Week One


Well it’s been one week. It’s 4:08am right now (haha I started writing this Sunday Morning) and a week ago exactly I was up pacing our apartment listening to Frank Sinatra trying to get thru contractions and wrap my mind around the fact this baby was coming. In one week I feel like I am a completely new person. Looking back to that moment and where we’ve already come is crazy. This has been the hardest most challenging yet most rewarding week of my life. Labor almost seems like the easy part after you bring home your first baby. It is very, very hard but the amount of love that we have for Rowan is so great it engulfs our whole being. Rowan is the biggest blessing and even though it’s been tough we can not imagine our lives with out her now. We have a whole heck of a lot to learn but Kev and I are doing it together as one super hero team. Kev has been the most supportive husband and for that I am completely grateful. I would have had way more break downs this week if he had not been so strong and encouraging. I love him more now than ever and seeing him and Rowan cuddled together makes my life complete.


I would like to share more about all this stuff but for now here are a few lists about this week…

Favorite Memories:
1. Hearing Kevs reaction as Rowan came out and then the moment when she was placed on my chest
2. Watching Kev and her together
3. Changing lyrics to songs to make them about Rowan & singing them to her while feeding
4. The little noises she makes.
5. The heart warming feeling you feel as she sleeps soundly cuddled on your chest.

Favorite items of the last week:
1. Disposable knit undies from the hospital
2. Tucks & Motrin
3. Boppy pillow
4. Baby Brain iPhone app
5. My new super soft robe

Things I have had break downs over (yep most are over nothing and I mean like really sobbing over haha):
1. Kev asking if I had brushed my teeth yet one day
2. Opening a tiny beautiful necklace for Rowan from my Nana
3. A comment acusing me of not sharing Rowans name to drive traffic to my blog. (I am sorry but no one knew her name not even my mom)
4. Breastfeeding
5. Going to the bathroom (it’s very uncomfortable)
6. Everything. Its hard being a hormonal, sleep deprived momma

Things that have surpirsed me:
1. How hard the recovery from yourself is. I never even thought about having to take care of myself on top of baby.
2. How hard breastfeeding is.
3. The amount of love you instantly feel towards this new little person
4. How scared you are about everything. I am constantly wondering if I am doing things right. Its scary- you pop out a baby and then you are own your own to figure it all out. Its a little overwhelming at times.
5. How much closer it has brought Kev and I.

  1. She is adorable beyond adorable 🙂 Best of luck in these first few weeks–I’m sure it’s a whole lot of work (combined with complete awesomeness!).

  2. She already looks so big! Congratulations to you & kev again!

  3. Look at that beautiful little person you made! I can never get over how incredible it is that God makes everyone so unique and special and, I believe, makes them just for you….and me….
    Reading all of that brought back all my emotions over my 2 little ones.
    I was SO scared to go home from the hospital…and I had a c-section was already there for 4 days! I was like, “Um, ya, I have no idea what to do, so why don’t I just stay here and you help me!” Even though there are lots of books and classes, nothing can really prepare you for going home!
    That person who made that comment obviously knows nothing of you or Kev; I can’t believe people can be so cruel! I’m sorry they made you upset! 🙁
    All the struggles you encounter will get better day by day since you will live it and will have experience.
    she is beautiful!

  4. She is so precious! I’m sure you are doing a great job! Can’t wait to see more baby posts 🙂

  5. Oh geez, this post made me cry! Your little daughter is so perfect!
    Thanks for being so honest about your breakdowns and fears. I keep feeling a little guilty that I’m scared about being a mom, because people only ever go on and on about the positives! I hope you and Kev keep enjoying every little bit, and that your recovery goes by quickly.


  6. aw jen, this is such a great post. congrats on week one!!

  7. Oh, Jen – she is just absolutely GORGEOUS! It sounds like you guys are doing a fantastic job. Whenever I think about the fact that my parents were only 22 when they had me – and then look around at 22-year olds I know – I’m flabbergasted that they did it! But I turned out great 😉

    And don’t let the naysayers get to you (I know that’s easier said than done) – I just comfort myself by thinking how horrible their lives must be in order to take the time to write nasty things. Then, I can feel bad for them instead of myself. Whatever works, right?

  8. That pics are so adorable, rowan is super cute, beeing a mom is not easy but is wonderful… i only wish to be like my mom is.

  9. you made me teary-eyed. im glad kev & baby make your life complete. im sorry ppl are incencitive–i lend you my favorite word, “douchebag”. she is adorable, enjoy every minute.

