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So I think this might be my first of many middle of the night post as I sit with a cuddly sleeping baby on my chest. I am trying to stay positive and think “Hey at least I can get some work done that I didn’t have time to do during the day right? ” as the bags under my eyes grow darker and darker. hehe. Rowan hasn’t quite conquered the sleeping on her own thing yet. I won’t complain because she is just so adorable to hold while she sleeps. Anyways, last friday after my midwife appointment we found out I was 3 centimeters dilated and was given the impression that the baby was coming that night. I called my parents and being so excited they packed the car and came out our way to stay. I was a little nervous that they were driving out and getting a hotel when I really didn’t even know the baby would def. come that weekend, luckily she did, just not on Friday or even Saturday like we had thought. My parents and sister were staying in a hotel by the hospital and Friday night Kev and me couldn’t have thought of anything better than to make use of the hotel pool. Swimming and being pregnant are made for one and another. It feels so good. You don’t even feel pregnant!


My sister is a super amazingly talented photographer. She has this perfect way of capturing moments that seem to be better than anyone I know. I kinda wish her job was just to follow Kev and me around and document our life.
Her are some of the pictures she took that night. I didn’t think they would have so much meaning when she was taking them but now I look back at Friday night as being very special. It was a night spent with my family and Kev as we eagerly and nervously awaited Rowan’s arrival. Kev played with our underwater camera that night. I am super excited to see how the pictures come out!


So as you can see my first guest blogging post didn’t go up today. I decided to keep everything till Monday and start fresh then. On Monday I will be kicking off the series with a special style file myself explaining the project. Lets just say it has a little to do with my obsession and appreciation with art & art history… Stay tuned!!


Two last things before I wish you all a happy weekend

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Happy Weekend!!
Both my sisters are coming home this weekend to visit Rowan. I am so excited I could jump up and down and that is saying a lot when you just popped out a baby!! haha.

  1. Hi Jen

    Its the middle of the day where I am! Such lovely photos, you look really relaxed and happy!

    I’ve been reading your blog only for the past few weeks, but even so, I was checking my twitter feed to look for news of you and your gorgeous baby girl! I was so excited for you when she finally arrived! I’m too young just yet but I hope that when my partner and I have children, we’ll be just as excited and blog about it the way you have!

    I just love reading about other lives around the world. I blog about my life living on my boat in Cambridge, England at nbluckyduck.blogspot.com.

    All the best to you and your family
    Amy x

  2. Jen,
    I had never read your blog until you were recently a guest on what i wore … I have had a great time reading through your past posts about your pregnancy. Your blog is so touching, heartfelt, and beautiful – I love it!
    Congratulations on the birth of Rowan – she is adorable! Best of luck to you and your whole family as you embark on this wonderful adventure of parenthood and being a family!

  3. Congratulations! Your baby girl is beautiful.

    My daughter didn’t get the whole sleeping thing for months and months! So hold on in there…

    Enjoy the adventure! x

  4. These photos are gorgeous Jen! I hope little Rowan starts getting a little more sleep for you – both my kids refused to sleep unless they were being held for their first week of life. It’s just so hard being so new in the world! But as with everything, this too will pass!
    Looking forward to your guest posts, and hope you have a wonderful weekend with your sisters 🙂 xoxo

  5. These photos are just stunning! It’s really wonderful that you had this time with your family right before Rowan’s birth. I hope she starts sleeping more and that you can start sleeping more soon!

  6. I look forward to the guest posts! I love art history. Great photos!

  7. I can feel the love, anticipation and excitement in these photos! Talent runs in your family 🙂

    Congrats again on your little bundle of joy. I LOVE her name!!!

  8. These pictures are breathtaking – honestly, your excitement & happiness just pours out of them! Congrats again, Rowan is beauuutiful & she has such an amazing name!

  9. wow your sister took some great photos, must be so cool to have recordered the very moments before your little baby was born, very special!!

  10. Such a sweet memory captured! And little Rowan is so precious!!! 🙂

  11. Congratulations on Baby Rowan!!!! Enjoy the time with you family this weekend…a new baby is such a special time for a family:).

  12. What a special night! And these pictures are amazing. What a blessing that your sister documented it all for you. I love the aerial view picture of you underwater especially.

    It makes me laugh everytime you guys (Kev?) make a logo/brand a blog series or post because my husband is a designer and he does the exact same thing anytime I start something new. It always gets its very own logo, haha. I love it…so cute!

    Glad you’re enjoying these nights holding your sweet baby:)

  13. Hey Jen.

    Okay so maybe this is a silly question but how do you vote? I went to the page and I see you guys there but when I go to click it just links me to your blog. I would love to vote. I just can’t figure out how. LOL

  14. It is very cool how it all played out and you got to have a family weekend before Rowan arrived!
    The pictures are stunning!

  15. That photos are amazing definitely a photographer’s eye is so different they captures things in a way that we didn’t see.
    PS Rowan is so beautiful, like very much all the pics you post of her… wanna more haha

  16. oh man, jen! i’m so excited for you. i haven’t commented in a while, but i’ve been here–reading! i love little rowan winter. her name is delicious. and you look H-O-T in that bikini at 40+ weeks! amazing! i hope everything begins to mellow out (with her sleeping & what-not). i can’t wait to hear how her birth went. every story is unique! i know everyone has opinions and probably advice for you, but i just wanted to let you know, i read Becoming Babywise and it has been a wonderful “system” for us. my sister and i have totally different personalities, but we each read the book and followed it in a way that worked for us. she’s much more scheduled and i’m much more laid-back, but the basic concepts are wonderful and REALLY work. anyway, i’m so sorry to give unsolicited advice (i hated that) but, i couldn’t help myself. (sorry!!!) it’s really a great book.

  17. What beautiful pictures! Congratulations on your newborn. 🙂 I don’t comment much, but felt the need to, strangely enough, at the mention of art and art history. I’m an avid reader as well as an art historian… 20th century American painting and photography. I love all the art you incorporate into your blog already and can’t wait to see what you have in store! All my best, Sam.

  18. i love these photos! so beautiful. congrats again 🙂

  19. a belated congrats on your beautiful daughter! love the name you guys chose as well.

  20. These photos are lovely, you sister is so talented! x

  21. You look so blissed out. Congrats on the babe!

  22. Congratulations to you and your husband! I haven’t checked my blog feeds in a few days so i missed the announcement the other day – she is absolutely beautiful! Just gorgeous. The photos are absolutely stunning (both in the other post, and the ones of you all waiting here)

    This is a lovely post – thanks so much for sharing your story.

  23. wow she is so talented! the photos are incredible. I love the idea of your new series. I’m a fan of art history too (almost majored in it) so it’s great to see the connections you can make with fashion!

  24. […] midwife told me I was 3 centimeters dilated and could go anytime. I wrote how we spent the evening swimming and eating chinese food. It was a wonderful evening except there was still no baby. Kev and I were sure she was going to […]

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