Week 40 + 41

I had been saving the week 40 post from last week hoping to post week 40 with the baby but we all know she has not come yet and here we are today at week 41. I will apologize now and say I am sorry for all the “she is not here yet still” on the blog this week. I don’t mean to constantly talk about it but honestly it is all I think about. It consumes you. I try not to let it but you can’t help it. I know everyone says to relax and enjoy the time but you can’t. Sure you can go about your daily activities but that doesn’t mean that every hour of every day you aren’t wondering when this little baby is coming. Whoever thought you get to a point where you are wishing labor to happen to you. haha. It does makes me even more anxious though because you just think about it day and night. It is very hard to not be discouraged. I am trying. But it is hard.


I always get a little nervous to show actual skin pictures of my belly. I don’t know why? Why have we made it weird in our country to see a pregnant belly? I always question wearing a 2 piece when we go to the pool or beach too. Were you like that when you were pregnant? I think pregnant bellies are beautiful. Its just so crazy that you have a baby, a real baby in there. It still blows my mind when I think about it. I gained a total of 30 pounds. It was a little more but I have dropped back down again because she is taking so much energy to grow in there. I am pretty happy with that number. I really feel like I ate super healthy and stayed really active this whole time, so I feel like that was just the number my body needed to make this baby. I am starting to get really excited for post baby clothes again and for exercise! ohh to go running again!!

Lots of people have asked me about being induced. The truth is I do not want to be induced unless my midwife tells me its time. I know some people will get induced right away and that is totally their choice but for me I really want to try to have a natural birth (yes I know this can change and I am open to that but…) being induced can make that a little bit harder for myself. I have a midwife appointment in well 30 mins actually and will see what they say. I have to get another Non Stress Test done to make sure she is happy and healthy in there still. Hopefully I will have some news to share later this afternoon.


Dear Baby Girl:
We are waiting for you! Daddy keeps telling me that I have made such a good home for you in there and that is why you don’t want to come out yet. But we have made a really good home out here for you too- I wish I could show you ’cause maybe you would pop right out. Mommy has been waiting and waiting and waiting for you. It has been really hard. We want you to be here so badly. I have been having bad dreams lately that you come out and you are already a toddler and you don’t want to cuddle me. Oh course I will love you when you are a toddler but I want you to be a baby too. I know they are just silly dreams but I don’t like them. We miss you and we haven’t even met you yet. I know this is all for a reason and I am trying to understand that. We are just so eager to see you, and hold you and kiss you. We really can not wait to meet you! Please come soon!
With all our love,
Your Mommy + Daddy

haha that first picture of Kev’s head and my belly cracks me up. I am either having a baby or an adult head. They seem to be the same size.

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  1. Veronique •

    Come on baby!

  2. I know it’s got to be really difficult to wait after waiting so long and while wanting so badly to see your little baby girl. Hang in there Jen! My fingers are crossed for you that she’ll come really really soon.

  3. Oh dear I’m so sorry you are having those dreams! They can appear so real once you wake up but don’t worry about it – everything is going to be good and she’ll come soon. I just can’t wait to hear the news : ) You two are going to be such beautiful parents because you already are! You’ve taken great care of her and so has Kev. I can’t wait to see your new family : )

  4. I don’t think anyone blames you for being anxious!! I can’t even imagine the anticipation to get to your due date and then having to wait… and waiit… And no worries about giving us the update on whether shes here or not, thats what most of us are checking in for anyway! 🙂
    Hang in there you guys!!

  5. hope she comes soon! that photo of kev and your belly cracks me up too

  6. hang in there girl! you’re in inspiration holding out to give a natural birth. I hope when it’s my time that i can be as strong as you! I’m sure your time is almost here!

  7. stay strong jen! i’m 21 weeks and already dreaming of the day when labor comes, i can imagine how tough it is for you right now. just remember she IS going to come out… hopefully this afternoon!

  8. good for you for waiting. induction can be very necessary in many cases, but in the US it’s absurd how often it is used. i’m glad you have a competent midwife who isn’t trigger happy with induction. i had to be induced with my first child because i was very, very sick and while it was totally necessary and had to be done, it sucked really bad. pitocin contractions hurt much worse than natural ones. your baby willl come soon. a few things i did to get my second baby going was to eat tons of pineapple, put lots of oregano on pizza, and um…lots of sex. lol.

  9. This is the sweetest post, good luck to you and praying she will hurry up and get here!!!


  10. I think this may be my first comment about you and your little one so first I want to say “congratulations!” Haha – 40 weeks late but better late than never!

    Speaking of being late … I was 3 weeks overdue when I was born and I can’t imagine my mom having to wait that long!

    I don’t have kids and I don’t plan on starting a family any time soon so I don’t have any personal advice to offer you except hang in there and I hope everything goes well when the time comes!

  11. When I saw the first picture, the thing that came to mind was “The human head weights 8 pounds.” LOL

    I’ve heard several people say the average gestation is actually 41 1/7 weeks… which translates pretty well to the average for a first baby being 9 days past due date. So… you’re still right on time, although I’m sure it doesn’t feel like it! Best wishes for your appointment and the next several days, whatever they may bring.

