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I asked each blogger to pick a piece of artwork that spoke to them in some way. It could be famous, not famous, new, old. whatever piece of artwork they wanted and then to create an outfit inspired by the piece. I will be back to regular blogging on Oct. 4th.

Today I would like to introduce the lovely Maria from Lulu Letty

Musician in the Rain by Robert Doisneau

Hello, lovely Jen Loves Kev readers! This is Maria, of Lulu Letty, guest blogging for the ever so sweet Jen while she’s on maternity leave. Jen had the amazing idea to have her guest bloggers pick a piece of artwork that we love and style an outfit inspired by said art. Here’s my interpretation of Robert Doisneau’s Musician in the Rain.

I first discovered the amazing photography of Robert Doisneau in a fairly pedestrian way. I was in my junior year of college and looking for some art for Cole’s and my apartment. I wanted something more sophisticated and vintage. There on the wall of your typical college poster shop was Robert Doisneau’s famous kissing photograph. I fell in love immediately and wanted to know everything about the mysterious, lip-locking couple. I didn’t buy the print that day, but received it as a surprise gift from Cole for my 21st birthday. So excited with my gift, I gave it pride of place and hung it on my bedroom wall. Eight years later and not much has changed – I still have the framed print and still dream about life in Paris in 1950.
“When I first started to take photos I’d …pull the black cloth over my head and feel totally secure in the knowledge that no one could see me”
– Robert Doisneau

Vintage guitar & case, vintage pants and peter pan blouse: The Salvation Army
Vintage umbrella: Modern Millie, Salem, MA
Old trench coat: Banana Republic
Scarf: Burberry, gift from dad
Old beret: Urban Outfitters
Vintage Western bow tie: eBay
Vintage black and tan oxfords: Etsy, Vintage Shoe Lover

Robert Doisneau

Lulu Letty
Famous Kissing Photograph

  1. Great! I love the Pictures. Very creative. xx, Alice from bells and whistles 🙂

  2. Ah awesome! Great job. I’m not really familiar with Doisneau so thanks for giving me someone to research. xx

  3. What is the lipstick color?

  4. Just lovely. What a stunning photograph (both Doisneau’s and Maria’s).

  5. I wasnt very familiar with Robert Doisneau’s work. Come to find out there are several photographs in which two people are sharing a kiss. What is the specific name of the piece?

  6. Love this!
    You did such a great job Maria 🙂

  7. This is my favorite fashion imitates art post. Well done Lulu. Your attention to details is impeccable.

  8. what a wonderful inspiration this photographer is! It is great that Maria was able to make some great photos out of the inspiration too!! I love it so much!

  9. Awesome interpretation!!! 🙂

  10. Love it! Such a great idea, I’m excited to see what the others come up with!

  11. wow you did a great job recreating that pic. what a clever idea

  12. Great look and story Maria. I always admire your style but I’m particularly fond of this fashion imitates art idea.
    And of course the suspenders.

    Great idea Jen! These guest posts are so original!

  13. i went to school for art & took many art history classes, so it is fun to see the art translate into fashion! 🙂 i am loving this series so far!

    & these photos are amazing!!! they are filled with that vintage charm! so beautiful!

  14. this is pure brilliance Maria! Your art piece is spot on. When you have the coat on you remind me at bit of Barbara Feldon’s character on Get Smart in the late 60’s and 70’s (i finally have it coming on my Netflix!) and with the coat off, I can’t help but think of the Busby Berkley girls that I posted about today, except your look is laced with a touch of early 21st Century paperboy I love it. 🙂

  15. aw Maria is so so cute! Love the artwork she picked!

  16. I love the pictures, especially the last one!

  17. Jen, I am LOVING the fashion from art series, what an amazing idea!! Don’t let jerky blog comments get you down, you’re a wonderful momma!

  18. this is beautiful and i’m in love with those kicks! i wasn’t able to find “vintage shoe lover” on etsy, help!

  19. These photos are amazing, your inspiration from the original photograph really comes through!

  20. I know the photo well. I love you recreation and this entire shoot!

  21. These pictures are so lovely and true to the spirit of the original!

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