Tiny Prints Giveaway

We are getting our birth announcements printed and we need your help voting on which one out of the four below we should get.

Tiny Prints has the best selection of Birth Announcements. They have hundreds to chose from- this is why I can’t figure out which one to get! I have narrowed it down to these four and whichever one gets the most votes will be the one we get printed. Good news for you though!! If you help us by voting, you have a chance of winning a $50 gift certifcate to Tiny Prints yourself! They have so much to offer there; Announcements, invitations, greeting cards and some super awesome photo books. It will be easy to find lots of stuff to spend $50 dollars on!

Here are our 4 choices…
number 4 inside (its a card)

1. Visit Tiny Prints and check out their awesome selection
2. Leave us a comment letting us know which announcement is your favorite and what you might spend the money on
3. Vote for us Here (NOT REQUIRED, but if you enjoy jenloveskev I appreciate it!)
Giveaway will run until October 31st. Winner will be randomly chosen and announced November 1st.

Easy as pie! Mmmm Pie!!
Good luck everyone!
Thanks for helping us out!

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  1. Pam Livingston •

    #2 announcement allows the 3 images and gives birth detail, I always enjoying seeing as many baby photos and all the information on an announcement.


  2. Pam Livingston •

    Oh, for the tiny prints, of course holiday cards are a must to share with family and friends


  3. I am having a hard time picking between 1 and 4 but I think I like 4 the best. Yes, my vote is for #4!

    As for me, I have a little one due in April and plan to order my birth announcements through tinyprints as well. (Is it bad that I have had them picked out since I found out I was pregnant?!)

  4. I like #1 or #3. 3 has such a neat photo!

  5. I vote for #2!

  6. I vote for 2!

  7. 4 is my favorite. 1 or 4, definitely not 2. Definitely not 2!!

  8. I love number 4 – no matter what design you go with I think that picture of you, kev, and rowan needs to be included – it’s so sweet!

  9. Sarah Dyer •

    I love the second one… although I really love number three as well!
    I would use tiny prints to make Claire’s 2nd birthday party invitations in the spring!

  10. I like #1 the best–simple but adorable. I love tinyprints and have been searching for the perfect invitations for my daughter’s 1st birthday in December (I am totally in denial–she can’t be that old already?!)

  11. I love #3, closely followed by #4

  12. What a cutie! I like 2 and 4.

  13. #2 or #4, so sweet!

    I would get these x-mas cards:
    not that I hadn’t already been drooling over them or anything… πŸ™‚

  14. #2 #2 #2!!!!!

    You see 3 pictures each showing little rowen at different times. It’s beautiful!!!

  15. I really like #4. You can’t really go wrong though!

  16. Yje first one is my favorite – although they are all beautiful. I like the picture on the inside of #4.

  17. #2….. but #4 is a close second. They’re all awesome.

  18. I love #4! The whale is adorable.

  19. definitely #2!

  20. 1! I love it…she’s so precious.

  21. I love #4!! But, they’re all pretty great. Tiny Prints has fantastic designs.

    I would use the money to order my husbands grandmother a photo book of our wedding and honeymoon (in paris!). She’s in NY and was not well enough to travel to our wedding (in DC). I think she’d really like to get a photobook : )
    *fingers crossed!* Hope i win!

  22. I am absolutely loving #3! πŸ™‚

  23. Jennifer H. •

    Number 4! They’re all adorable, though. (I think the subject helps!) I’d spend the money on Christmas cards. I look forward to picking out the perfect print each year.

  24. Lindsay •

    Absolutely #4

  25. #4 love the little whale and the two tones together! πŸ™‚

  26. I love # 1. Will use the money for Holiday cards!!!

  27. I LOVE number 3- she looks so cute and I love the color scheme.

    If I won the gift card I would use it on save the dates! Thanks for the giveaway, Jen!

  28. No 2 is my favourite. But each one is so beautiful! πŸ™‚

  29. i vote for #4.
    adorable shop, would probably go for christmas related but so hard to choose!

  30. #4!! I love the inside of the card!

  31. Breanne •

    I’m torn between 2 and 3, but I think I’ll go with three because I love the creativity of holding up the sono picture next to Rowan.

    I’d use the money to print this year’s Christmas cards with my daughter’s picture πŸ™‚

  32. I love them all, but if I had to chose just one, I would pick #4! I have been seeking out Tiny Prints for quite sometime, as I have my second little one due Nov 16th. This would be such a great prize to win since we will be sending out birth announcements!!

  33. Number 4! I would use the $50 for my “we’ve moved” announcements.

  34. Love #3. Love TinyPrints. The pick inside is amazing!

  35. Number 2! Love it! It’s so perfect!

  36. I really like # 1, it’s so cute. Love the black and white options with the color cards, it’s adorable, just like her! My sister is having a baby, due in January and we’re planning her baby shower now. I was planning on doing an e-vite for invitations, but if I won, I’d probably spend the money on baby shower invites for her or give her the credit for announcements. There are some super cute baby girl options! Congratulations again on Rowan, she’s precious!

  37. I love them all but think that #2 might be the best because it has so many pictures.

    As for what I’d use Tiny Prints for – I’m due in February so I’d definitely use them for birth announcements!

  38. Jessica T. •

    I love #4!!! So adorable.
    The Christmas print selection at tiny prints looks incredible!

  39. I definitely love number 4.

    Oh how I would love to order some christmas cards. I have the prefect family photo to use!

  40. #1 and #4 are both really great but I think #4 is winning me over. If I won, I’d spend the money on my own birth announcements.

  41. ooooh! #1 or #4. i just can’t choose! i love the vector illustrations on #4 but i love the contrast and organic shape of the colorful piece of the first one.