  12. I think you look beautiful, and I know that when I decide to have babies, I will be showing my belly off at every chance! :o)

    I also understand your position on not wanting to be induced – there’s just nothing more natural than her coming on her own terms, you know? I’m sure she will come soon! Hang in there, Jen!

  13. Hi Jen!
    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now, but this is my first comment. I’d like to tell you I’m also looking forward to seeing your little baby now, so I can’t imagine how anxious you are now as a mother&father-to-be! I’d just like to wish you all the best and keep my fingers crossed for the labour.
    Greetings form Poland, Europe!

  14. I was TOTALLY the same way when I was pregnant. It always felt taboo for some reason, which is ridiculous. It kind of continued on after she was born though. I still don’t wear a two piece bathing suit when I go to the beach. I think it has something to do with having a little girl. I think I project what I’d want her to do on what I do myself. Is that silly?

    I am hoping for labor! =)

  15. You really have no need to apologize for being consumed with the baby and always saying “she’s not here yet”. Of course it’s all you can think about! I agree that your belly is so beautiful and so amazing. It is amazing that there is a person in there! LOL! I am funny about pregnant belly photos too and whenever I see them from other people I think, “why am I so afraid of taking those?” Because they always are so sweet.

    I have been loving your pictures. Even though right now it seems like an endless thing (being pregnant) it does go by fast and one day you wont remember what it was even like. So having the pictures to look back on is such a cool thing.

    I hope your appt goes well. Just hang in there, she’ll be here when she’s ready. You’re doing a great job being patient. I bet you just can’t wait to meet her! I am SO EXCITED for your guys. There is nothing like it.

  16. I keep checking in for updates. I’m excited for you guys. Hope to hear news soon! The belly is BEAUTIFUL.

  17. You belly is gorgeous. It is strange that we get so weird in the US about pregnant bellies. I like to blame the Puritans. 😉

    I can only imagine how it must consume your every waking thoughts, and don’t feel you have to apologize, this is your blog and you can write about whatever you want.

    I hope your appointment went well.

    Thinking of you guys!


  18. Hope your appointment went well this afternoon & there will be news of a baby soon! I know it’s impossibly hard to keep your mind off the baby, especially at 41 weeks! If it’s any comfort, it looks like you’ve “dropped” from last week & that’s always a good sign! Nonetheless…c’mon out baby girl!

  19. […] 10, 2010 in Things I Like Poor Jen’s 41 WEEK baby post! That’s right – she is in her 41st week of pregnancy! Here’s hoping she gets to […]

  20. I keep checking back for updates because I want to see photos of your little girl!! Hope she’s here soon!!

    I was also wondering what the significance of the phone is in the last photo.

  21. Great pics!! A total depart from the pictures you usually take and I love them. Don’t feel funny about showing the belly, it is so beautiful. Gosh, it is just amazing that our bodies can do this, ya know!!
    Hope baby comes soon so you can start to enjoy her cuteness! xoxo

  22. Hey Jen,
    Both my girls were induced because of my blood pressure. Though the pain can be worse, I had my first one without painkillers and for my second one I chose painkillers. I did have midwives, too, who were there with me even when i had to be induced in hospital. In the end, I have two awesome kids. It’s so hard to wait for them to be born. She’ll be here soon, and she’ll be perfect.

  23. I read your blog often, don’t think I’ve ever commented though. So, HI! I am excited to hear when you have you little girl. Don’t be sorry for writting about it, I think I speak for all your readers when I say we LOVE to hear about your experiences w/pregnancy.

    Also, your belly is great. Show it off! 🙂

  24. writing* duh 🙂

  25. I feel your pain – I went 4 days overdue with my first child (yes, ony a measly 4 days!) but it felt like 4 years. I was desperate to meet this baby, desperate to see what he/she actually looked like and so desperate to hold him/her in my arms. All I could think about every minute of every day was having my baby so I know what you mean. I’m sure bubby will come when she is ready but if you have to be induced don’t stress about it – having a baby at the end of it is all that matters.

    LOVE seeing the preggie belly 🙂

  26. I have to admit… I keep checking to see if babyjenloveskev is here yet.
    All the best! Thinking of you and sending you Canadian love (it’s Canadian because it’s wrapped up in maple syrup and hockey sticks).

  27. Stefani Sarah •

    Just around the time of labor, I think it was 39 weeks, my sister asked the baby in her belly to come out whenever he was ready. As soon as she said that, my nephew broke out. 🙂 I must admit that I constantly check on your blog because I don’t want to miss the baby’s arrival. I hope you hang in there and when the time comes, I hope that you would have a quick and painless labor. There is such thing, you know. 😉

  28. Hoping for the baby to come soon! You will do great!!! And I think you just look adorable 🙂

  29. I bet someone else has already said this, but I imagine not having your baby on or before due date is like having someone post-pone Christmas! Stay strong, Jen! We are excited to meet your lil babe, too!

