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Guess What?
I am going on a date tonight!! Yay!! Our friends are coming over to babysit and Kev and I are going out for a real date. hehe. Funny how things change in a matter of 6 weeks huh? Anyways this is what I am going to be wearing out tonight. I think we are going to go very tradition date and go out to dinner and then go see a movie. I really want to see Life as We Know It. Have you seen it? Will I cry a lot? especially now being a new mom? Does it have a happy ending? I am such a romantic comedy nerd.

I had been eyeballing this dress on modcloth like the whole time I was pregnant but knew it wouldn’t work till after I gave birth. So in August I finally ordered it. Today is the first day that I am wearing it. I am pretty excited. I love polka dots and I love florals so its like the best of both worlds. This is by far my favorite fall jacket. I usually wear it over everything this time of the year, its really heavy and keeps me super warm.


Ready to Retro Dress: c/o of Modcloth
Moto jacket: Forever 21
Hat: Forever 21
Flats: Target

  1. Love that leather jacket! The gold tone is really unusual and looks great. Yay for a date! Oh, how special date nights become after kids. Something to be truly cherished. I remember when we first went out, we were so scared we were going to get a call back home but we didn’t! (partly because I was breastfeeding and never was successful with pumping so if baby was hungry, it meant I had to go home!). But with very few exceptions, we were always able to go out and stay out on our dates. And they are always so needed! 🙂
    Anyways, ENJOY your time out! You look great!

  2. Oh my gosh I’m so impressed that you are already dressed for your date – when we go out, I’m frantically throwing on clothing 10 minutes before, and writing instructions for the babysitter! Bravo my dear!

    Anyway, we saw life as we know it last week, I wasn’t totally into it – but I think you’ll find all the parenting jokes really funny (well I did anyway!)

    Have a great night hun! xoxo

  3. I LOVE that outfit. The dress is amazing. It is so great that you and Kev are able to sneak off for a date, you must have great friends.

    I saw the movie this week and loved it. I think you will definitely cry but the ending is great.

    Have an awesome night!!!

  4. Bridget •

    I don’t think you will cry… it’s sad and uplifting all at the same time. You will find yourself starring at the screen one minute paying close attention to the monologue and then other times you will just be smiling from ear to ear. It’s not bad… Enjoy!!!

    I love the scene with the instruments… love it!!!!!

    Each character cast really works and they play nice together… 😉

  5. I think you’ll cry! Highly emotional but very uplifting and sweet as well. Enjoy your night out!

  6. I love this look, perfect for a date night. I want to see Life As We Know It too! let me know how it is.

  7. ahhhh the contrast of leather and flowers is so SASSY. love it!! You look amazing girllll. xo, Kim

  8. ahh yay for a date night out! And I love what you’ll be wearing for it. I love the soft girly dress with the rocker jacket. Total perfection.

  9. Enjoy your date! On our first night out after our daughter was born I cried over the bad mexican food. I sobbed: ‘I am missing our baby for this?????” Now, almost five years later, I run out of the house as fast as I can on date night!!

    That jacket is great!

  10. Ooo, very pretty dress! LOVE the print. Have fun on your first date night! I remember mine (all three of them after I had each of my children) & it felt wonderful to be out & with the hubby again. xo

  11. the hat is great with this look, adds some grunge to a feminine outfit

  12. LOVED LIFE AS WE KNOW IT!! so good. i cried, but i always cry during those types of romantic comedies! enjoy!

  13. Let us know how Life As We Know It goes! I’ve been following your blog for a bit and I love it (from one young teacher to another)! Love the outfit. Checked out for the first time today and I am now thinking I might be broke in the next few weeks or so. Love the clothing. Very vintage and fun. Have a good date night and a great weekend.

  14. Alainna •

    Love chic flicks esp with babies. Have a great time with your honey!! You look fabulous, couldn’t even tell that you just had the prettiest little Rowan such a short time ago. I’m sure you still know, but we can’t tell 😀

  15. Yay for dates! Yes, you will totally cry your eyes out. But it is one of those movies that will make you laugh and cry the whole way through. I loved it! Have funnn!

  16. Aw you look adorable! I love that dress, I have it on my wish list on modcloth. (: Have fun tonight!!

  17. Courtney •

    You look AWESOME Jen! I can’t believe you just had a baby! Super cute outfit, enjoy your date night!

  18. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! And I love that hat! Hope you had a great date night 🙂

  19. I hope you night out went great! Your outfit is absolutely lovely!

  20. I love that you gave birth six weeks ago and you have legs like that! 😉
    great outfit. I kinda want that dress now…

  21. I love this outfit! So cute. I hope you enjoy your date!

  22. love this outfit! you look so good jen! hope you both had a wonderful time!

  23. Super cute dress! It looks great on you! I had a baby 3 months ago and I hate leaving her, so you are super brave. I even skipped on seeing Ingrid Michaelson (one of my favorite singers) because I didn’t want to leave her!!! But you look great!

  24. I live in Massachusetts like you and am always amazed that you’re still wearing dresses in this cold weather. Aren’t you freezing?

  25. Great outfit! I-too- love the mix of polkas and florals!
    have a fun date night with your hubs:)


  26. What a cute blog!!! I’ve been married going on 19 years! Dates keep the fun alive!! So important! Love the outfit…

  27. so you look great, and i have recently fallen in love with your blog. congrats on your new little addition! 🙂

  28. Oh I love this! the hat looks so cute on you and I am a sucker for a moto jacket.

  29. You are rocking that leather jacket! I love how you pieced everything together with this look. I hope you guys have more “real” dates in the near future!

  30. The hat with your bangs look amazing! You are the cutest.

  31. The hat is so cute!! Yay for date night =)

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