  42. my vote is #1 it’s the cutest!! she’s so precious!!!
    a lot of people like #4, but it kinda looks like shes underwater (sorry).
    they are all really adorable- good job!

  43. Number 1 all the way!


  44. number 2! Love them all but that bottom right picture of Rowan totally melts my heart!

  45. my vote is #1, I love it and will probably use the boy version for my birth announcement (he’s not due until Dec), and thats what I’d spend the money on. I really love them all though.

  46. This was a tough decision between 2 and 4, but I think I’m definitely favoring number 4

    So my vote goes to #4…and maybe I will be lucky to get the $50 credit to go towards my little one who arrived 11 days after Rowan. I will be looking for boy announcements though!

  47. 1!!!!!! it is def the best
    I think a simple single beautiful photograph is more powerful than a bunch. some of the text on the others is a little distracting.
    pick #1!
    as always, I love you and all your things! beautiful!

  48. They are all adorable but my favourite is #2. The third pic is amazing!
    I would probably buy something wedding related…

  49. Jessica •

    I love #3! How cute!

  50. I love #3! It’s adorable and different than birth announcements I’ve seen in the past.

    If I won, I’d buy holiday cards!

  51. Jacqueline •

    I vote for #4. Very cute!

    I hope I win. I am expecting #2 in February and would love to use tinyprints for the announcements.

  52. Nanette •

    I vote for number 2. I love how it includes the whole family on the care & that pic of you two holding your new baby is priceless.
    I enjoyed browsing the tiny prints site. $50 would buy some great birth announcements for my little one on the way.

  53. Caitlin •

    #4! The inside picture is too too cute!

  54. #1 for sure! super cute and frame-worthy!
    i would do holiday cards — the first since my husband and i got married three years ago. better late than never!

  55. #ONE. It’s sweet & simple and all about her.
    And I’ll be buying some holiday cards with my $50!!!

  56. I vote for #2. They are all so cute it was hard to pick one but I love that #2 lets you include 3 pictures (especially one with Rowan’s eyes open).

    I would definitely pick save-the-date magnets because I am getting married next year. This is such a cute giveaway! Even if I don’t win I am excited to learn about Tiny Prints.

  57. Krystal Wight Armstrong •

    That is tough, I’m thinking #2, though.

  58. I might as well chime in here: I think 2 is my favorite. Though, I’m wondering why “Amy Your Sister” is so against it? Honestly though, I would be happy with any one of them!

  59. #2 for sure.
    I think it captures everything.
    Best of luck with Rowan!

  60. I love #4 ! Oh and I’m due in 3 weeks with my second little boy so of course i would spend it on my own little birth announcements. πŸ™‚

  61. Pallavi •

    I love #2!! It looks adorable in the pic.

  62. Really love all four option, but my fav is definitely #4!! i love Rowan in this pic with her hat and the little whale the top, and i love the inside pic of all three of you!!
    If i were to be lucky enough to win the $50 gift certificate for tiny prints i’de for sure do a christmas card for this year! I’ve always wanted to do one with myself, hubby and fur-baby, Elvis. Fingers crossed!!! I voted for your blog too!

  63. I love number two because of the three pictures… the one of you three is so beautiful, and the one of her in the bottom right hand corner is just precious!!!

    I would have to spend the money on some of their adorable Christmas cards. My roommate and I are really wanting to send some out this year πŸ™‚

  64. Caitlin •

    I LOVE #4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #2 is also adorable. (they all are, really!)

  65. I love #4 that is just an amazing photo!

  66. #4 is wonderful! I’ve been eyeing tiny prints for christmas cards. I love their stuff.

  67. definitely #2. I like how her eyes are open in one of the images.

    I’d use the credit to create a custom calendar.

  68. Number two is my fav! I would buy fancy christmas card πŸ™‚

  69. I like #2! I would buy baby announcements too – I really like the standout name design.

  70. I love #2. And I would use it for holiday cards!

  71. I vote #4! I’d use the gift certificate for birth announcements for our own little one due in just a few short weeks.

  72. 3
    I loved 1, then I saw 2 and I thought definitely (!), then 3 took my breath away and 4 is totally cute… but its #3, 3, 3, 3!!!

    I would use the credit for christmas/we’ve moved cards…even though we moved a YEAR ago πŸ˜‰

  73. Definitely number 4! The picture of Rowan is adorable, as is the one of you three together. I’d use the gift certificate on photo books – they’d make awesome holiday gifts!

  74. Ooh number 1 is definately my favourite! πŸ™‚

  75. I love #4, so pretty! And as for me, I am trying to find the perfect holiday card right now and I love the “serene sentiments” card but it’s pricey at $1.24 a pop so the $50 gift card would definitely help! πŸ™‚

  76. sarah w. •

    #4 is adorable…and what I would pick!

    I love Tiny Prints — they are my go-to cards!

  77. maeghan •

    #4 is adorable! we used tiny prints for both of our birth announcements and would love to use them again for our holiday cards this year!

  78. i don’t need to enter the giveaway, but still wanted to vote for number 1! i love it!

  79. They are all really nice but #1 is my favorite!! It is soo sweet!
    As for me, what IÒ€ℒd use Tiny Prints for: Γ’β‚¬β€œ My sister is due in December and as she asked me to organize and design the birth announcements for my new nephew I’m super excited about this give away!

  80. #4 is my favorite. it’s simple & sweet.

  81. Loving number #2. Hands down the best πŸ™‚

  82. LOVE the design for *no.4*, but I would go with the photo of little Rowan with her eyes open from no.2. You could see more of her personality come through when you can see her beautiful eyes. :)))

    Congrats to you + your hub on your baby girl!