  10. She is just gorgeous, Jen! And don’t worry about mean comments from ignorant people. Sure, the people who love your blog visited often to find out what you’d called your little bundle, but I think I can safely say nobody felt they were being manipulated to keep coming back. I for one figured you had more important things on your plate than blogging! xx

  11. Aw what a lovely, honest post Jen! Thank you for sharing such an intimate part of your life with us. I dont know anything about what you’re going through apart from what I hear from my sister who is studying to be a midwife, but I want to encourage you through this difficult and exciting time in yours and Kev’s life by saying that Rowan is so beautiful and I think if I was a new mother I would find your honesty very encouraging and helpful! I feel sorry for anyone who would write such a thing about you holding out on telling us the name!

    I look forward to reading more posts about your new family and I wish you three all the happniness in the world!


  12. Hi Jen, I’ve been lurking for a few months. Congratulations, Rowan is beautiful! Just want you to know, breastfeeding IS so hard! The best advice I got from a good friend was to “make yourself do it for a month” and then it gets SO much better! I am so glad I did that…and went on to breastfeed for 18 months (my goal was 6!). Good luck with your recovery… I sat on a donut for a month, childbirth is PAINFUL.

  13. Jen she’s gorgeous! I’m so happy for you guys, and I know you’re doing a great job as parents already!! I remember when we left the hospital the first time, I was so shocked that they let me take my daughter home when I didn’t know anything about babies, haha!
    You’re 100% right, I often think the same thing- that the birth is the easy part compared to the work that comes after. But it’s just so worth it hey?
    Anyway, I totally agree with Shannon about the feeding – if you get through the first few weeks, it’ll be much much easier. It’s funny how something as natural as nursing, can be so hard to get the hang of!
    I know that your personal recovery is hard, but it will get better. I remember wondering if I’d ever be me again – and you will!
    (ps. don’t take the mean comments seriously – the idea that you would do something like that to drive up traffic is ridiculous)

    You’re a great momma Jen!! xoxo

  14. Oh Jen…hearing all of these things just brings tears to my eyes ….so many memories of when my first was born…the uncertainty of everything, the LOVE you feel, the waves of exhaustion combined with JOY…Rowan is perfect. I think the best advice someone gave me as a new mom was not to take any….you and your husband are Rowan’s perfect providers….everything will work out the way it should….

    Way to go mommy….you made it through the first week…xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  15. Beautiful post Jen, I’m certain you are doing a great job!

  16. Im a new follower- I loved those disposable undies too- almost like boy shorts? I had forgotten about those!! (My son just turned 3) Rowan is Beautiful, enjoy her because that newborn stage goes by so fast.

  17. Lauren Morgan •

    This post was so sweet. My second baby is 3 months old so I know where you are at right now.
    I am breastfeeding for the second time and I just wanted to encourage you because I know how terribly hard, frustrating and painful it can be. I don’t know what exactly you are struggling with but there is a “hump” and sometimes it lasts for a week and sometimes a few weeks but if you can hang in there ( and you can, you just carried, labored, and delivered a baby – you are superwoman) than it is the most wonderful and rewarding experience. Hang in there girl. You got this.

    And your baby girl is adorable! So so so many congratulations!

  18. I’m surprised your back blogging! But I’m also happy you’re back.

    Rowan is beautiful & the name is beautiful. It reminds me of a princess in a far away land… I’ve always appreciated your honesty on this blog. Motherhood seems to be extremely complex and I think there’s an enormous amount of pressure to be “the perfect mom” right out of the gates. As I’ve chatted with my friends who are also new moms, I have not heard one of them say that breastfeeding is easy. haha.

  19. She’s a beautiful little girl with a beautiful name. Take care of yourself!

  20. This is the best first-week-after-baby post I’ve ever read, because it’s so accurate to what I went through. I had many sobbing breakdowns, including when my dad bought a little Winnie the Pooh rattle for Ethan. “It’s a raaaaaa-tllllllllllle!” I wept when I opened it.

    Did you watch Friends? It’s like when Rachel, after giving birth, cried when she put her slippers on the wrong feet. And then she started crying again when she told everybody, because she was reliving it.

    It’ll get easier. Much love to your new family!

  21. she is lovely! and sweetie, you sound like every mom does the first week. isn’t it crazy? i always say “welcome to the other side” to my friends when they first have their baby. it’s okay to have a million breakdowns. it’s okay that you are sobbing one minute and in bliss the next. it’s okay and normal that you are finding breastfeeding tricky. you are doing great, and i have so much faith in you and kev that you will be amazing parents. the greatest gift you can give a kiddo is being raised in a home full of love and trust, and it’s so clear that you guys have that. you guys will rock this. welcome to parenthood!

