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So, you would think the birth of your first child would be enough change for any one couple to take on, but nope we decided a while back that it was time for another change as well. Today is Kev’s last day of work. He gave his notice about a month ago at the company he worked for here in Albany. Starting this Monday, he will be working full time at his very own Web Design company, Iron to Iron. The idea started formulating a while back, but over the last few months it was clear it had to become a reality. He is not doing this alone. He is joining forces with a super talented developer, Jon Christopher. Jon is not only a good friend but we consider him and his wife Carrie part of our family. I could not be more proud of the two of them. They have worked so hard for the last few months getting this all started. They are the most talented duo I know and I know will make such a great team. Kev will be handling all design aspects and Jon the development. Here are some screen shots of their new website. The site is just beautiful. Kev is so talented. He never ceases to amaze me with where he gets ideas from to create such amazing designs. To read more about their new venture you can read Kev’s article on his personal website or Jon’s article on his personal website.
Dear Kev:
I could not be more proud of you! You have worked so hard for the last little while (well your whole life) to get to this point. All the late nights will all be worth it! I have never felt more confident in this decision. I have no doubts and I am 150% sure that this is the right thing to do at this exact moment. I know it has been an especially tough month for all of us but starting Monday it will all be worth it. I love you with everything I have and am so excited for our future.

I don’t think I will get to a style file today. It is again raining. I wish everyone a Happy Weekend/Halloween. I can’t wait to show you pictures on Monday of our Halloween costumes. We are also off for a day of roller coaster fun tomorrow at six flags with friends. Its going to be a great fall weekend!

  1. Dear Jen:

    First off. I love you. so much. More than I could ever explain. You’re the number one reason I have the confidence to take this leap. Throughout all of this planning you never once gave even the slightest notion of doubt. You never raised an eyebrow with concern and you never second guessed my desire to do this. You’ve been beyond supportive. Without that, I couldn’t have come this far.

    Every morning when I wake up and see you and Rowan it gives me energy to keep moving forward, regardless of the amount sleep I just got, or the fact that I know I’m going to be in store for yet another late night. You’ve been patient… really patient; more than I could ever be.

    I promise you it will all pay off… But you already know that! You’re the best. I don’t know how I got so lucky to be with a girl like you.

  2. The decision to strike out on your own is a big one and can be scary, but my husband (who is self-employed in the same field as Kev) says there is nothing more rewarding than knowing the work you produce is your own and things are done exactly the way you envision, start to finish! In truth, as a wife in this situation, it’s sometimes a challenge to be super excited when things aren’t going as you planned, but trust in the Lord, because in the end, things seem to work themselves out. Best wishes to you both as you start this new adventure!

  3. How exciting! And what a blessing the peace you both are feeling 🙂 Makes a big jump a lot easier.

  4. Congratulations Jen and Kev! How brave you both are to step out and take a risk to tackle your dreams head on. I actually couldn’t believe it when I read this because my husband and I are in the same process. He started his graphic design and marketing business last year (getoutbox.com), and we’re hoping to take it full time within this next year. I feel like I can relate to you a lot after reading Kev’s comment above. The late nights and constant working are sometimes a challenge, but seeing my husband follow his dream is the best feeling in the world. I want it for him so badly.

    Seeing you guys take the leap is so encouraging and makes me so anxious for our time to come! Thanks so much for sharing your life! I can’t wait to follow along for this new adventure. God bless:)

  5. I would just like to say props to Kevin because your website is flawless, really well put together. Good Luck, you wont need it!

  6. Oh, this is so wonderful. Congratulations to Kev! What a wonderful thing to go after one’s dream! I wish him all the luck! You two really are such an amazing couple.

    Lulu Letty

  7. woah big step. good luck!

  8. Congratulations! How exciting. My husband and his business partner opened their own store back in May. It’s been scary, exciting, overwhelming, and joyful all at the same time. Being a fairly new business (www.muttlife.ca – check us out!) I don’t have too much advice – except to stick with it! If you believe in what you’re selling then nothing can stop you! Wishing you all the best 🙂

  9. I love this. My man did the same thing! I am so excited for you that I even wrote you an email about it! Congrats!

  10. @Jen: That’s awesome. What’s the name of his company; I’d love to connect with him!

    @Erin M: Couldn’t agree more!

    @Candice: That’s great. Congrats on being close to taking it full time. How has his company been doing in the meantime? It’s awesome to hear about people going off and doing this (especially in this particular field). I’d love to connect with him sometime.

    @Laurie: That’s so kind. Thank you so much for the great compliment!

    @Maria: Thanks! Jen think’s your quite amazing too. She talks about you a lot! haha

    @Katie: Thanks so much!

    @Frannie: Nope, we actually haven’t borrowed any money. At all. We’ve worked quite hard to save the money that this venture requires including our personal expenses. We view our lives from a big picture perspective which has helped us work towards very specific goals (including this one). Though I’m sure our families would be willing to help out financially if necessary, I’m very proud to say that the only thing we’ve ever asked of them is for love and prayers!

    @Amelia: I can relate with all of those feelings. I agree wholeheartedly with your logic!

    @Linda: That’s awesome. It’s so great to hear about so many people taking the leap of faith. How has it been going for him? What’s the name of his business?

  11. Kevin & Jen, we couldn’t be more prouder of the two of you! Dad and I watched with excitment & pride as you set this goal of starting your own business a while back. Diligently you have saved and planned and each day stepped closer toward your goal, working together as a team being patient and supportive of each other. Congratulations! we are so excited and very very proud of both of you and all your complishments thus far. Not only have you brillantly tackled all that entails in getting a business started but you have also become the cutest family I know and seeing you both become the best Mommy and Daddy ever is just to precious. Thank you for our beautiful little Rowan. May God bless you and keep you all in His loving care. We love you xoxoxo

  12. alainna •

    So excited for you three! Congratulations to all of you!

  13. Wow, congratulations. Kev, your site is always so clean, fresh and interesting looking. I think it’ll go very, very well.

    As for Albany, let us know how it goes! My friends are going tonight tonight as well, but I have to stay and study 🙁

    Have fun both tonight and for the rest of this whole adventure, it’s going to be wonderful.

  14. Jen, I just read Kev’s comment and it almost made me cry. I can only hope to be married to a man someday who loves me like Kev loves you. You two are incredibly blessed. All the best to you and Kev!

  15. Thanks! Things are going really well with the business (getoutbox.com) so far. My husband is currently doing as much as he can outside his 9-5, so it’s really a matter of getting prepared financially, which we’re working towards as quickly as possible! Love the website, btw:)

  16. Brianne •

    Wow, this is so wonderful and exciting!!! Congratulations to both of you!!! You’re such an inspiration 🙂

  17. Darn it Kev, you made me tear up in the office! And congratulations on the new company! I’m a webmaster working for a multinational myself, but sometimes my mind wanders and I imagine doing things as I’d like to do them… I haven’t found the guts to make the leap yet, so I applaud you!

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