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Happy Monday every one!
How was your weekend? We had a great weekend all together. Friday, Kev and I went out on our date night. We didn’t make it to the movie, but we had a fabulous dinner and some warm drinks at starbucks. On Saturday we went to our friends wedding. We brought along Rowan this time and she did fantastic. I was so worried about her during the ceremony, but she was quiet the whole time and didn’t even mind getting passed from friend to friend at the reception. This is what I wore to the wedding, I was going to wear heels but I kept it a little more laid back because Rowan was with us. I wanted to feel comfortable. It was quite mild during the day so I didn’t want to wear tights, but on our way home I sure wish I had some on. I always try to hold off on tights as long as I can, because once they go on I wear them straight for like 5 months. I think they are way warmer than jeans or pants. Anyways, here is my wedding look…

haha I guess I was in a looking down to the side kind of mood when I was taking these. I need to get a little more creative with taking pictures.

Blouse: Thrifted
Skirt: LOFT
Love, Bow Real Necklace: c/o Modcloth
Flats: Target

  1. That’s great that Rowan had a good time at the wedding and you two enjoyed your date the day before. What a great weekend : )

  2. Oh you always look so cute in your photos. Your amazing clothes combos show that you are full of creativity. <3

  3. Great look! I feel the same way about tights, but I’m now wearing them full time. It’s just too cold up here in Maine to go without!


  4. Oh, I love it! Also, I agree with you about the tights. ::sigh:: if only I could wear tights before January. It’s hot in Texas. True story.

  5. So chic! I love your necklace:)


  6. I love the textures here, with the sheer-ish pleated top and the quilt-ish skirt. Very cute!

  7. Love this outfit! That bow necklace is too cute..

    KF x

  8. You look absolutely amazing for having a baby less than two months ago! Great outfit. I’ve never seen a quilted skirt before…but I love it!

  9. I love how you always manage to look very trendy without being too conservative! Do you have a personal rule for your skirts and how long they have to be?

  10. I love this outfit and especially that skirt! I definitely agree with you about tights – I’m holding off as long as possible!

  11. The colour of that blouse is gorgeous!
    It’s already freezing at night out here, I’ve been in thights for a while…

  12. Perfect outfit for a wedding! I agree about tights, I always find them warmer than trousers…

  13. Jen, you are gorgeous in this outfit. I love blouses like that, I have thrifted so many similar silky/dressy ones, and they are perfect for getting dressed up for a date, wedding, a fancy office outfit, whatever! Glad to hear that Rowan is getting do much love from all of your friends!

  14. The pink looks fabulous on you and I love navy and black together! That’s awesome that Rowan was quiet!

  15. cute outfit!
    I find tights warmer than pants too! people here think I’m crazy because it gets so cold and snowy (I live in Newfoundland) but they don’t understand the concept of layering. 🙂

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