  22. This is such a great post! Rowan is such a beautiful little girl and I have so much faith that you & Kev are doing an amazing job! I can’t wait to see more pictures of her, she’s so cute 🙂

  23. Oh, gosh. I’m tearing up. I love your honesty Jen. I can only imagine how overwhelmingly scary it all is, but you have such a beautiful little baby and that makes it all worth it.

    Still so happy for you guys.

    Lulu Letty


    she is PERFECT, Jen! I was catching up on my blogging cause I haven’t really been keeping up lately and suddenly there was a picture of your BABY! it’s so wonderful and she is just gorgeous.

    I’m sure things must be hard sometimes right now but I know you’re doing a great job. good luck with everything! and please post pictures as often as you like. 🙂

  25. Such a great post Jen! I especially appreciate your honesty. Everyone says the first few weeks with a new baby are really hard, but also so worth it. I’m just trying to get through the pregnancy part! But I love knowing I’m not the only one with emotional ups and downs and um…using Tucks as well! 🙂 Oh joy!
    Rowan is beautiful and PLEASE IGNORE all the negative comments. Trust your instincts and just snuggle your baby. That’s all that matters!

  26. Rowan is BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations.

    I’m glad you two are enjoying this time….you know, as long as Kev’s not nagging you about your teeth and such 😉

  27. aw Jen Rowan is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I am so happy for you and Kev. It sounds like it’s been a tough but rewarding week. I’ve been thinking of your sweet family lots 🙂

  28. you are so brave sharing all these feelings. i totally remember feeling all of these with our first baby (also a girl). want to hear one of my break downs? I too was having a hard time breastfeeding, so much so that i gave up and decided to pump, so we had a lot of bottles lying around…one night i just wanted to not have to ask my husband to pick up a dirty one and clean it (shockingly enough, he didn’t read my mind and I didn’t say how i was feeling about it), i went into a crying and yelling fit about “no wonder there are lesbians in the world, women don’t have to be told anything they just know!!” talk about raging hormones. luckily my husband just said he’d make more of an effort to clean the bottles and he dropped it. all the emotions you feel are so overwhelming. i would have cried about the teeth brushing thing too…you’re not alone.

  29. She is so beautiful, and I love her name! It sounds like you two will be such caring parents!

  30. Jen…Rowan is beautiful :). Congrats and I adore her name! I really appreciate you shadings the good, wonderful and not so good of having a baby. I know so many people who just act as though things are wonderful after. I don’t have a baby and want to know about the good, bad, and ugly before I decide to take that plunge.

    I’m sure you’re a wonderful mom 🙂 thanks for being so open with your life!

  31. I loved the knit undies too. They were a lifesaver 🙂 I kept begging each and every nurse to hook me up with a few pair before I went home. I ended up with way more than I needed!!

    Congrats on your little beauty. She is perfect.

  32. Congratulations!
    Before I had my son a friend of mine, who already had kids, said to me, “You are never prepared for how much you will love your child.” And she was right. My son will be 5 on Friday and although it hasn’t always been easy, it’s always been worth it.
    I had to laugh when I read one of your favorite things of the week was the disposable underwear from the hospital. After I had my son I took every pair I could from the hospital and I tell every expectant mom I know about those things! They are the BEST! I wish they sold them, cuz I would buy them out!
    Congratulations again, mama!

  33. Jen, thank you for sharing those lists with us. It’s so refreshing that you’ve covering all of the wonderful stuff and some of the not-so-wonderful stuff, too. Rowan is such a cute little baby girl, and I really like her name, too, by the way.

    How are your kitties taking to the new family member’s arrival?

  34. The audacity of people amazes me, not sharing your babies name to drive traffic! Geez, people! I’m sure that was NOT your intention!

    I completely agree with almost all of your lists. The hospital undies are heaven sent. Breastfeeding is hard. I was not able to do it and I struggled for a long time with feeling guilty. Just remember that baby girl will be fine either way. If you’re happy and relaxed she will be too, so don’t stress about it – if it is meant to happen, it will.

    Also, don’t worry about doing things right. Make your own rules as you go. Mama’s (and Daddies) do the best they can and they do what works. My baby girl is three and sometimes the ONLY way I can get food in her tummy is to “feed her like a baby” as she calls it. I can mean looks and comments about babying her but, like I said, we do what works for US. There is no right or wrong way (within reason of course). It is clear from your past 40 weeks worth of posts that you were meant to do this, and you will be great!