  83. I love #4 that is an amazing photo!

  84. I think incorporating the pic of you and Kevin is a great idea. My vote is for #4!

  85. 1 or 3………1 struck me immediately and has stuck with me since I saw it…love the design……but can’t beat the originality of #3…people would remember that picture forever!

    and I would be blesssssed to use Tiny Prints for my christmas cards!!


  86. Oh, + if I land the Tiny Prints gift certificate that you are so graciously offering I would definitely use it for my own baby announcements since my first baby is due early January. πŸ™‚ It’s also a girl + we’re so stoked about her arrival.


  87. I love #1!

    I would use the certificate to make up some Christmas cards this year.


  88. #4!! the whale is so cute and i love the picture that goes with it!

    if i win, i would use the money for my own birth announcements for the arrival of our 2nd this february!

  89. Caitlin •

    #2….I was immediately drawn to it! I really love the picture with her eyes open. So beautiful. Congratulations!!!

    And I have always wanted some personalized stationary. Love the colors in this design: http://www.tinyprints.com/product/4102/thank_you_cards_rainbow_blossoms.html

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  90. I like 4! I would use the gift certificate to send out our first family holiday cards.

  91. #1 is my favorite! I would use the gift certificate to purchase birth announcements as well-I am due to have my first little one in February 2011!

  92. #1 is my fave too! I just love the simplicity of that one. Not too busy. Great picture too!

  93. Lindsay •

    #2 !!!

  94. #4. 4 sure! Haha. I’d use it for a babysitter πŸ˜‰

  95. Marina Salinas •


  96. I love Number 3 and i love Tiny Print Holiday Cards!!

  97. Chelsea •

    Defs #4, #1 is super cute too but I like that in 4 there is the picture of just little Rowan and of you guys as a family! So cute and I think people will like that!! I would use the $50 to purchase christmas cards! Thanks for sharing about tiny prints! Even if I don’t win I think I will be getting my christmas cards from there anyways!

  98. I love the simplicity of #1

  99. 2 or 4 are my favorites. So hard to chose…ok 2! My vote is for 2.

  100. Oh I love #4, mainly because it’s a card. I prefer cards over the little postcard style- more traditional.

    And… I would love to win this to spend the dollars on our birth announcements once this little nugget is born in December! I promise not to copy your choice though πŸ™‚

  101. Charity •

    My vote would be for #2. I love the 3 pictures chosen. If I won I would use the money to get my first holiday photo card with me and my new hubby πŸ™‚

  102. #1, fo sho! It’s simple, classic, and shows sweet Rowan in all her beauty. I would definitely be buying Christmas cards with the $50, it’s only two months away….exactly!!

  103. My vote is for number 3! It’s so creative, I’ve never seen an announcement done that way and I love “we couldn’t be more in love”. So Sweet! I would spend the $50.00 on the Garden Floral : chenille baptism invitations, my daughter’s is coming up in less that 2 months! Congrats again to you both!

  104. Melissa Fiske •

    i too need to print birth announcements! i was thinking about combining our christmas card with JD’s birth announcement this year to save on money! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the Christmas birth announcements- hard to choose which one i like the best. I guess if i win, i’ll have to narrow down my selection!!!

    As for your announcements, i LOVE #2 because of the combination of pictures- specifically the one with Rowan awake! I do really like the layout of #1 too but #2 gets my vote!

  105. #4 is totally my favorite – So sweet!

    If I were to win the giveaway, I would purchase some Calendar Cards to give to customers as freebies who order from my Etsy shop!

    (Voted for you too!)

  106. #FOUR!
    i love the inside too

  107. #4! But they are all fantastic!
    Love Tiny Prints!

  108. I LURVE number 2! It’s cute, sweet and the design is great without being too much, yet there are still many photos. I LOVE IT!

  109. A Little Coffee •

    I love the look of 1 and 3 the most, but honestly I vote for #2 because of the selection of photos included.

  110. SO CUTE! πŸ™‚
    i choose number 2

  111. I would go with #2! So cute; those pictures allow a glimpse of Rowan’s personality. I love it!

  112. Christian •

    #2 for sure! I feel like it tells a little story about your little one! As for what I’d get from Tiny Prints… it’d have to be some address labels and letterpressed thank you cards.

  113. love tiny prints πŸ™‚
    i love option 1. it’s all about her and it’s just precious.

    i also voted – love me some jenloveskev!!


  114. I really love #2….the fact that it is a family affair makes it so special! if I had $50 to spend I would probably get Christmas cards of a photo book…LOVE photo books πŸ™‚

  115. #4 is great. i would use the money for christmas cards.

  116. #3 for sure. And I would give the gift certificate to my sister for her birth announcements. She’s due any day!

  117. number 2! the whole family is included πŸ™‚

  118. I love number 4! I am expecting in about a month, so I will definitely spend the $50 on our birth announcements. But I can’t decide which design!

  119. 4 or 2. They’re all good!

  120. 4 or 2, they’re all good! I’d spend it on announcements for my little one due soon!

  121. Sarah P •

    All are precious but I love #2 the most.

  122. Christel •

    #1 is totally the best. It’s the obvious choice! =)

    If I win, I would love to get my holiday cards from Tiny Prints this year!

  123. I love all 4 options but I have to say #2 is my favorite.

    If I was to win I would order my holiday cards… I love the vintage ones. Either the holiday handbill or the ornate snowflake.

    Rowan is adorable, and just seems to be getting cuter with each photo you share, and you look great post baby.

  124. I love #2 and #4 because they include a photo of the new family, not just the baby. Welcome to the world, Rowan! πŸ™‚

  125. I love # 1. Super cute. Congrats on your little one!
    If I win I’d get some business cards made !

  126. I have been reading your blog for a while but have never commented. Let me just say that I think you kev and little rowan are pretty awesome!
    I love print #4 the picture of your new family is adorable and I love the little whale at the top!
    If I were to win I would use the gift certificate to get some “Where the Wild Things Are” birthday party invitations for my Kate’s 6th birthday party coming up next month!

