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I’mmm baaackk! YAY! This might be a longer post about one, this outfit but also where I wore this outfit too. It was really funny to take an outfit picture after I hadn’t taken any in over a month. A month! Can you believe that? I have been taking a picture almost everyday for 1.5 years so it was really kinda weird to stop for so long. haha don’t get me wrong there was no way I felt like getting dressed in the last month though either. I gained a total of 30 pounds during my pregnancy and I can happily say all but 10 have come off own their own so far. While I am feeling super skinny now compared to being pregnant my old clothes still aren’t fitting quite right. 10 pounds is still 10 pounds and can make clothes feel a little snug still, especially when I think half of that 10 pounds is in my boobs.

For me the perfect way to cure the new momma blues of a post pregnancy body was to buy a new fabulous outfit that fit my body at the stage it was now. No trying to squeeze into old clothes or feeling bad for still wearing maternity clothes (which I still do and will continue to do for sometime I am sure- soo comfy those elastic waistbands!) I had the chance to have a special first night away from baby last week and I wanted to get an outfit that made me feel like a million dollars. I am happy to say that this outfit did just that. I think it might be my favorite outfit ever. haha maybe its just cause I haven’t been able to dress like this in almost a year but its still a pretty sweet fall outfit. I loved how all the colors and patterns went together. The mustard yellow with the bright orange/coral I think were just awesome. Plus how cool that I found matching nail polish. I am so nerdy!

Annie Blouse: Alexa Chung for Madewell
Wool Skirt: J.Crew
Belt: J.Crew
Franklin Necklace: c/o Jess LC
Splendid Heels: Jeffrey Campbell
Bracelets: Target

Last Thursday Punky and Melissa hosted another fabulous clothing swap. Those Swapaholic girls really know how to throw a party!! Even ABC nightline came out to film these 2 fabulous ladies. Here’s hoping I make it on to TV too!! There was wine, friends, crazy clothes swapping and a very fashionable blogger fashion show. It was my first night away from Rowan and I missed her like crazy, but it was so great to get out, get a little break and spend the evening with my dear friends. Julie, Punky and I all seemed to have the same color scheme in mind that night! Great minds think a like I guess…

*All Swap Pictures taken by Adam Towner

  1. You look great! I am so happy that you got to go out (and in a fantastic outfit too!). That skirt is fabulous!

  2. Jen you look fab!! Such a cute outfit – and i’m so happy for you that the weight is coming off so easily. what a blessing! hugs! xoxo

  3. You look really good! I love the matching nail polish!

  4. Work it, Jen! You looked awesome! And a well deserved night out it was for you! Great seeing you!


  5. You look awesome!! You look great even by standards of not having just had a baby, which is even more amazing. Love that skirt – I’ve been coveting it for months now so I am a little jealous :o)

  6. wow, jen! you look amazing!!!!! i think it’s wonderful that you’re getting back to blogging and stuff. i went through a really hard time after i had my son and didn’t get out of sweats for a while. after 6 months of minor depression, i started doing things for myself. just getting dressed everyday helped me get out of my funk. it just changed my outlook on my new life. i think you are off to a great start! and your baby girl is just as sweet as she can be 🙂

  7. You look absolutely amazing! I’m sure you will be back to fitting your old clothes in no time, but until then- you still look fabulous! Love the outfit, especially the shoes paired with the skirt! Sounds like such a fun night out with the girls.

  8. Thanks for all your help on Thursday ! I hope you got some good swap stuff!

  9. You look great Jen! I have that same top. I wore it to the Chictopia conference. It’s so comfortable! Definitely a good post baby / fall staple. And you can style it so many ways. I’m already imagining the next way I’m going to wear it.

    Glad you had such a fun night out with your girls. Let us know if you make a cameo on ABC!

  10. You look so amazing Jen!! How did you loose it all so fast?! I think that was so smart to buy yourself a new outfit. It makes you feel so much better than trying to wear something that is too big/small.

    Looks like a fun night out!

    Lulu Letty

  11. Jen, you look awesome! I really like the wavey hair!

  12. Everything about this outfit is wonderful! Your Madwell blouse is gorgeous, and the J Crew skirt is super chic! The color of it just screams fall!

    Congrats on your return! Can’t wait to see more outfit posts :]

  13. Can I be nerdy with you? Because the matching nail polish is an awesome detail. Mustard yellow is my favorite right now but aside from that aspect I think you look great!