  35. She’s beautiful Jenn! She looks so much like you! Aren’t genetics amazing? Every time we have a new baby in the family I’m always amazed, Oh she has his ears or her eyes, or whichever! It never stops being surreal and beautifully amazing! Enjoy every minute!

  36. Aww Jen congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. You are going to be a fabulous mom!

  37. Hi Jen –

    Congrats – she is beautiful! I wrote you a comment many months back, probably around 15 weeks? Anyway, I had my baby girl a week ago today so we are still going through this together. Please feel free to reach out in case we might be able to offer support to each other. I am right there with you on the exhausting and scary part! But also the amazing, rewarding part. Take care and let me know if there is anything I can do!

  38. You are amazing! And you’re so right..it’s really hard, but it’s also the best thing ever! When I was pregnant, I used to worry about the baby between doctor appointments (is he moving enough? how do I know he’s ok in there?!) I thought that it would be such a huge relief when he was finally out, and then I wouldn’t have to worry so much. Yeah, right!
    I felt the same way that you do. If you don’t have a copy of the book, Baby 411, I’d recommend it. It’s a great resource to look something up quickly and not have to read a whole lot.
    Rowan is absolutely precious! Congrats 🙂

  39. She is beautiful! She looks so big and chubby-cheeked already. If I may offer some advice having gone through it twice:
    – Breastfeeding: Kellymom.com is an amazing website. Everything you ever wanted to know about breastfeeding. It’s great support, but there is nothing like a lactation consultant. If you are having trouble, please call a board certified lactation consultant to come and show you what you need to do to get a good latch. It’s all about a good latch. You can succeed with the right determination and support. You can also look up Dr. Jack Newman on YouTube, he has some great videos that show you how to get a good latch. Use Lansinoh cream on your nipples too, it really helps. Finally, nurse her all the time. On-demand feeding is the best way to get a good supply going and to make sure she is always full.

    – Sleep when she does!! I’m not kidding. NOTHING is more important than getting sleep right now. Not laundry or cooking or reading or TV or anything. If you are tired, it will be harder. You will have less patience and energy and if you get into a bad spot in the middle of the night it will ruin you unless you have slept during the day. Do this for at least 6 weeks. After that, if you can take a nap during the day, do it!! Everyone else should take care of you so that you can take care of the baby. Do not get out of bed, do not get off the couch!! You are a queen and deserve pampering at this time.

    – Crying baby: Try a hair dryer, set to cool. This loud white noise always calmed down our babies. Also try a white noise machine. Put her in a sling and bounce on the yoga ball. It is a magic motion, I promise. Get a swing, use it ALL the time. If she cries right after nursing, or acts like she wants to nurse but then cries like she is in pain, she might have reflux. See your pediatrician about medication. Use Mylocon gas drops and also Gripe Water. Try lots of different slings to see which you like best. Wraps are great for little babies. Ergos are great for older babies, but can be used with infants with an insert. My babies hated our expensive stroller until they were older, they ALWAYS wanted to be carried.

    Check out all the Dr. Sears books, he has fabulous advice, the whole series is wonderful. Check out attachment parenting, it really helps to make things easier for Mom and Dad and less stressful for baby.

    Best of luck!! You are doing a great job!! Your body will heal and you will get used to the “New Normal”. Being a parent is the best thing in the world, and also the most challenging, but it is that fact that makes all the precious moments so sweet. And soon, when she smiles back at you or laughs, you will know why you work so hard at taking care of her. xoxo

  40. Jen, you are amazing. Don’t let that insensitive (and clearly miserable) person bring you down. I think it’s incredibly brave of you to have shared so much about something so completely personal as the birth of your child on your blog. you and Kev are so lucky to have each other and Rowan is so lucky to have the two of you as parents, even though it’s scary and there are sure to be bumps in the road, I know you guys are going to be the most amazing team (you really already are). Chin up, lady, you’re rad! Can’t wait to see you next week at the swap! XOXO Julie

    ps- I wish we lived closer!