  127. I love number 1! So adorable.

  128. Number two is definitely my favorite! I would spend my gift certificate on a photo book!

  129. Bridget •

    # 4

    but… I see your dilemma… they are each wonderful!!!

  130. number 4 for sure! she look so precious!

  131. SarahKC •

    i love the first one! very cute and she looks like she is taking off! i would spend the cash money on a christmas card of the whole fam in the vintage style section. too hard to pick one though right now- maybe the peace, love and happiness one.

  132. I love #4, the pic of the 3 of you is beautiful and the design of the front is perfect! πŸ™‚ I would enjoy some photo books and address labels from Tiny Prints.

  133. #4, no doubt! That little hat just makes me melt πŸ™‚

  134. Aw they’re all so cute but no. 4 is my favourite just because it’s so simple and I love the photo on the inside too. (i also love the whale!) I’d probably give the certificate to my sister to go towards invitations to her bridal shower or wedding invitations.

    xx Em

  135. #2. I like pictures where I can see the baby’s face, which you can’t on #1 or #4.

  136. Amandine * * * •

    Bonjour ! * #4 #4 #4 #4 #4…….#4! la numéro 4 est la plus belle!!! :o) Amandine, reading you from France

  137. #4!

    I think I would get the photo books or calendars…

  138. Definitely 4…it’s perfect, and so cute! If I won, I would get some really swanky business cards!

  139. I choose #1 or 4.
    It feels nice.
    #2 is nice because of the 3 photos, but lacks personality.

    cheers guys!

  140. 4 is adorable! It seems perfect.

  141. I LOVE #4!! I hope that is the winner πŸ™‚

    If i won I’d use the money towards bridal shower invitations for my best friend. Her wedding is September 17, 2011 πŸ™‚

  142. I adore #4! With our first little one due in February I am so glad to know about Tiny Prints. I love the baby breeze design. There are so many I’ll have to start looking now. What fun!

    Great Rowan shots by the way. Cute little pumpkin!

  143. Courtney •

    Definitely #2, b/c it has a shot of her beautiful eyes. I would use the gift card toward my own birth announcements (Baby #2 due in early 2011).

    As a side note, it’s been nice to read your honest evaluation of life as a new mom. I found my first newborn overwhelming (who could someone that sleeps so much, literally take up nearly every moment of my day?). Hoping I’m a seasoned mother now and will have an easier go the second time around, but with a toddler underfoot, probably not.

  144. #4 – so cute!

  145. I’m not much help, I like 1,2 and 3 :o).

    I could definitely get some holiday cards from tiny prints!

  146. Natasha •

    I love #2. I like #4 as a runner up, but it doesn’t show all of Rowan’s face…

    I would get holiday cards at Tiny Prints if I won…love them.

  147. Catie bereznay •

    Tiny Prints is so fun! I love all of their cute little cards. As for your announcements, I like 1 and 4 … If I had to choose just one, it would be 4. Really you can’t go wrong – all four of them are ADORABLE!

  148. #1!!!! i’d totally spend the dinero on announcements as well!

  149. I love #2 pick that one!!!…by the way I started reading your blog after you were a guest on someones blog… can’t remember who’s but I love reading about your little family. You seem to have a great life!

  150. Michelle •

    #4! #4! #4!

  151. I just love two and four. But I suppose if I were to choose one, I’d like the 2nd because it’s got the whole family on it and takes less energy than the card-style. I would probably get some really cute, personal birthday cards to stock up on. I don’t have any occassions coming up, but its always good to have some handy and I love how cute and inventive Tiny Prints’ are-like Eat Cake and Charming Garland. Can’t wait to see which you choose! xxxx

  152. 1. Number 4 ( I love the fact that it is so simple)
    2. Number 1
    3. Number 2
    4. Number 3
    Congratulations to both of you!

  153. Lianne Korte •

    #1 is beautiful. LOVE it. If i win the $50 i’ll use it towards our baby announcements as well.

  154. Michela •

    #4 for sure! You’ll get a lot of fridge time with that one : )

  155. I really like number two the best because it shows your first moment with Rown and how beautifully she’s grown plus some details relatives are probably dying to know : ) Let us know which one you pick!

  156. This is too hard – they’re all so awesome. I’m a little partial to 1 and 4 πŸ˜‰ But I’d have to say 3 is the most unique. I love 2 because she’s so alert in that bottom photo. Man this is so hard!!! OK – my vote is #3. I would love to win this! I’ve used tiny prints for invitations two times before. I would get my birth announcements from them fo sho! xoxo

  157. my vote is for #1, because it is so simple & cute. (i do like #4 also… ha!) what a great website tiny prints is, so many pretty things! i would love to get some calendars for the new year from their site, or christmas cards! πŸ™‚

  158. Jenny R. •

    #2!! Love that lower right photo, so sweet!

  159. My vote is for #2. It is by far the cutest i think. As for tinyprints, I would definitally get a photobook. I have way to many digital photos on my computer and not nearly enough in my hands.

  160. Oh the second one!!! It’s all there!!!

  161. #2 followed close by #1. So precious!

  162. Cpaig ( aka Carey C.) •

    I absolutely LOVE #2 – I love how it is family focused (not that Rowan doesn’t deserve some spotlight). The pics are just so beautiful.

    As for Tiny Prints I love “Diddle Diddle” (mostly because my nursery is going to have an abstract nursery rhyme theme – if that is even possible) but I also love “Bubbly Blooms” – it is so sweet!

  163. mindy t •

    I love #4. Such a beautiful family!

  164. I love love love #4! So beautiful, all of these are amazing though!
    [all of the Tiny Print items are amazing, but I loved the thank you cards and the notebook!]