  30. About America and pregnant bellies – I read “Gone With the Wind” a few years back and was shocked to learn that during these times pregnant women were expected to stay home during the whole pregnancy because it was considered shameful to show people that you were pregnant. So strange. I guess we HAVE come a long way, if you think about it…

    And your belly looks beautiful! (weird sentence, but its true)

  31. too bad that the bay hasnt come yet, but she will ! this is maybe a little bit crazy to say it, but i just have to: you got a fab stomach without a stretch mark. do you have secrets to avoid the marks ?

  32. Don’t apologize about talking about the baby! The wait must be so tough! Plus, we’re all excited for the baby too! My husband and I are going to start trying for a little one soon and it’s been so wonderful to hear about your pregnancy!

  33. Jen:

    I have been following your blog for a bit now. You were one week ahead of me. I just had my little guy on the 8th. NOT saying that to irritate you as you are still waiting and the waiting at the end is HARD, but I just had to post to tell you that I had to be induced because my water broke and contractions did not start on their own after 12 hours. I was sad and scared to have to do that as I wanted a natural birth so badly. Well I still had the birth of my dreams!! It may have been a little harder, but labor is hard work and it is totally doable. You are going to rock it….maybe you are right now…and you can have the birth of your dreams even if you are induced! I got through being very vocal. Low deep throaty sounds. Keep your mouth and jaw relaxed. Have Kev remind you of that the WHOLE time.

    I cannot wait to hear how it goes. She is going to be so beautiful and perfect.


  34. Your blog is beautiful and your photos are priceless! Blessings on your baby and I hope for an arrival soon! Having given birth twice, adopted once and in the process of adopting again I know all too well how the last few weeks seem like forever but they eventually come to an end and then baby is in your arms.
    Beneath the Acacia Tree

  35. Just happened to check Twitter and read the good news!! Congrats to you all and many, many happy wishes for a beautiful life for you and your new babe. It’s been a joy to follow you down the path to motherhood Jen!

  36. anna mulligan-freeman •

    Congratualtions to Kev and jen – just seen on twitter that your beautiful baby girl has arrived!!!!! well done to both of you- enjoy every moment watch every moment its the most beautiful thing bringing new life into the world!!!!! love anna

  37. Holly Mae •

    Just a little note to say I’ve been following your blog pretty much since the start of your pregnancy, I don’t blog myself, and some blogs seem contrived and a bit pointless, but yours I just keep coming back to, the content is fun and inspiring and the photographs simply beautiful. SO SO happy for you both and welcome to the world little one! She is a beaut without a doubt. Take care mommy and daddy, enjoy her! love Holly Mae x

  38. I don’t twitter, so I can’t respond to your news, but congratulations on the little one! Can’t wait to hear the story and hear about her. She’s perfect.

  39. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR GORGEOUS BABY GIRL!!! 😀 I follow you guys on twitter & was stoked to wake up (in Australia) and see that she’d finally arrived. Enjoy your time with her. <3 xx

  40. Congratulations to you and Kev on your beautiful girl! Can’t wait to see more pictures and hear all about her, but of course enjoy your new little family 🙂

  41. With my first the waiting was terrible, he ended being a whole week late. That may not seem like a lot of time but to an anxious first time mother its forever. My second was a scheduled c-section and I really preferred it that way. Anyhoo, I wanted to add my thought on seeing a pregnant women in a bikini: I love it! Thats actually the only time I have worn a bikini, both times I was pregnant. I felt beautiful and comfortable in body. I hope every women has that privilege!

  42. I hope you guys get to meet your baby girl very soon! She must think its very comfy in mommy’s belly to be waiting it out so long! 🙂

    -ashley @ sunnysideshlee.com

  43. Congratuations!!!!!!!!!! She’s SO SO cute. 🙂 Hope you had a great birth experience – can’t wait to hear about it! (But don’t worry – no rush. It was like 3 weeks before I had a chance to check my email after baby’s birth!)

  44. these pictures seriously made me a little teary. so lovely. congrats jen!!

  45. as the nurse told us in the delivery room….that baby’s gonna come out eventually :). ain’t no way but out!

  46. Why do I have a feeling that you either ARE or are very CLOSE to being a mommy right now??!

  47. ahhh you haven’t written in a couple days!! i hope that means you’re holding your sweet baby girl!

  48. I read you blog everyday and was hoping everything was ok when you hadn’t posted in a few days, then I read on Adored Austin you have given birth to your litlle girl.


    I for one can’t wait to read your first blog entry post giving birth, but hope you dont feel at all rushed to get back to us.

    xx Poppy

  49. So I’ve been on your Twitter, and I am super stoked about the picys of your wee baby girl! CONGRATS!

    I also love it how you and kev are super awesomely cool christians. Praising God in this moment!

    Hope you and the fam are doing well. We will hear from you soon no doubt xx

  50. these photos are so, so sweet! like everyone else, i’m wondering if you went into labor — when i went into labor, my blog went quiet for a few days too, so i’m thinking that may be it!!! so so so excited for you, your husband and your sweet baby girl. you’re going to be an amazing and beautiful mother. xoxoxo joanna

  51. you look fantastic! as a fellow preggo (though I guess you’re not anymore!) it makes me happy to see other bellies 🙂 Gorgeous family, and congrats! You’re going to have such a sweetie – she’s born on the same day as my hubby!

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