  41. Hi Jen!
    thanks for that post… gave me a trip down memory lane! (esp #1 and #3 from fave memories and all the breastfeeding ones!) You are definitely going through the exact same thing as every other first time mother goes through. Unfortunately there is no book or guide on how to be a mother. Somehow you ‘learn on the job’ but you’ve got some great support in your husband by the sounds of things! 🙂
    I have 2 little girls. Breastfeeding with #1 was painful… now with #2 I know what i’m doing and it has been lovely. I did a post about my experiences with b/f on my blog a while ago here : http://modelmumma.blogspot.com/2010/08/on-topic-of-breastfeeding.html

    It’s seriously going to be such an emotional ride for the next few months until routine gets started and you start to feel a bit normal, but it is such a great ride too. You seem like you are such a smart capable mother so you’ll be fine…. but you are also allowed to have plenty of off days while you have your training wheels on!! hehe. 🙂

  42. She is so sweet! I love all the things that you shared in this post. Being a new mama can’t be easy, but it’s so nice that you’re seeing all the wonderful blessings that come from all that work.

  43. Jen, I am impressed that you’ve shared as much on your blog about Rowan as you have. I’m very glad that you have. I haven’t had kids yet (I’m older than you, too, GULP!) and it’s nice to follow your experience. It makes it a little less mysterious it’s still intimidating…) to those of us who haven’t crossed that bridge yet.

  44. She is so adorable! I’m 2 weeks postpartum and its still really uncomfortable for me to use the bathroom.
    I was in love with the mesh underwear the hospital gave (especially since I had a c-section). Those things are pretty comfy haha! I didn’t think I’d like them as much as I did.

    Oh and like you I love watching my boyfriend hold our daughter. It melts my heart every time! 🙂

  45. She is gorgeous! You are an amazing mother! I can’t even imagine how emotional is all this. Of all you listed, I am scared of the “taking care of me” part.
    Congatulations again. You are amazing parents.

  46. Congratulations mama! She is a doll! Love the striped lavender onsie!

  47. I want to hug you.
    Motherhood is so hard/rewarding/beautiful/blessed/amazing/rewarding/uncomparable… so much.
    No matter what, YOU two are her parents and God is in control! Rest in that!

  48. Thanks for the transparency, Jen. You and Kevin are doing a great job–she’s just beautiful!

  49. She looks adorable! Thanks for your honesty and sharing your feelings. Enjoy the little one and don’t forget to treat yourself!


  50. Congratulations to you and Kev! Rowan is gorgeous. Thanks for being so honest about your experiences of new motherhood too – I don’t have children so it’s interesting and reassuring to learn about what might be in my future.

  51. Dear Jen, I just wanted to tell you that your baby is more than beautiful and that although I have no kids yet -I’m getting married in less than 3 months!- I can imagine myself having the same fears and the same breakdowns you have/had. I guess it’s just part of the process of becoming a mamma. Congratulations to you and Kev and all the best!

  52. Little Bird •

    Congratulations on your beautiful daughter! May she know nothing but love, happiness and health!
    I want to also encourage you on the nursing. I agree with a previous comment that there is a “hump”, and once you get passed it, nursing gets so much easier. It took me a good 4-5 weeks to feel I had passed that point, and that was with my twin boys. I tried with my little girl, and gave up a bit early (week 3). But as you’ve heard, you’ve already given Rowan a great start, so no matter what you do, she has already been passed on many of your immunities.
    In the words of Andy Cohen, “Mazel!”

  53. i totally cracked up over the knit undies part. so funny! i’m happy to see she’s wearing one of the onesies i got for her!! (yay!) ignore negative people. you don’t need toxic people like that in your life anyway. you have so much happiness in your world now. i can’t wait to meet her and see you guys again.

  54. Congratulations! Rowan is such a beauty. Great comments on nursing. There definitely is a “hump”. I have 2 girls and had a horrible experience breastfeeding with my first and a great experience with my second. I had multiple bouts with thrush and mastitis with my first, which made it really painful. I also went to a new moms class where everyone sat around breastfeeding and talked about how great and easy it was. This stressed me out a lot since I was having such a hard time. Looking back, I should have stopped going to the class, but at the time I didn’t want to be a “quitter”. I also thought I was a “bad mom” since I was having such a hard time nursing and the fact that I wanted to stop. I put so much pressure on myself I was miserable and felt like a failure (which was completely insane)!!!!! I unhappily nursed my first child only during my maternity leave and stopped when I went back to work.
    I had a much easier time with my second child. It was still tough in the beginning, but after I passed the “hump” (around 4 weeks), it’s been smooth sailing (she is now 5 months old, and I’m still nursing). I think it went easier this time around because I didn’t put as much pressure on myself. I had decided that I wasn’t going to beat myself up if I didn’t work out. Please, please, please don’t stress yourself out about nursing. I remember how crappy I felt that first go-around (mostly because of the stress I put on myself), and would never want anyone to feel that way. No matter what, you are a fabulous mom!!

