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It’s getting to be that time of year again where a coat is no longer an accessory but more of a necessity. Here is the northeast winters are brutal. I am always on the look out for a good winter coat. If I had it my way I would have a closet full of coats that I could match with outfits but a good coat is quite costly so I am always so picky. I am in need of a new coat this year. My old one is has seen better days. I seem to lose my keys inside my coat each time I put them in the pocket because of the holes. I always have one major criteria for a coat and that is a hood. It is just too cold here to not have one. It has to be one superbly awesome coat for me to consider it if it doesn’t have one.

Have you been to the new US asos site? It’s totally my new obsession. They have free shipping and free returns, which is a major bonus when you are buying something online. They have a fantastic coat selection (like 400+ coats). I have been drooling over a bunch of them. These are my top favorites. Which on do you like the best? I really love the cape, but as my mom pointed out to me yesterday when I was showing her, babies and capes don’t see to make the best combo. I would constantly have cold arms. Oh well. I can dream. Plus I know I would not want to wear a cape in the middle of winter. I love these coats!
1. ASOS Hooded Military Cape
2. Alpha Industries Faux Fur Trim Parka
3. ASOS Belted Velvet Detail Military Coat
4. ASOS Parka With Detachable Faux Fur Lining
5. ASOS Funnel Neck Toggle Coat
6. Penfield Check Lined Hooded Anorak

It’s pouring rain out today so chances of being able to get outside to take my outfit pictures are not looking so good. If it clears up there will definitely be one up later. Fingers crossed

  1. omg. i am getting that penfield coat with my next paycheck. perfection!

  2. I’d spend my money on coat #2 Jen. It looks so snug.

  3. jacket 2 seems warmest, but i like 5 the most….oh, the endless search for a good winter jacket

  4. Ooh I do love that cape! i think 2 and 5 are my favorites though.

  5. I agree that a good coat is a must! I’m having a similar debacle. I have a super warm, military/parka style coat just like #2, but I feel like it doesn’t go well with dressy outfits. So I’d love to add a #3 or #5 to the mix and have all the bases covered. I hate being cold.

  6. I could definitely see you in #2 or #4. I love the hoods with fur trim.
    I’m with you on the “hood” topic. I live in the South (North Carolina), so it’s not nearly AS cold in the winters as up North…but I always appreciate the option when we do get snow or a blustery wind.

  7. ASOS is amazing. I did a post to get my readers to help me figure out which Modcloth coat to get, I may need to add to ASOS to their choices! My pick from your choices is #5.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  8. Love coats number 5 and 6! Fabulous!

  9. If I had to choose just one, it would be number four. Very cute. Delias actually have great winter coats as well.

  10. Asos DOES have a lot of great things and I ordered a bunch of stuff from them on October 6th. I have still not received it. For my troubles Asos has offered me a 10% off my next purchase as long as they’re all full price items. I’m not trying to talk you out of it, just hoping you have a better experience than me.

  11. i highly HIGHLY recommend that you don’t order from asos. they don’t track orders to the US (despite having a “track your order” link on the website). i made two separate orders from them and both were lost (luckily refunded, but still lost). and unlike Jenn above me, i was never offered a discount.

    heartbreaking though, right? they have the cutest stuff!

  12. I totally agree, a good coat is totally a necessity where I live too! I’m soo in love with the first one. I love the cape look but it’s so hard to find one of those, plus I’m equally in love with camel anything!
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  13. Those are lovely. I’ve been dying over the Emersonmade Traveling Trenches. Oh who are we kidding, I’ve been dying over EVERYTHING from there.

  14. #2 or #4. love me some furry hoods. mmm… 🙂

    ps – i live in Wisconsin, i hear your coat woes! also constantly fight the urge to collect coats like it’s my job.

  15. O man I can’t wait to break out my black, wool duffel coat (from J Crew last year) … I don’t spend a ton of money on clothes, but I will splurge on a well-made, warm coat that goes with everything!

  16. #4 is my favorite!

  17. adore number 3. agree that capes are totally adorable, but not functional for the northeast!


  18. number 3 is so gorgeous, i love it!

  19. Definitely #4 or #5, love them!

  20. Five is awesome. Here in New Zealand some winters are so mild I hardly get to wear my winter coat (red duffle style with cream trim, and red and cream houndstooth lining in the hood) this winter I think I wore it twice.

  21. #3 and #5 are adorable! I love both of them! I love winter coats as well. So sad that they’re so pricey:(

    Hope the rain clears up and you have a great day!

  22. Love number 5 and 6!

  23. i wish we were able to wear coats around here! living in CA doesn’t warrant much coat wearing, but i try to when i can!

  24. I love no 5, for it’s practicality and cuteness!

  25. I like 4 and 6 in navy, so much so I kinda wanna get one of them. And until you posted this I was completely content with the winter coat I’ve been wearing for the past 3 years, bah!

    and i do not understand capes.

  26. I like the jackets #2, #3 and #4.

  27. I think you should get a cape! It is more of a autumn item and capes just keep coming back each season. It’s a much needed retreat from coats. As far as the coats I love military #3, the cut is so sexy! But my top choice would be #5. I think it’s the most versitile. The cut is adorable yet simple.

  28. P.S. I had no idea that ASOS had a american site!!! I love their curve line! Thanks for giving me more online eye candy!!!

  29. Jessica G. •

    #4! It looks so cozy but it’s fitted and stylish. I love it. Man, now I wish that I needed a new coat.

    My husband has coat #2 (the men’s version) and it’s the warmest coat everrrr. It’s huge on me and sometimes I use it as a blanket, haha.

  30. ok now i want #5. i love that one! coats are so fun. they basically ARE your outfit from november – march so you do have to choose with care!

  31. I like the black parka.

  32. I would go for number 3 but I am loving military coats right now!

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