routine (last nights dinner are still a work in progress with Rowan around). I thought I would start with an I’d Wear That post. It’s funny, I made this yesterday and when I got dressed this morning I guess I subconsciously was thinking about this look. I wish I had this warm coat though. It was almost to cold this morning for my trench.

When I go out with Rowan, I always want to be wearing something that I can get around easily in. There is lots of bending, lifting, and frantically getting out of stores with a crying baby when you do errands with a newborn. I love the idea of using a backpack for a diaper bag. It is so much easier sometimes than carrying around a bag on your shoulder that is always slipping down at the most inconvenient times. How cute is this neon pink canvas bag? I have scaled back in the accessories depart lately because when I hold Rowan, it seems like it would be so uncomfortable for her when she is being held against a huge thick necklace. I love these super cute maple leaf studs though. I, of course love anything maple leaf because I love Canada, but aren’t these cute for fall whether you are Canadian or not? I wish I had on this exact outfit right at this moment.
Coat: Old Navy $60.00
Buffalo check boy shirt: J.Crew $69.50
Pink Backpack: Let’s Play All Day Etsy Shop $39.00
Legging Jeans: Gap $69.50
Don’t Leaf Without Us Earrings: Modcloth $15.99
Minnetonka Suede Ankle Boot: Zappos $45.00

Tiny Prints Giveaway Winner is…
Aimee from Acorns and Apples
Thank you to all that entered! The announcement the received the most votes (it took me like 30 mins last night to count them all!) was announcement #4!! I couldn’t be happier I love that little whale!

Style File 11.03.10

Today we are going with a super laid back look. I really only had like 3 mins to take these pictures which goes along with the easy going attire. Rowan and I are off to run some errands before we have a little play date with a friend this afternoon. It sure is getting chilly out there. I have been pulling out all my scarves and hats. I love the neon/mustardy color of this scarf. Even though this look is pretty basic, I love the casual cool vibe it has. I am always a fan of skinny jeans with a trench. You really can’t go wrong. I think its the perfect outfit for errands.

Hat: H&M
Trench: Old Navy
Denim Shirt: LL Bean (Thrifted)
BDG High Waisted Black Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Flats: Target
Scarf: Forever 21

Style File 11.01.10

It’s November! Crazy! I think the warm fall days are behind us now. The weather has been getting colder and colder lately. Sunday was bitterly cold during the day. My favorite new fall accessory is this faux fur hat I got from H&M. Its pretty fun to wear. I always laugh when I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror or reflection somewhere. It sure is warm though!

Do you have a favorite Fall Accessory?

I don’t really have any crazy stories or anything about this outfit- I just threw it on yesterday to head over to my moms for a visit. I love the swing at my parents house. I could swing on that thing forever. I got a these Wedges from Spotted Moth the other day and I really, really like them. They are super tall which is awesome- it makes me a giant because I am already 5’9″. The best part about them is they are super comfy and so easy to walk in for being so tall.


Rose and Shine Dress: c/o Modcloth
Hat: H&M
TIghts: H&M
Jacket: Forever 21
Genevieve Wedges: c/o Spotted Moth

Happy Halloween

Hi Everyone! I hope you all had a great Halloween Weekend. I can’t wait to see everyones costumes around the blog world today. We never made it out Trick or Treating. I woke up with a major sore throat yesterday and we thought the 30 degree and super windy weather wouldn’t really be great for me or baby last night. We did however dress up, eat homemade chili, watch Edward Scissorhands and make Caramel Apples with friends. I am so in love with our costumes and pictures. I couldn’t wait to share them…

Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet (or rocking chair) eating her curds and whey.

Along came a spider, Who sat down beside her

And frightened Miss Muffet away.

haha. Isn’t Rowan the cutest? oh man. I love it! She really hated her little hat thing. Who can blame her though, it was huge on her. I bought the costume at Pottery Barn Kids but then my mom made some extra special adjustments to the costume. She made new eyes for it, added the rings around the legs and added a new center patch with a hand stitched spider web. It totally made the costume like a 100x better. Thanks Grammy! My mom is the best at making halloween costumes.


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