  55. Congrats, Jen! So sweet of you to share these thoughts and feelings with us when you are so busy with your beautiful new baby girl.

  56. This is my favorite post by far I have read on this blog! My husband and I just decided to start trying for a baby and I am scared out of my mind and I need someone like you telling me the truth along the way:) Thank you for being so honest!


  57. I love this post. Besides the beautiful pictures of Rowan it was nice to have a little insight into what’s been going on this past week for you. And EW – I can’t believe someone said that about not sharing her name. People are so condescending. I think you do a good enough job bringing people to your blog by being so real and honest. This post is the perfect example of that. She is so beautiful and I’m so happy for you. It is super tough in the beginning but like you said it is very rewarding and when you look back you forget about the hard times and just remember the blessing that she is. Enjoy every minute because it goes so fast. xoxo

  58. What a sweet little thing she is!

    I wanted to add to the chorus of support on breastfeeding. I think it’s one of the biggest fallacies there is, that breastfeeding is so natural that it just happens magically. Um, no. Not at all. I’m currently breastfeeding my six-month-old daughter and breastfed her older brother as well and it wasn’t easy at first with either of them. (Granted, this time got easier faster but only because I had a better idea what I was doing.)

    That said, it is the most special thing to me in the world and I love that I got to be a provider of nutrition, comfort and love to both of my babies. It is so very, very hard and so very, very painful as you both get the hang of it but there really is a point at which it gets easier. And then it becomes so easy that it does start to seem like the most natural thing in the world.

    You’re doing great! Hang in there and everything will get better. In a few months you’ll have a hard time even remembering these hazy few first weeks and months, believe it or not.

  59. Rowan is gorgeous and her name is just as beautiful! It is absolutely your right to not share her name until she was here, just like it is your right to share or not share so much of your lives and pregnancy! I, for one, am glad for your blog because it is so lovely and honest! Being a momma isn’t for sissies, it is hard work, but you and Kev and Rowan are figuring things out and doing great! Much love!

  60. she’s absolutely beautiful! will you being doing weekly photos of Rowan then (lovely name by the way)?!
    I’m am not yet a mom, but hopefully will be someday soon. I honestly can say i look up to you and hope that i can be at least half the mom you already are. Sure, there are challenges and tough times, but it’s so obvious how much you and Kev love your little girl and would do anything for her and, really, that’s all that matters. Looking forward to reading about your adventures with Rowan – i’ll be reading daily!!

  61. Oh my goodness she is so totally adorable! I just want to squish those gorgeous chubby cheeks, and her little nose is identical to yours!
    Thank you for your honesty Jen. It only makes me love your blog more. I’m sure that comment felt hurtful, but it’s obsurd. It’s your blog, it’s your child and that person is foolish for even saying that. And so what if you do want to drive traffic to your blog? There is nothing wrong with that. I liked being in suspense and looked forward to learning her name.
    The guest posts are lovely. On Spearment Baby, she posted about a woman who takes childrens drawings and turns them into photographs. Thought of you when I saw that, it’s pretty neat.
    Keep up the good work and know that even though I don’t “know” you I admire you and am proud of you!

  62. Rowan is so adorable! I love the first picture!

  63. Hang in there, Jen! I’ve got a 6 month old and promise that it gets easier! Breastfeeding was hard for me, too. I wish that I would have seen a lactation specialist, as the 1st month was super painful. We did get over that hump and things in that area are great now!

    I also remember feeling like if I brushed my teeth once a day, that was a win. Showers? If I was lucky.

    You’re doing a great job (love that you are singing to her!).

  64. Your transparency is what sets you apart jen. I don’t have kids but I used to nanny for a family who had spontaneous triplets when their 1st was only 15 months old. I was with them from when she was 5 months pregnant until the triplets where over one. Needless to say, it was insane. BUT she told me that the first was more overwhelming then having the triplets because she just felt so unprepared ( even with all the classes and books and help and advice and support and prayers). The first is just so hard. harder then 3 at once apparently. So hang in there. She is so beautiful. How are the cloth diapers going? I really wAnt to use them when we have kids. How do you like them?

  65. oooh, she’s so lovely, congratulations once again…

    my kids are pre-teens, but I still remember all of the little snurgles and gurgles they’d make as newborns…my son used to reach up and grab my glasses off every time I nursed him, my daughter would clutch my necklace in her tiny hand as she drifted off to sleep…some of the songs we made up for our children we will still sing to them, usually when they’re sick or feeling sad…

    enjoy this time together!

