Happy Weekend

Yay! Its the weekend! I am totally excited because its Kev’s birthday tomorrow and although I don’t have as an elaborate plan as last year, I do have a great day planned. He is joining me in the 28 years old club tomorrow. Here’s hoping for some nice weather!

Also, I have some major halloween planning to do. I love halloween its one of my favorite holidays. I am always something dead. I don’t know why- the makeup is just so fun. Some of my favorite pictures ever are from halloween. There is something so fun about dressing up. You can look as crazy as you want to and no one looks as you weird. Ok thats not true. Walking into stores being a dead mime got me some weird looks. haha. Here are some pictures from years past.


What should I be this year? More importantly what should Rowan be this year? and is it weird to go trick or treating with a baby? Obviously she doesn’t eat candy, but I want to go with her so badly. Will people be mad when I show up and say trick or treat holding an almost 2 month old and take their candy? haha. Oooh I love candy.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

  1. ha ha yeah the dead mime would get some funny looks. I love how you do such fun stuff for the holidays. I want to plan something special this year I’m just not sure what. Do you have any ideas?

    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  2. Me too, I always seem to be something dead! I love having a costume with complicated make-up, no masks for me!
    I think you should take Rowan out. Regardless of how young she is, she’s a kid, it’s Halloween, and people are handing out free candy. I think she should go as some sort of animal, whenever I see the animal costumes at the store they look so cute like you’re holding the real thing, plus it looks cozy for the baby. 🙂

  3. A baby and a mommy kangaroo! That would be so cute!

  4. All three of you should be a mummy family – just wrap yourselves in muslin! You’re the mummy mummy (hehe)- add an apron maybe?, Kev’s the daddy – tie and briefcase? and Rowan is the baby mummy – just add a pink bow!

  5. I love Halloween. More importantly I love when little babies get dressed up and trick or treat at my door. Do it!

  6. I think people will be too excited about seeing a cute baby in costume to really think about the fact that they’re just giving the parents free candy! Our 3-month-old is going as a banana. I found the costume at Target and it seems warm so we can bring her along trick-or-treating with her 2 1/2 year old sister.

  7. She should be a cat and come trick or treating with penny, emma and grace…They are all being cats too. Which is fun because they hate cats.

  8. I think Rowan should be a ladybug .

  9. I think you look a bit like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz- So you could be Dorothy and Rowan could be the tinman…or scarecrow..or the lian, or wicked witch of the west..possibilities are endless!

  10. I think it’d be great if you went as Popeye, Olive Oyl and Swee’Pea… even if the baby in the show is a boy. I’m sure it would be easy to find pieces in your own closet to incorporate into the costumes.

  11. Heck no it isn’t weird! My daughter was two weeks old for her first Halloween and I still went through the motions with her. It was so much fun for me!

  12. Oh my goodness, I love those pictures of you! Haha, you look amazing!
    I took my nephew trick or treating when he was a baby – the most fun thing was rolling him up to people doorsteps in his pram, ringing the doorbell, and hiding about two feet away, to watch people come to the door and look confused at this little baby all alone in a pram in a bee suit. (It sounds terribly irresponsible when I write it down – but I wasn’t deserting him, I promise!) Hehe.


  13. Alainna •

    Um, maybe you and Kev can be relay runners and Rowan can be the baton. She would be the cutest baton in the WORLD. Or you and Kev could be artists and she could be your work of art.

  14. Megan H. •

    Last year I saw a family of three dressed as Rock-Paper-Scissors. It was amazing. The little one was a paper mache rock:) You could be dead scissors?!

  15. I love your costumes! So creative, I can never come up with anything too great, it seems like during the year I have all these great ideas but then they don’t materialize. And, unfortunately, I have say that yes, it might be a little weird to trick or treat with a 2 month old. But you have many years ahead of super fun Halloween trick or treating once they do start eating candy. And then you get to steal it from them until they get too old to notice that, but mine at 4 and 5 haven’t yet.

  16. You are so creative! Those costumes and photos are fantastic! You would so win the haute couture challenge on Top Model with that first lipstick job of yours.

  17. my favorite mom&baby costume is mom in an old school burglar outfit (black turtleneck, leggings, mask) and baby in a sack with a dollar sign drawn on it. simple but hilarious!

  18. LOL to the part- “Will people be mad when I show up and say trick or treat holding an almost 2 month old and take their candy? Ohhh I love candy.”

    I wonder what you and Rowen will be this Halloween! But you should include Kevin, too. The three of you need to follow the same theme like a little family. So cute. Can’t wait for pictures.

  19. ahah these pictures are great! Too bad we don’t really celebrate halloween in france, i would love to look crazy for one night!

  20. She could be a little bee/ ladybird (CUTE) or a little vampire (if you want to stay with the scary theme) …adorable. Babies are cute enough as it is but dressed up is even better! You could even match…that would require a lot of planning though!

    Love reading your blog 😀

  21. Oh my, all of your costumes are so scary haha I’ve never been anything scary for Halloween, partially because I don’t like face paint, but I think it could be fun to dress up scary somehow one year.

    I think Rowan should be a pumpkin, or maybe some cute little animal. They have the best baby costumes at Target!

  22. JEN – you take that baby trick or treating, and you dress her up as something dead!!

    A family tradition’s a family tradition, however strange it may be.

  23. I think you should take her, I really want to see the pictures 😀
    I’m not a big fan of ladybugs/bees, they remind me too much of Anne Geddes and loads of people have done one of those before.
    The mummy idea up here is cool! A spider (or skunk! cute tail) outfit for Rowan would work too (but can’t really think of what you’d be).

  24. Take her trick or treating…. people will LOVE IT! Especially if you are dressed up too.

  25. just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a blog award on my blog!

    Check out the post here!


    Have a great day!

    The Frugalista Fatshionista

  26. Parents in the neighborhood where I grew up would take their infants out trick or treating all the time. I just enjoyed seeing the peanuts all decked out in their costumes so I didn’t really mind that I was just feeding their parents’ sweet tooths. Just think of taking Rowan out in some fabulous costume as your treat to them 🙂


  27. My best friend and I took her 3 month old trick or treating her first year and when people would say, “She can’t eat candy, can she?” we would flash a smile and announce, “Nope, it’s for us!”
    I say go for it! People will love to see an adorable little baby all dressed up for Halloween.

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