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We have been having the most fabulous fall weather lately. I love days that are still warm and nights that are crisp and cool. If you follow me on twitter you may have seen a picture I posted last night of some scissors and a big clump of hair. I cut my bangs. I was standing in front of the mirror deciding and I just grabbed the scissors and went for it. There has been no regret yet.

I actually wore this outfit on the weekend. That is why I do not have short bangs in the picture. I felt like it was the perfect mixture of cute and preppy. Plus I love these new studded flats I got from target. I have been wearing them non stop. They seem to go perfect with everything.

Polka Dot Button Up: Target
Belt: Thrifted
Grey Skirt: J.Crew
Studded Flats: Target

Rowans Birth Story will finally be posted this afternoon. Make sure to check back!

  1. Oooh, Target has some cute stuff these days! Love the yellow polka dots.

  2. You look G-R-E-A-T! Are you sure you just gave birth??

    I now crave a leopard belt something bad.

  3. I just want to say… you look fantastic! Healthy and happy!

  4. I love this outfit. The gray and yellow go so well and the belt really ties them in. Love the flats. And I have been really enjoying this fall weather, especially for the outfit pictures.

  5. I just chopped last Friday. I was less gutsy and had my cousin who is a stylist do it for me but what a transformation! Hope you are enjoying your new ‘do. I feel like mine makes me sassier, how about you?

  6. Ashley J •

    I love the little bit of leopard you through in the mix and super cute skirt!!

  7. So adorable! The colors are perfect.

  8. Super cute! I love gray, tan and yellow together. Perhaps one of my favorite color combos.

    Good luck with the bangs! I’m an “expert” bang cutter as I’ve been doing myself since the 7th grade. Yes, that’s right, I’ve had bangs since middle school. This bang trend over the past 5 or 6 years has been the best thing ever! I hope it never dies 🙂


  9. love this outfit! and seriously…i don’t get how your body looks THAT good 3 weeks after having rowan! you look awesome!!!

  10. This is a great outfit, I love the one in the post before it too. You look wonderful Jen! Looking forward to reading your birth story later. 🙂

  11. That shirt is adorable! I love the whole outfit, but I must say the Polka Dots are really what made it for me!

  12. michelle •

    very cute, one of my favs

  13. I love that shirt! Yellow is my Fav color and the fiance Loves polka dots so if I had seen that shirt i would have so been on that! And I’m SOO cutting my bangs after our wedding (next weekend!) Excited to see how yours turned out

  14. LOVE that skirt, Jen! Maybe too much…now I want one…hehe

  15. Love the yellow blouse with the grey skirt perfect combination…. that flats wow!! seems like they are super comfy plus chic.

  16. You look awesome, bye bye pregnant belly!!!!

  17. well, i pretty much hate you because you look like you’ve never been pregnant. seriously, girl, you look fantastic. way to go.

  18. Absolutely adorable, Jen. I love this outfit! Why is it when I try to recreate outfits like this after being inspired by you they are always a total fail? You’ve just got the perfect touch I guess:) I love seeing your outfits everyday.

  19. I have that same top and it makes me so happy. Yellow + polka dots is perfect for fall!

  20. i have those same flats from target…they do go with everything! you look fabulous!

  21. Lovvvve this outfit! Fall has finally come to CO and I couldn’t be happier about it- your look is inspiration for the coming weeks, for sure!

  22. I love the bright polka dot shirt with the leopard print belt! Awesome outfit – can’t wait to see the new bangs!

  23. Just wanted to say that you look awesome! Can’t believe you just had a baby!

  24. Wow. Being 6 months pregnant myself and watching my body grow in ways
    i could not have imagined, you and your daily outfit posts are so encouraging.
    Here’s to looking good after giving birth!!

  25. You look fantastic! I like the leopard belt.


  26. Loving this look! I guess I’m just a sucker for the mustard yellow & gray combo. BTW, you’re looking great! I can’t believe you just had a baby.

  27. Love the mustard yellow! It’s a color I love but don’t look great in. I have a lot of orange/rust-colored things that I love to wear this time of year. And, also, not that losing weight shortly after you give birth is something that very new moms should even be concerned about one bit, but, wow, woman, you look amazing.

  28. I can’t believe you just had a baby. You look great!

  29. That top is so darling and the pop of leopard is perfect!

  30. Jen
    You look so greeeattt! I love the shoes… I just ordered them
    Oh and yeay to no more swollen feet ( I can relate, not to be mean, or creepy, or picky lol) but you are so lucky it took me months for the swelling to go down! you look beautiful mother glow for sure! Baby Ro is a cutie pie “)

  31. This outfit is great. I love the colors and the proportions. The shoes are super cute too. I may just have to try to find myself a pair.

  32. Lady, you look fabulous! Wow oh wow. Love the outfit.

  33. Nice Outfit

  34. So cute! I love the blouse:)

    you look great considering you just had a baby!


  35. Mama! you are lookin goooooood! You totally deserve the MILF title now. Ps I blame the Clyde hair in my eye for tearing up over your birth story.. not the fact that it made my heart thaw a little 😉

  36. You look so good! Are you SURE you just had a baby? 🙂 I love your clothes so much.

  37. Love this outfit!!! You look so pretty!

  38. It is unreal how amazing you look after just having a baby!!!!! I am so proud of you for getting dressed every day. I know it makes every day feel so much better when you’re dressed. And I love this outfit too. One of my favorite color combos. Miss u. xo

  39. you look FAB. gosh. i think i might need that skirt and those flats.

  40. Just bought these flats- they are perfect for with everything. I can’t quit wearing them!

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