  165. #4, it’s so unique and adorable. and both of those photos are gorgeous.

    i’d spend the money on printing out some christmas cards featuring my new baby, a puppy πŸ™‚

  166. #1 is my favorite. She’s so dreamy. Congrats again. You guys can’t go wrong, whichever one you choose! xo.

  167. I love them all, but I think #4 is my fave.
    And I would definitely use a tiny prints gift certificate to make my own birth announcements when our little girl arrives in December!

  168. Definitely #2. Congrats!

    I love the variety of the thanks you cards from Tiny Prints.

  169. this is a very tough call- #4 wins at the moment!

    i’d choose a printed hard cover book!

  170. I can’t choose between n°2 and n°4, both are my favourites ! Your little girl is so sweet !

  171. Number 2! That photo of Rowan in the lower right corner is AMAZINGLY adorable. Plus it’s cute that you guys are on that one as well.

  172. I LOVE LOVE LOVE #4…
    I would get birth announcements if I won…
    Little baby due in January..

  173. #2!!!!!
    i love tiny prints. i used them last year for my xmas cards and hopefully will this year too! soooo cute

  174. No. 3 for sure! I love simplicity in birth announcements. And the fonts/colors are perfection.

  175. I just love number 4! And I would use it for my own little man’s announcement!

  176. They are all so sweet but I like number one the best.

  177. I love number 2. She’s with you, and then you see her eyes wide open facing the camera. It looks very sweet!


  178. Brittany •

    #4. the more photos the better!

    I would use it for my new little boys announcements!

  179. Rebecca •

    I vote #4, closely followed by #1!

  180. Natalie •

    Number 4 is my favorite.

  181. Erin C. •

    congratulations! i vote for #1. tiny prints is a great site & with christmas coming up – i’d probably use the gift cert. for cards!

  182. oh goodness! too much adorable-ness! I’d say #2 is my first choice, but really, could you go wrong? as for me, we’re due in less than 3 weeks so birth announcements are right around the corner!

  183. Either #1 or #4. I would order graduation announcements with the winnings. Thanks!!!

  184. I vote for #4…so cute! Congrats!

  185. #4 All the way!! And I love their gorgeous thank you notes–nothing beats a personal, handwritten note!

  186. #4…the little whale is adorable!

  187. #4 is my favourite. (They’re all pretty cute, though.)

  188. Kimberly •

    i love #2 and #4…. i think i would go with #2 though- the bottom right picture of rowan is adorable! my fiance and i have been meaning to send our our engagement announcements, the $50 gift card would definitely help! πŸ™‚

  189. I like #2 best!

    If I won, I’d have have to throw a Christmas party and I’d use it on adorable invitations!

  190. They have some great stuff!
    My vote is for #2!!!!

  191. i vote for #2 or #4

  192. Lindsey •

    #4 is adorable! I love the little whale motif. I would spend the store credit on baby shower invites for my sister’s upcoming shower!!

  193. #4 is super cute- not only is the front adorable but the inside photo is beyond precious. I’d say go with #4!!

  194. #2! They are all adorable but #2 is my favorite! My baby shower invites were from tiny prints and I have to get holiday cards from them this year, such cuteness!

  195. #2 is my favorite but they are all fabulous. I don’t think you can go wrong!!

  196. #4…The card is different and that whale is to die for!

  197. #1 is my favorite! We are due with our first in 5 weeks!

  198. Natalie C •

    #4 for sure!!!

  199. gillian •

    Oooh la la! I love their pretty things and have been so happy with what I have ordered in the past. I love your announcement #1, and I would use my gift certificate for our own birth announcements for our little girl that is arriving in March.

  200. I like #2 because it shows off the whole family!
    I would use it on holiday photo cards!

    Thank you!!

  201. i love #2! it shows your first moments as a family! i’d definitely get some family holiday cards ordered if i won πŸ™‚
    …you can’t wrong though choosing because she’s so adorable!

  202. Def #4. Just seems like the most personal and most intimate.
    And I sort of like the tri-fold Christmas cards on the site. Many, Many options!

  203. Number 2!

    I love the little picture of Rowan looking at the camera and how it has a pic of you and Kev as well.

    I would make some invites for an itsa party we are going to have. I’m terribly uncreative at paper craft and these look so beautiful!

  204. Mary Ann •

    Number 2 gets my vote. She is beautiful!

  205. I love 2 or 4

  206. rebekah kessler •


  207. Anjelika •

    Number 1!

  208. Love #1 – So simple and beautiful. I will use the $50 towards picture Christmas cards as we never sent out announcements for our little one born in April (I can’t believe I didn’t send announcements – I kept saying I have to do this and I never did. The Christmas cards will make up for it! hopefully)

  209. I love number 1!! Very simple πŸ™‚

    I would use it for the vintage-looking cards !!

  210. Nathalie •

    I love the first one. The 4th looks great too.
    Such a beautiful baby and lovely parents! πŸ™‚

  211. I can’t get over how cute #1 is. Just simple and elegant!
    I’m going to use the money for stationary and write family back home more often πŸ™‚

  212. #1 It seems to be very much your style.

    Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE the birthday cards from tinyprints.


  213. I vote for #2! The more pictures of that beautiful baby, the better! I had a lot of fun poking around the tinyprints website. I am planning a 25th birthday for myself in December, and really like the Citrus Fireworks invitations or the Backyard Bash invitations!

  214. Michelle •

    #4 is gorgeous because it has a picture of the 3 of you too and I feel that by being a card it gives it a more special touch.

    And if I win…. I’m gonna buy baby boy announcements for my aunt who is pregnant and due on Christmas DAY! πŸ™‚

  215. #1 is my favorite!! I would spend the money on my own baby’s birth announcements! We are expecting our first at the end of January and as much as I would like to think I could hand make our announcements I have a feeling I will be a little busy with our new son!