  66. She’s beautiful! You’re right – labour is the easy part. I found with my 2 kids that the first 6 weeks were really hard and then suddenly it becomes so much easier and more enjoyable. Nobobdy really warns you about how crappy you will feel and it is totally normal to cry a lot – you will never have been this sleep deprived before! Just have confidence that you know what is best for Rowan – you are the expert because you are her Mamma. Breastfeeding is incredibly painful / difficult / frustrating but stick with it if you can. Later on when you are getting out of the house a bit more it is so much more convenient that having to find somewhere to heat a bottle and so much cheaper!

    You have produced a beautiful little girl and have a gorgeous family together 🙂

  67. Oh my gosh, I just love her little nose. It is going to look just like yours!

  68. Jen – I love how heartfelt this post was. Being a mommy is tough work but take comfort in knowing that every new mom has been in the same place before. I still remember how overwhelming everything felt at first, but before you know it, things will seem like second nature! Pretty soon, you’ll be the one handing out advice instead of asking for it. I hope you enjoy every single minute with your little family. My babies are 4 and 6 and I have no idea where the time has gone!!

  69. Ah! She’s so beautiful! And already looks older than just a week! Awesome! You guys must be so happy. 🙂

  70. You’re doing a fantastic job, Jen and Kev! Just being able to admit your hurdles and break downs is such a great start. Even though it’s hard to believe right now, you’ll find your groove and pretty soon the 3 of you will understand each other. You’ll find the positions she likes best to be held in and the words you need to hear from Kev to keep you going!
    I bet you never thought that you could do so much on so little sleep! And most importantly – don’t be afraid to ask for help! None of us could do it alone! You know the saying, “it takes a village…” It’s true!

  71. Awwww Jen , Rowan is a DOLL!
    everything you have written is entirely true – so take heart in the fact that doing the first time motherhood thing right!!! my little one is just over 2 and I still feel like there are days when I don’t know what I am supposed to do – but I am much better at faking it or making it seem like it all part of the plan now!!
    we are all with you 100% and feel very privileged that you are letting us share this amazing, scary, beautiful, daunting, joyous, surreal, unique and wonderful journey with you, kev and rowan.

  72. I can only imagine how scary and wonderful it is to be new parents. I’m sure you guys are great parents already! She’s absolutely beautiful!

  73. Congrats on your little girl! I noticed you mentioned you’re having trouble breastfeeding and wanted to let you know you’re not alone. I have a 6 week old and we still haven’t mastered the art. There were a lot of things standing in our way…mainly a problem with his tongue that caused huge damage to me in the first day so I couldn’t get started for the first week or so. It has been a huge uphill battle and we’ve tried everything from nipple shields to supplementation systems to herbal remedies to get my supply up. I found that things got better (only this week) because I finally relaxed and stopped worrying about expectations. I whole heartedly believe that breastfeeding is best but when it doesn’t work out or if it is difficult, there’s no reason to feel bad. If you (or anyone else reading this) needs breastfeeding or combination feeding moral support, send me an email! She’s beautiful and just remember that if she’s healthy and happy and you’re giving her all your love, there’s nothing more needed!

  74. Rowan is beautiful! Hang in there and don’t forget to ask for help 🙂

  75. Rowan is so beautiful! Congrats doesn’t seem like a big enough word but I can’t think of anything better. After following your pregnancy on here, I’m excited to read all about your adventures as a new mom!

  76. Congratulations! She’s beautiful. It can all be so overwhelming sometimes but I’m sure you are doing great. A great piece of advice someone gave me re: breastfeeding was to get a calendar and circle the six week birthday. Then, just make a pact that you will stick with it for 6 weeks at least and cross out every day as it passes. By the time you get to 6 weeks it is soooo much easier, especially if there is no issue with being tongue-tied etc. Hang in there 🙂

  77. jen, she is absolutely beautiful and i love how honest (and funny) you are being about this whole journey. it’s a delight to read and i am cheering you guys on – what a lucky little lady rowan is. what a fantastic mama you already are!!

  78. Jen,
    She’s gorgeous! Congrats! What a lovely, honest post. breastfeeding is SO so so hard. I was in more pain breastfeeding than in natural labor at times. I did not give up and right at 3 and a half weeks it literally stopped hurting! Before that it was *agony*.

    After turning that corner, it was smooth sailing but that first almost month was horrible. I used to clench my toes and cry while feeding. Noone tells you how much it can hurt! And yes, I had a lactation consultant and all types of ‘experts’ make sure the latch was right. the thing noone tells you is there will be some pain with breastfeeding.

