Week 4 + 5

We are going to group these 2 weeks together. I feel like over the last 2 weeks we have really come into our own. We are learning what she needs and when she needs it and are days going relatively smooth. Kev and I are both starting to feel more confident and that lets us enjoy her more and more. She is turning into a little baby with each day that passes. She is not just a little newborn that sleeps all the time, she is awake more and more active. She even gave us her first little smile the other day. Ahhh when she does it I don’t know if I should laugh along with her and just burst into tears because I love her so much. Its the most adorable thing ever. I love so much that she is starting to interact a little with us, it makes every breakdown and sleepless night seem worth it. Speaking of sleeping- she sleeps thru the night like a champ. I hope I am not jinxing myself but she sleeps a good 7 to 8 hours thru the night almost every night. It makes for a very well rested and happy Mommy + Daddy.
We went to the doctors last week and she is growing fast. She weights 10lbs 3oz. and is 23 inches long. This puts her in a very awkward clothing stage. Her new born stuff is way to short but width wise still fits, but if you put her in 3month anything she is swimming in it. Either way it looks like she is wearing the wrong size. I guess we just have to deal for the next little while till the next size fits her. We are also going to be making the switch hopefully this week to our bumgenius diapers. I just ordered the potty pail and toilet sprayer which I am pretty excited about. Our friend has one and it is awesome. Who’d of thought I would be excited about spraying poop into the toilet. haha. gross.
We have started getting better at going out as well. It all has to be in a very orchestrated time frame between feedings but we are getting the hang out it. All in all things are going well. We are in a groove and loving everyday with our precious little one

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  1. I love reading about you being a new Mama! Especially parts like not knowing whiter to burst into laugh or burst into tears… That’s exactly how it feels! My 11 month old is just walking today & I stared at him in such wonderment that you’d think I’d never seen a human donthat before– & he’s my third baby! 🙂

    I do hope you’ll update about your cloth diaper experience. It IS fun!

  2. i am so late to the game – i just found all the blogs on top baby blogs! love all your fun posts (especially today’s outfit!). i’m a new mommy too… so i know reaching the point of feeling more confident and relaxed is a lovely feeling. congrats on your beautiful baby girl!

    ps. have you heard of/do you use the planet wise wet bag? i use it for storing soiled diapers until wash day and it. is. AWESOME. check it out here – ttp://www.planetwiseinc.com/products.php?cat=39
    can’t wait to hear how you like the potty pail!

  3. The in-between stage in clothes is never ending! For us at least… I think the makers of baby clothes out there are mostly clueless on how little babys are made, they rarely seem to get the proportions right. Rowan is beautiful. I’ve loved watching your style & it has been even more fun now to watch Rowan come into her own!!! Hope the breastfeeding is going well! Thanks for your posts & updates. And also the heads up on the potty pail! We are going the Gdiaper route & in love.

  4. she is so cute!
    i think it is a rowan thing being a good sleeper-my rowan always slept like a champ too.
    good for you for cloth diapering!
    aside from the sprayer; liners can be your best friend too-then you don’t even have to spray the poo you just shake that + liner into the toilet and throw your diaper into the pail. their nice for going out too then your not toting around poo 🙂

  5. the potty pail IS THE BEST IDEA EVERRR! thanks so much for mentioning it on your blog…i am totally getting one of those when my little one is born! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Those cheeks in the four week picture are irresistible! I’m glad to see you joyously sailing into new mommy-hood with humor and great style. I expected nothing less.

  7. Do you have a night time routine that helps her sleep such long hours? I have a 7 week old and would love it if I can get her down for such a long time.

  8. aww so adorable! and look at those little cute clothes! ^.^

  9. She is a just beautiful!! Glad to hear you are getting into a groove that works for you. I’m super interested to hear how you like the cloth diapers!!

  10. It is amazing looking at the pictures how much she seems to look like you. I think it might be the adorable little nose that’s sending me in that direction. Either way, she is so beautiful.

  11. Rowan is so cute! she is so adorable and she looks happy in these pictures.

  12. Glad to hear everything is going smoother…you are very lucky she has been sleeping well

  13. michelle •

    she is so cute! glad things are starting to smooth out for you. how is the breastfeeding? is it getting any easier for you?

  14. So nice to hear that things are getting easier!

  15. So glad to hear that you and Kev are finally getting into the groove of things! Rowan has grown so much, and is just darling! You have one cute baby :]

  16. So happy that everything is going smoother for you guys. The first weeks are always tough. She looks so healthy and beautiful! Can’t wait to hear about the diapers. I just washed mine for the 4th time today! I think I’ll stop there. We got a diaper sprayer but it leaked really bad so I had to return it and try a different brand. I know what you mean though about being excited to spray poop. People think I’m nuts when I talk about how excited I am about cloth diapering.

    PS – It’s killing me that I can’t see you and Rowan together. I just want to be there SO BAD and see you as a Mommy. I have to stop typing now cuz I’ll start getting emotional. I just miss you so much my friend! xo

  17. Good God she’s perfect! =)

  18. she’s such a cutie and it sounds like the new parents are doing just fine.

  19. Ah. I feel for Rowan. I have issues with off-the-rack sizing as well. If it fits up top, it is too tight in the hip area. Tell her to invest in a good tailor. 😉 She is a peach. Congrats.

  20. haha… yes. that does sound gross! 🙂 but i looked it up, and i didn’t realize the average price for putting your kids in diapers was ~$2,000! YIKES! But definitely greener your way! I don’t have to think about it now, but i may be coming to you in a few years to ask you if you’d do it again! 🙂

  21. Jacqueline •

    Congrats on your little one. She is very sweet. I use the bumgenius brand on my little babe (started at five weeks and she is now fifteen months) and I love them. The poop sprayer is a clutch purchase. It makes cleaning the diapers so much easier. If you haven’t gotten any wet bags yet…I got mine from Monkey Foot Designs and love them. I think they have held up much better than others I have seen. Good luck. Once you see that cute little bum in a cloth diaper, you’ll never regret your decision.

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