  216. julianna •

    I was stuck between 2 and 4, but I think that 4 is the best for me. I like the amount of information given — it’s more like a little letter than just a statement.

  217. Katie S •

    I like Number two best and then Number one second!

  218. I love number 4. I like the card design, it’s so cute and feminine while being simplistic and modern.

  219. Katie S •

    Oh and I would spend the $50 on birth annoucements for our baby girl, Dakota, that is due in Jan!!

  220. Jessica •

    #4! It’s so simple and the picture of the three of you is just gorgeous. I would spend the money on holiday cards for my first christmas with my husband.

  221. no. 4! she’s an adorable newborn!

  222. I really love #4! Those pictures are my favorites and the design is really cute!

  223. I vote for #4 too! SO CUTE! I also love so many of the birth announcements on Tiny Prints but I have a hard time choosing which one I would pick because I don’t know if I’m having a boy or girl! πŸ™‚ But I could definitely find something–you can’t really go wrong with their designs!

  224. stephanie •

    i like number 2 the best followed closely by number 3

  225. I vote #4! Her little hat is just so cute. The whale detail is perfect.

  226. Definitely number Four! One is a pretty close behind though.

  227. #2 So cute!!!

    i’m definitely needing some change of address cards to send out! loving their selection!

  228. Heather •

    You must chose #4, it is ADORABLE!!! I would love to spend $50 in greating cards at Tiny Prints, we used them alst year for our greating/birth announcement, thank you!

  229. Honestly I can’t pick just one. They are all fantastic! But you can’t go wrong with such a magnificent…subject? I am too sleepy to find more fitting adjectives, i think. But anyway! 2 or 4 are full of win win win on my first instinct!

  230. I really like number four!
    I would spend the money on a photo book!
    They all look so cute!

  231. Love no 2 design. Very simple yet so full of cute picture.

  232. #4 is the best! it has the really cute lovable front and then the amazing picture of you two on the inside πŸ™‚

  233. Number 2! It gives the information, a picture of the three of you, a close up of Rowan, and an adorable little portrait of her. It’s perfect.
    Andd I would probably use it to buy save the date cards. My mom just got engaged and I’m the maid of honor, so we get to start looking for stuff like that soon =]

  234. I was going to go for 2, but am sold on 4 now.

  235. I LOVEEEEEEE number 2!!!!

  236. i’m planning my best friend’s bridal shower and would definitely use the $50 all on her! i love these invitations:

    and these soaps would be perfect favors because her colors include light blue:

  237. I would choose number 4, because it is a card.

    Although number 2 provides more pictures…

  238. #2 is wonderful. Shows a lively collection of pics throughout the journey.
    My husband and I are trying for a little one, we would be sure to Tiny Prints to help us announce the arrival of a little bundle…

  239. Michelle •

    #4 is my favorite! Thank you for the contest, but if my name is drawn, go ahead and draw somebody else! I don’t have anything to announce right now and I want someone who really wants/needs it to get it!

  240. I like them all, but my favorite is #4. The whale and birds make an adorable addition to the picture of your precious bean and having another picture on the inside gives an little some extra exciting for the card receipent instead of just one picture.

    If I were to win the tiny prints gift card I would put the money towards a family photo book and any remaining money would go towards invitations for my son’s second birthday party.


  241. # 2 or #4 because now you are a family of 3 and it’s wonderful if there is a picture of the happy family! all are so cute.
    I would probably get some notebooks with our pictures on it one for us, and then for our parents since (because husband is military) we live across the country from our families. it would be nice because as a notebook it is also useful!
    also some thankgiving cards would be nice because we won’t be able to spend thanksgiving with them πŸ™

  242. favs are #2 and #4
    out of those two i dont really think i could make a decision..i am sure whatever one goes out will be just perfect for the announcment:)

  243. Lizette •

    Tough decision! They are all so cute! if I had to only pick one, I pick #4

    I would spend the gift certficate on my own babyÒ€ℒs birth announcements! We are expecting our first at the end of March 2011!!

  244. I love #2 & #4, but #4 wins out for me — it’s what I’d do. Due w/our first – a girl! – in about 6 weeks!

  245. I’d have to go with #2!

    If I won I would spend the gift cert. on my baby boy’s birth announcements. He is due on just under 3 weeks πŸ™‚

  246. Krystal •

    Number ONE!!!! Love it!!! ( they are all pretty though)! If I won I’d use the credit on Christmas cards!! I love their circle shape ornament type cards!
    Rowan is gorgeous! Keep up the good work you two! πŸ™‚

  247. I like #4

  248. Definitely #2. It stands out from the others and she has her eyes open!

  249. I like number 4. It’s nice to have more than one picture, but especially nice to have a picture of you three together. Number 2 has great pictures, but the font doesn’t give off the warm feeling of number 4!

  250. I love them all, but #2 made me go “aww!” I would spend the $50 on Christmas cards to show off my new baby girl.

  251. i know there are lots voting 4 (who wouldn’t upvote a whale that spouted love hearts!) but i gotta give a shout out to 3. its simple and understated – and i love the whole picture within a picture. the sonagram speaks volumes about waiting to meet a whole new person – and this is her. number 3 is pretty rad.

  252. Marissa •

    Hi Jen!
    I really love #1 — simple and classic.
    I would love the Tiny Prints gift certificate so I could send loved ones Holiday cards!


