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I asked each blogger to pick a piece of artwork that spoke to them in some way. It could be famous, not famous, new, old. whatever piece of artwork they wanted and then to create an outfit inspired by the piece. I will be back to regular blogging on Oct. 4th.

Today I would like to welcome Starr from A Thought is a Blossom

An Imitation of 'The Swing'
An Imitation of 'The Swing'

First off, I just want to congratulate Jen and Kevin on being new parents to a beautiful baby girl. It’s such an exciting journey ahead for the two of them, and what a pleasure it is to be able to follow along!

I’m Starr from A Thought Is The Blossom, and today I’m showing you my rendition of Jean-Honoré Fragonard’s, The Swing, from 18th-century London. I’ve had this project on my mind for a while, so I was thrilled when Jen contacted me with a challenge! I can’t get over the romantic garden in this piece or all the beautiful pastels that Fragonard choose to use. I’m a big fan of the Rococo period in general, but I think this piece might possibly be my favorite. It’s hard to believe that such a pure, child-like image could be laced with such scandal, but this one definitely was. The man peeping under the ladies skirt, and the husband standing in the shadows of the tree were both very symbolic of the lustfulness of the day.

I honestly didn’t know how I was going to come up with a dress to wear, so I just started layering the right colors until something came together. I think in the end I was wearing four dresses! First was a beautiful white eyelet maxi dress that I secretly want to get married in one day if only for the fact that it’s so simple. The next was a pretty sheer dress with the most glorious white ruffle collar, and the one after that was classic pastel pink dress that would’ve looked a little better if it were about four inches longer—but I guess I was going more for a conceptual look anyway. Finally there was my pink-going-on-peach lace house dress which I added for extra volume. I finished it all off with a cute southern-style hat, and a pair of wooden heel oxfords that always make me think of Marie Antoinette!

An Imitation of 'The Swing'
An Imitation of 'The Swing'
  1. Starr these pictures are amazing!!! You really captured the feeling of the painting (and even the flying shoe). And the swing in the middle of all the trees, perfect! Definitely one of my favorite of the fashion from art series Jen is featuring here.

  2. Starr, these photos are INCREDIBLE! I can’t believe how well you captured the painting, especially in the first photo. They’re just perfect!!!


  3. Oh my goodness, I love this post!! The Swing (and the whole rococo period) is one of my favorites. So gorgeous!

  4. WOW – I think this one is my favorite of the guest blooger posts. I always loved that painting… so awesome to see how you recreated the image!

  5. The first pic of you compared to The Swing is dead-on! I love it, girl!!

    I love how you just kept going with the dress layering….sounds so girly and fun! I love the hat and shoes. Great great job on the “challenge!” This may be your thing, Starr!

    Jen, loving all the art education as well!!

  6. i LOVE this! This is one of my most favorite peices of art.. i love the rich pink hues and all the hidden little corners of stories throughout the painting. you did a beautiful job of recreating it 🙂

  7. Starr you are amazing! I can’t believe how beautiful that picture is!

  8. Oh, I’ve always loved this picture, and you capture it so well!

  9. That’s really well done, bravo!

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