Style File 10.20.10

I think this might be my new favorite outfit. I think I say that every time I post a new outfit lately, but its just so nice to get dressed after you have been pregnant for so long. I promise one of these days I will stop talking about it but I am loving dressing for fall!! I really love all the long chunky sweaters out there this year. Every store is over flowing with them. Its seriously like wearing a fashionable robe. How can you go wrong with that? I am a big fan of anything that feels like you are wearing pajamas. When I got this dress from Ruche, I knew I wanted to pair it together with this sweater. I love the lace peter pan collar on the dress and its mixed up polka dot pattern. I paired it with an old belt and some new to me but old vintage boots I scored at the Boston Swap a few weeks ago.

Taking outfit pictures with baby is proving to be a bit of a challenge. Her little cries break my heart. She is one tired little baby today. I am pretty excited about this week though. I think I am going to be heading into boston to have dinner with some very lovely ladies and then my sister and brother in law our coming from Canada this weekend!!
Happy Wednesday!

Dress: c/o Ruche
Sweater: H&M
Belt: Thrfited
Boots: From Swap

I have to apologize to Brooke from Wily Wiley because at the swap she came up to Julie and I and asked if we had seen some brown knee high boots that she heard some girl had brought to the swap? I answered no I hadn’t. Later that night though I was looking thru some stuff I had grabbed and realized that the brown boots that she was talking about were at the bottom of one of my bags and I hadn’t realize it. I felt like a jerk. Sorry Brooke. If you want to swap and style them sometime let me know. I would be willing to share them for a bit!

  1. You look phenomenal! Such a pretty dress.

  2. That dress is adorable, and you look awesome!

  3. Great outfit Jen! You look adorable. Maybe Rowan just wants to have her own style files taken! 😀

  4. Love the sweater! Looks so comfy.

  5. hahaha. Jen, this just cracked me up! They look awesome on you!

  6. very old lady chic! haha JK! you look adorable!

  7. I love this outfit! You look so cozy!

  8. This outfit looks SO Fall perfect! I love how in the first picture, it looks very conservative, but then you see the rest of it and it’s a short dress with those awesome boots! Really cute 🙂 You look great, I cannot even believe that you just had an almost 9 pound baby!!!!

  9. Hi Jen,

    I’ve been lurking on your blog for a while now, but I just wanted to say how gorgeous this dress is on you! I’m very tempted myself to buy it, however, I was wondering – how do you find the sizing? (And, if you don’t mind my asking, what size do you have it in?) Thanks so much, and I love watching your blog! Take care!

  10. You look great! What an awesome dress.

  11. This looks great on you! perfect fall outfit!

  12. I absolutely LOVE this dress – I almost ordered it, but got the top that is very similar instead.. but I might have to splurge :/ Hehe!

  13. lucky you! i was at the swap and did not find as cute a pair of shoes! i got some ballet flats but they’re real, so you can’t really walk in them!


  14. you wear things i only dream of looking that good in!

  15. aww such a cute little dress. i love its collar


  16. You are looking great!!! Love this fall look!!! I can’t get enough of the chunky knits!!!

  17. Beautiful dress! And boots! You might just have to start bringing Rowan into the pictures 😉


  18. LOVE this! Actually, I love all your outfits. I am curious, though. Are you breastfeeding? How do you manage in your fabulous outfits in your style files?

  19. I love your sweater! It looks so comfortable but pulled together at the same time!

  20. I love the dress and the collar, its really nice

  21. I love this outfit Jen! Your cardigan looks so comfy, and goes really well with your overall look! :]

  22. I will miss my long chunky knits from winter…. but hey, sunshine out here, flowy breezy skirts and fun times ahead! I need a pair of brown boots that colour…. i’ll have to wait til next winter now.
    And you look as cute as ever! 🙂

  23. Those boots are so cute! And you’re a sweetheart to offer to fix a simple accident.

  24. Your dress is adorable and I’m loving the long cardigan on you. Fall truly is my most favorite sartorial season!

    Lulu Letty

  25. I think I love this outfit more than you do! The sweater and boots are to die for.

  26. Oh and I forgot to tell you that I LOVE your bangs! Makes me want to cut mine again.

  27. I absolutely love this outfit, you look so chic!


  28. ooh i’ve been rockin this style lately too! love it! so cozy and lovely. Yay for Fall!!


  29. I LOVE this look on you, Jen! What I love most about it is that I can basically recreate my own version at home 🙂 Thanks!

  30. Looking good, Jen! I never would have guessed you just had a baby. You look great!

  31. so cute! i hope you don’t mind if I save a copy for inspiration?

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