  253. ohhh! i would pick #4 but i too love all of them. i just love #4 the most!

    i would gladly use $50 towards a photo book to put all of our wedding pictures in! <3


  254. Gorgeous! I think #2 is my favorite. Rowan is beautiful!

  255. SO hard! 2, 3, 4 are super great – 3 I like because it’s a unique photo that I haven’t really seen done before for announcements; that little whale on 4 is ADORABLE – BUT – it means you probably need to write something inside the card, and that’s extra work that you might not want to take the time for. I think I have to go with #2 though – friends and family get more ‘bang for their buck’ with lots of cute photos to look at, including the newest with eyes open! πŸ™‚ I was surprised how many people I sent my announcements to said they had it up (and kept it up) on the fridge – people love baby pics!
    I’d use the gift cert. for a photo book or perhaps Christmas cards!

  256. Christine •

    I really like all of the cards in the Classic collection.

    For the birth announcements, I choose number 3 hands down. It is a great picture, very creative. You have a beautiful baby btw, I can’t imagine how amazing you must feel.

  257. I love #2 but since the inside has the same pic of the front of that I vote for # 3. Very very cool. =). And I would buy address labels. I’ve been needing some and haven’t had a chance (or money) to order them. Sad but true ! Congrats again. Love your blog.

  258. #4 is my favorite. I’d spend the gift certificate on birth announcements for our baby, due to arrive in a couple of months!

  259. I love #4..I was torn until I scrolled down and 4 just seems so perfect! I would order Christmas cards after spending nearly 12 hours last year on my first attempt on scapbooked cards I’m SO ordering this year!

  260. I love #2!! They’re all great though. I can see why it’s hard to pick just one. And if I won the gift card I would put it towards our Wedding Invitations πŸ™‚

  261. Lindsey •

    I like #2! I love seeing baby’s faces on birth announcements, and that little photo of Rowan on the bottom right is adorable!

    I am due with my first baby in December, so I would love to use the Tiny Prints money on some birth announcements for us!

    BTW, I LOVE “Rowan” as a little girl’s name πŸ™‚ If our little one is a boy (we chose not to find out) we are naming him Ronan, the masculine version.

  262. I like # 2 and I would get Christmas cards printed!! πŸ™‚

  263. Number four! So adorable πŸ™‚

    I would definitely order Christmas cards if I won πŸ™‚

  264. #1 is my favorite, and #4 would be my second choice. πŸ™‚
    Since I don’t have any need for cards for pretty much anything, that can go to some other lucky commenter. I just wanted to put my 2 cents in.

  265. I love #2 or #1 so lovely ;D

  266. I like #4 the best, and I’d spend the money on holiday cards.

  267. You HAVE to get number 4! I love both the shots of Rowan and the individual “family moment”. I also have a thing for cartoon animals (love that whale!). We are getting ready to move, so I would spend the $50 on the adorable Reindeer Rendezvous invites for our “holiday housewarming” shindig πŸ™‚

  268. #4 is the sweetest!!!!! She is such a beatiful girl!

  269. I can’t decide between 2 and 3. I like 2 because it includes the parents, which I think is critical. But I think #3 is the coolest pic ever. Can you include the pic from #3 in the collage of #2…I thin that would be perfect.

  270. #1 DEFINITELY!! So sweet and classic looking, with a little flair. I do love the pics in #4, but not crazy about the colors across the top of the front.

    I would get Christmas cards for sure! Maybe this one http://www.tinyprints.com/product/19948/christmas_cards_fanciful_wish.html

  271. AHHHHHHH NUMBER TWO!!!! I cannot get over that adorable photo of all 3 of you in the hospital!!! SO CUTE! πŸ™‚

  272. Definitely choose #2! I love the picture collage and the fact that you have Rowan in three stages!

    Myself, I’d like to get Christmas cards using the design “rudolph throwback.” LOVE!

  273. I love announcement #2! It’s those little eyes that make my heart melt.

  274. Definitely #4!
    Love that whale and the layout πŸ™‚

  275. i LOVE #4!!! too cute!
    if i win, i’d use the $50 towards these holidays cards with pics of my little guy!

    jillian xoxo

  276. emily jean •


  277. #4 definitely!!!

    I’m due next week, so I’ve been eyeing Tiny Prints for my birth announcements….I wonder if I can somehow integrate Christmas cards and birth announcements into one….

  278. #2 is my definite fave!!! it packs 3 cute wallops right off the bat!

    i’d be getting xmas cards. every year i buy more cards than people i send them too because i just can’t help myself.

  279. i love #1 and #4 – but all of them are adorable! i love tiny prints, and i covet their christmas cards every year! so that’s what i would buy!

  280. I love # 2 the best, but 4 is a close second. The whale on it is super cute.

    I would get business cards from Tiny Prints.

  281. definitely #4!!! so adorable.

    i would spend the money towards our own birth announcement. due in march 2011!

  282. i absolutely love #3, but does it allow for a salutation? the parents names have to be on there somewhere- don’t you think? maybe it does and i missed it, but if not then my second choice would be #2.

    And i would use the money toward birth announcements for my own little bundle of joy due to arrive in january πŸ™‚


  283. My favorite announcement for that beautiful little girl of yours is #1!!

  284. I love number 2 because it shows great pictures and everyone always wants to see more pictures of the new baby!!!!

    I just got married so I think I would use the gift cert to have a holiday card printed with one of our wedding photos to send to loved ones!!!

    Thanks and I hope all is well!!!!

  285. Courtney •

    Ohhh I love 2 and 4, but I love that her eyes are open in the second one….so I guess 2 is my fav choice.

    I would use the $$ for holiday cards

  286. Heather •

    There all sooo cute it’s hard to pick one!! But I’m gonna have to go with #4. I would spend my money on christmas cards.

  287. I like 2 the best!
    And I think I would use the money on a calendar! so fun!

  288. Christina C •

    I like 2 the best!!!

  289. I love #4. It’s sooo cute!
    And I think I’d use the money for a calendar.

  290. I love #4. It’s sooo cute!
    And I think I’d use the money for a calendar.

  291. i love #1! they’re all super cute though:) i would love to make a photobook for my boyfriend!