    Having a baby is pretty different from imagining about it but we have all been there, and there really is no way to prepare except to jump in. Even when you try to describe it to those who have not had one, they won’t truly understand until they have their own. These are hard, hormonal, crazy times.

    I also found that sometimes I could swaddle just one arm on my firstborn who used to fight his swaddle.

    To answer your maternity pants question, I wore maternity pants for like months afterwards! They were comfy!

    The bjorn was my very best friend with a newborn as were loooong walks anywhere and everywhere I could go. I also am a huge fan of pacifiers, specifically the ‘nuk’ brand., and swaddling!

    book I loved: “Dr.Weisbluths ‘Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child’ because it delivers non-biased INFORMATION, and does not have bizarre pushiness and breaks things down into weeks. I also read Baby Whisperer and so many others but Weisbluth’ really just gave information, and then let us make our own decision.

    one big thing about your baby’s age I remember is I think they can’t go more than 1 – 2 hours without needing to be back asleep.

    It’s an all consuming thing, you never go back to you ‘old self’ but this new self and new family you have is so wonderful and you are off to such a great start and have a beautiful little family! Congratulations 🙂

  79. She is gorgeous, and I am happy that I follow you so I can see her grow. Enjoy her they tend to grow fast before you know it they are already preteen.
    My children are 12 and 9 and it seems like it was yesterday when I held them as little babies.

    I just wanted to let you know I am running a givewaway on my blog ” a new beginning necklace” I thought you might want to know http://farrielledesignandfashion.blogspot.com/2010/09/birdsnest-necklace-giveaway.html

  80. Rachel Leader •

    Try to enjoy each moment. They grow so quickly!!!!! I can not believe my babies are four and five. Time has flown and I wish I could turn back the clock and stress less. If there diaper is a little too full,did she eat enough, will what I just did harm her? She will let you know. I promise. Just stick with the breastfeeding. Call your lacation nurse, go visit them. I wish I had. I would say I wish I was able to breastfeed longer.I think it was one of the hardest things I had to do. So frustrating(sp?)!!! Good Luck.You guys will do fine.

  81. Tucks+Motrin+the little bottle they give you to put the warm water in to soak your peeing parts….ahhh! Yes, going to the bathroom stinks, but you haven’t got much longer before it’s not as painful. Breakdowns are so inevitable-mine came in the fitting room at Motherhood Maternity after I’d put my mom on a plane back to Phoenix and I needed a bigger nursing bra. I broke down because I couldn’t believe I’d gone from a B cup to an almost DD! (oh, and breastfeed as long as you can-within reason-because you’ll probably be heartbroken when you can’t. I sure was.)

    Rowan is gorgeous! Keep the pictures coming! (and to the hater with the rude name comment, quit being tacky and rude and go someplace else

  82. The content is superb and appreciating, I love this blog.

  83. I don’t know you at all, but *big hugs* anyway. Breastfeeding is crazy tough in the beginning (in my experience), but (as everyone else has said already) it does get easier, and it is totally worth it in the end. I also remember being super emotional, especially after my first. Make use of your support system when you need to and hang in there – I bet you’re doing a fantastic job. She is beautiful and looks totally healthy. 🙂

  84. Jen, congrats on your beautiful girl. It’s amazing how I can relate to your lists, being a new mom to my 8 week old boy. Pregnant mommies walk around with ideas of what motherhood will bring, but we just don’t understand until baby arrives. Breastfeeding is SO hard (it gets better as I’m sure you’ve heard), those knit undies are awesome!, baby noises are some of the most comforting noises to our sleepy souls, and I cannot believe how close my husband and I have gotten throughout this journey. Although it’s hard, it’s one of the best events in my life, without a doubt. Enjoy it all!

    (And definitely let us know how fashion changes with breastfeeding…I am curious to hear your thoughts!)

  85. I’m so glad you chose to breastfeed. It is tough and it does get easier, but sometimes that isn’t so reassuring when you are in the midst of the most difficult time. I must say, I’m not sure I would have made it if it weren’t for kellymom.com. It is a fabulous resource for all things breastfeeding and even some first year parenting concerns. The website also has a forum for you to ask and get answers for any personal concerns you might have. I’m not affiliated with this website, just a happily breastfeeding mama who is so grateful for the support I have received there. You are doing a great job and providing a wonderful thing or your daughter. Rowan is such a beautiful name. I wish many blessings on your family!

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