  14. You look awesome mama! So jealous of the entire outfit – I want it! i gotta make it to one of these swaps, they look like such a good time!

  15. Yay! Welcome back! You look incredibly cool, I especially love the color of your belt with that skirt! Looks like fun too!

  16. you look incredible! Welcome back, hot momma!

  17. You look fabulous! Awesome outfit! And that swap looks so fun!

  18. You look fabulous!

  19. You look really, honestly, super great! I LOVE that skirt- and the combo with that top is really sweet! : )

    I bet it’s nice not to be swollen- the last month is so hard on most women! ; )

  20. Looking great as always 😀

  21. Gorgeous outfit …you look fabulous! Great to see a new outfit post. 🙂

  22. you look great! love the whole outfit 🙂

  23. You look great, and I totally agree: that is the cutest outfit ever!

  24. um. you. look. amazing.
    and i totally agree: a new outfit that actually fits and feels like “you” is such a great way to get your groove back after baby!
    congratulations on beautiful rowan.

  25. You look fabulous!! I love that outfit. 😀


  26. Hi!
    You look so pretty!! I think this is such a perfect look, love the polka dots with the mustard, so retro but fresh!!

  27. Looking gorgeous! I love what you picked out.

  28. what a gorgeous skirt – and i can’t believe you just had a baby. you look amazing!

  29. You look GREAT Jen!

  30. Your gorgeous! What a Hot mama!

    Yours Truly

  31. 10 lbs or not, you look stunning! I love the outfit, the colour of the skirt is amazing and the polka dot blouse is so fab! You should be proud of how healthy and beautiful you look considering what you’ve just done!

    xxx Emma

  32. You look great! I know what you mean about the elastic waists of maternity outfits being so comfy. After I had my first I forgot what it was like to have to zip up pants. I hope you’re better than me at remembering 🙂

  33. Are you suuuuure you just had a baby!? You look incredible! And your fashion sense is to-die-for. I love the skirt with the coral belt, such a good combo:)

  34. You look FABULOUS!!!

  35. You look radiant! That blouse is gorgeous!

  36. amazing outfit. i loooooove the skirt. what a perfectly fun event to go to on your first night away!

  37. You’re looking great! And love the shoes!

    Totally wish I could have been at that clothing swap! Looks like so much fun

    Just Better Together

  38. Wow, you look awesome! Not only do I love your mustard yellow skirt (steal!) but I love that polka dotted blouse…you’re so brave to wear something sooo sheer!!! I’m usually so self conscious about my bra being visible! But you look great! It must feel weird to be out of maternity clothes, huh? Not that you didn’t make maternity look fashionable =)

  39. Go you hot momma! You look gorgeous!

  40. you look amazing!!! If I did not know anything about you I would think you never had a baby…wow

  41. You look great in this outfit! I truly love the mustard yellow skirt!

  42. Lady, you looked so amazing at the swap, that outfit is so you and a great post-baby-debut ensemble. I’m so glad we were able to catch up, can’t wait to hopefully see you soon!

  43. Lauren Morgan •

    Oh my, you look amazing! And you are still managing that baby glow!

  44. You look A-Mazing!!! I know I’m not the first to say it and surely won’t be the last. Wow, you really make child bearing and momma-hood look so easy. Your little girl is so adorable, you’re a very lucky lady 🙂

  45. This outfit reminds me of Kendi like crazy because of the belt & skirt, and WOW that’s hilarious that you all were in the same color combos since mustard yellowish-orangish isn’t exactly a standard color to be choosing. You look fantastic, and congrats on FEELING like it, too 🙂

  46. You look so amazing, Jen! I absolutely LOVE this outfit on you! And you are glowing still 🙂

  47. you look so freakin’ good! no one would ever guess you just had a baby. and I love your belt!

  48. I’m trying to get into my pre-pregnancy wardrobe again too so it’s nice to read about someone else in the same boat as me! This is baby #2 so let me share something with you. . . it’s takes a while for your hips to go back to normal, even when you lose the weight. So don’t get discouraged or give away anything too soon. Give it a year. Nobody told me this with the first one so . . . yeah. At least it gave me an excuse to shopping.


    P.S. Enjoy your sweet baby girl! They’re the best!

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