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On my wish list for fall was a pair of wool paper bag shorts. I have searched a long time for a pair that I liked but never really found a pair. Then I was in Boston on Tuesday visiting with Melissa + Julie and I found a pair that I just loved at Urban Outfitters. I have been saving some birthday money from last month for when I found something awesome and I was super excited to finally find these shorts. They are going to be great to wear all thru the winter with thick chunky tights!

Rowan and I are off to go do some errands and after having a little chat this morning (mostly I just chatted) we decided to plan a surprise for Kev tonight! Hopefully we will have some pictures tomorrow to share. This has been a long awaited week for us. I will share details tomorrow but there is a big change happening in our household and it deserves a little celebration tonight with Kev, Rowan and I.

Blouse: Thrifted
Sparkle & Fade Tweed Paperbag Trouser Short: Urban Outfitters
We Umber-stand Socks: c/o Modcloth
Vintage Boots: Swap

  1. Those shorts look great on your. I think you’re a better model of them than the UO website. I hope your surprise goes off without a hitch.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. I love this outfit! I’ve been on the hunt for shorts like that too.

  3. Love this look. Shorts are just so super cute with boots. Don’t get too cold though!


  4. Love this outfit – it is a perfect take on fall shorts in my eyes!!

  5. The layered socks/boots look is so adorable on you!

  6. Love this whole look… and the new shorts are adorable! Hope your evening is wonderful. 🙂

  7. I love this look so much. Those shorts are perfect!

  8. Jen you look SO GREAT! How did you loose all the baby weight? Gorgeous. Those shorts are awesome.

  9. Great outfit! Those shorts are darling on you.

  10. I absolutely adore this outfit! The colors, the style, the boots – it’s all just so cute!

  11. Oh Jen, those shorts are PERFECT! Love how you paired them with a gorgeous top, and pretty boots! You look great!

  12. I love the shoulders on this top; and great find in those shorts- Urban Outfitters never disappoints!


  13. You look AWESOME Jen! I’m in love with those shorts. I’ve been wanting a pair just like that for a while, but can’t spend any moola right now. I’ll just live vicariously through you for now. (: Good luck w/tonight’s plans!

  14. Oh, I adore this look Jen. The blouse is such an amazing find and I’ve been drooling over those shorts on UO. Now I have to buy them!

    Lulu Letty

  15. Chelsea •

    I have been looking for shorts like that too!! Those ones are fantastic on you! Your outfit posts have been amazing lately!

  16. you look great!! i love this outfit! so inspiring 🙂 can’t wait to hear all about the exciting news tomorrow!! 🙂 🙂

  17. Who’da thought you just had a baby? Love the outfit and you look great.

  18. I can’t believe you just had a baby, you look awesome!!!! Love this outfit!

  19. those are super cute shorts!! I love finding that piece of clothing you have been searching for 🙂

  20. Very cute. I *really* love the look of boots with knee highs.

  21. Great outfit. Just curious – are you still breastfeeding? I’ve found it so difficult to find tops (and dresses) that are bf-friendly and wondered if you’re doing any better.

  22. Marina Salinas •

    I predict a pet! Yes? No?

  23. oooo! you look absolutely woderful.. your legs look so cozy in those tall socks! I’m really digging the brown leather and hunter green combo here 🙂 Hope you and Rowan enjoy putting together your big surprise for Kev!

  24. Jennifer •

    I love this outfit, you look great! The socks showing at the top of the boots is so cute. Rowan is adorable 🙂

  25. yes, the only thing certain about that first year is change! Once you get settled into a routine, baby changes it up again. Whew, it can be exhausting but stick in there! I also hated pumping so I just gave it up after a month with my first and never did it with my second. If baby was with me they nursed (believe me, in months 4, 5, 6 it easier than bottles) but if they were with someone else they got formula. No pumping. Good luck and I love this outfit and the pics of you looking at the camera!

  26. Those shorts look fabulous on you! 🙂

  27. I love love love this look! Every piece is so awesome and it works so well on you!

  28. those shorts are so cute. I love the bow at the front.

  29. i love this look! especially the shorts and top, amazing combination!

  30. I love this outfit. I really like the idea of the socks and boots. Its one of my favourite looks for fall-time. Also, didn’t you just have a baby? You look great!

  31. I love this outfit…and it makes your legs look a million miles long!

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