  292. They are all super adorable, but #2 and# 4 are my favorites. As for Tiny Prints, I would love to get some holiday cards. And maybe some baby announcements of our own one day. πŸ™‚

  293. I love #3!! And I love the holiday cards from Tiny Prints!

  294. #4!

    i would spend the $$ on wedding shower invites for my BFF!

  295. Number 4 is the best! She is gorgeous, don’t you love it when they smile?? It makes the first 2 months even more worth it!

  296. The second one — I love that it shows you as a family while also showing Rowan (and how much she’s grown!).

  297. natalie curran •

    i love #3. it made me smile πŸ™‚

  298. Number 2. You can see Rowan’s face the best. I used Tiny Prints for the birth announcement of my 2nd baby. Love them. Cheers from Utah

  299. oh, they’re all too cute, but I love the first one… the fourth one is a close second!

  300. Mandie H •

    Definitely number 2 is my favorite! I love that little picture of her looking straight at the camer. Perfection!

  301. Alainna •

    #2. However, the sentiment on #3 is so much better.

  302. I’m torn, because half of me thinks, “The more pictures the better!” But I’m absolutely in love with #1, so I choose number one. It’s simple, yet adorable and perfect in its simplicity.
    Also, I had never heard of TinyPrints before, but it’s amazing! I’ve been looking forever for somewhere nice to order Christmas cards of my fiance and I, and the Joy Seal card is perfect!

  303. Whoo-hoo!! Definitely number #3!!! I LOVE it!!!! I have used tiny prints for my kids birthday parties, christmas cards, and birth announcements….they have such nice things….So fun!!!!

  304. i love #1 the most… but also #4 is cute πŸ™‚
    if it were me- i would spend the $$ on engagement announcements or thank you cards since i am getting married in a year !

  305. I like number 2. And I’d definitely get calendars printed for all of our parents…we’re planning on doing it for Christmas for them anyways, so how great if part of it was paid for!

  306. Number 4 is my favorite. If I win I would love to use it for some birth announcements, my son is due in January. The Zoo Animals -Waterfall are my favorite!

  307. I definitely vote for #2! I love all of the pictures and they are organized in such a sweet way.

    If I won the gift card I’d probably get the Breast Cancer Awareness cards. Such great stuff–tough choice =)

    Rowan is gorgeous!

  308. I love #1…but #4 is just too sweet to pass up! Go with #4!!

    And I would use the $50 towards my own birth announcements with our first, due January 3rd.

  309. My vote is for #2 b/c I love the picture of Rowan looking at the camera — adorable! With Tiny Prints $ I’d get our holiday cards this year or maybe save it for Baby #2’s birth announcements (little girl due January 31st).

  310. Number one number one!!

  311. I love #4 the front is just to cute! Tiny Prints has some great stuff and since I’m thinking about christmas right now it only makes sense that Im loving all their christmas cards!

  312. They are all way cute, but I vote for #2. I like that is has a picture of all three of you, her sleeping and her cute little face looking at the camera.

    I would use the $50 towards buying holiday greeting cards. We were married in May and this is our first holiday season to send them as a couple… I am super excited about it! πŸ™‚

  313. I love love love #1! I like how the polka dots are in the announcement and her adorale little dress. I also have to say I am in love with the name rowan! I have triplet boys (aiden, damian and issac) if we had a girl in there her name would have been rowan charlotte πŸ™‚
    I will use the money on my xmas cards this year πŸ™‚ i love tiny prints.

    Bonnie πŸ™‚

  314. well they are all so cute, I can see why you can’t decide!!!

    it was hard but I vote for #4 because it is so cute and it captures this perfect moment in your family forever πŸ™‚

    if I win I would purchase Thank You cards because it’s always nice to send cards to people and I might need them as I go on interviews further in my career. I really like the Leafy Nest card with the little green birds. too cute!!

  315. Natasha •

    I love number one… she is absolutely beautiful in them all but I love her outift in this one especially πŸ™‚

    I’d spend the Tiny Prints money on some birth announcements for our little one due in February. There are so many to choose from!!

  316. I’m seriously loving #4. It’s got the cutest picture of her ever, and then the most heartwarming photo of all three of you on the inside.

    (I’m not replying to enter the contest, I just wanted to tell you I thought 4 was the loveliest, prettiest….bestest choice ever. Yes.

    Also, I love you guys. Seriously the most adorable little family in our lovely North East. So yeah, Vermont giving it’s love right here.

  317. I don’t need to be entered into the contest, Tiny Prints is a pretty sweet site, but I’m sure theres many who would like a little bit of money from them more then I.

    But I just wanted to vote for number 4, it is so adorable… well they all are, but i love 4 the most!

  318. #2 is the best as if the story of your family is being told as Rowan joins you and Kev πŸ™‚


    From your reader from the Philippines,

  319. No. 2

    I’d love some announcements for my baby coming in April from Tiny Prints!

  320. I like #2.
    I would buy a birthday card for my mom!

  321. I really like announcement #1 and #4.
    If I win, I would get the Christmas or baby announcements.. not for me, but for my sister-in-law who just had a baby girl.


  322. I love #2!

    If I win, I’ll be ordering birth announcements for my little girl due in December.

    Always happy to vote for your blog.

  323. Number 2 for sure! More photos!

    4 is super cute too, but maybe with the photo where her eyes are open from #2 on the cover?

    Tiny Prints is a great site. I’ve ordered Xmas cards from them before and I think I would do that again if I won the contest.


  324. felicia •

    it’s a tough decision, but i think #4 is my favorite. as for me, i would use the money for birth announcements. our baby girl is due in march! thanks πŸ™‚

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