Style File 09.09.10


I was hoping last week would be my last week of style files till after baby, but here we are Thursday 41 weeks, there is no baby and I haven’t done a style file all week. I woke up this morning and figured I should get out of my pj’s and actually get dressed today. Kev and me went out for lunch, so I thought I would put on something cute and sort fall like. It is a very moody and chilly day out. Its nice. My sandals almost felt loose on my feet because for once they weren’t super swollen. I really like this outfit. I think I will even still wear this afterwards. I am kind of obsessed with ruffles!

Leather Bomber: Zara
Blouse: The
Maternity Skirt: H&M
Volcom Sandals: c/o Pac Sun

Also someone super, super nice nominated me for Babble’s list of favorite Twitter Moms. Its not a contest or anything I dont think, but if you follow me on twitter and enjoy @jenloveskev then you can head over to babble and hit the thumbs up next to my name if you want (You can find me alphabetically under jenloveskev not @jenloveskev)

  1. You look beautiful! I keep checking back to see if there’s any baby news yet… Fingers crossed!

  2. Hey I have that leather bomber from Zara, super cute! Mine is slightly different in color and sleeve length, but it has the same buckle detail at the top. Best wishes for a smooth and speedy delivery this week, definitely be praying for you!

  3. Veronique •

    I think this is my favorite style file of yours ever. I hope she makes her appearance soon!

  4. love it! i am going to miss the pregnant style files 🙁

  5. Hang in there! The last few/extra weeks are the worst of it… I went to 43 weeks with my 1st and 42 with my 2nd! I know it’s very discouraging, but I promise the end result will be the best thing of your life.


  6. Soon you will have her in your arms and it will be all worth the wait!!!
    Jen I have been checking your blog every day to see if you are in labor or not.
    It sounds funny because I really don’t know you but we have talked through your blog!
    Just know that i’m VERY excited for you!!!!

  7. LOVE that creamy blouse with the more structured jacket!

  8. I like the romantic ruffles with the hard edge of the jacket, great mix. 🙂

    Baby must be having a good time and doesn’t seem to want to come out! I’m very excited for you guys, this has got to be tough with all this waiting. It will soooo be worth it though!

  9. You look wonderful Jen! Honestly though, I feel like all of your outfits would still be wearable post baby – you know? Gosh I feel so bad for you that baby girl hasn’t shown up yet – I know how frustrating it is being overdue – though I’m glad you’re keepin busy making those adorable cuddly toys!!! xoxo

  10. Your jacket is super cute! I love all the things you wear. Hopefully baby decides to come soon for you! Good luck! 🙂

  11. awe, you look amazing!! & i love how you did your hair! 🙂 i hope your little girl gets here soon… i am sure its so hard to wait at this point…. you are in my thoughts and prayers!

  12. how cute! this baby need to come soon, so i can teach her about swaps.

  13. Adorable!! love that bomber with the ruffles coming out, nice cool color palate to match your chilly day.
    Well maybe today wasn’t the day..maybe your little baby wanted to give you some room between your birthday and hers?!! xoxo
    Maybe tomorrow is the day!

  14. I’m mad at my h&m because they dont carry maternity or childrens cloths anymore. And I would always shop for Anthony there. Well at 41 weeks you’re looking great. I guess you just made such a nice home for her in there she doesn’t wanna come out. If she only knew what a beautiful family she’ll be a part of she would be rushing to get here! xo

  15. hope the baby comes soon, but you look classic and radiant here!

  16. Hey girl, hang in there! My best friend was due on Tues and her hubby (in the Navy too) has to leave town next Monday so everyone was praying for her to go into labor soon so they could have time as a family together. She had her baby boy today. 🙂 God’s timing is perfect and He will bring your baby girl at just the right time. Anyway, just letting you know I am praying for you too.

  17. you look AMAZING. seriously, at 41 weeks with both my kids i was a swollen, puffy mess sitting on my couch crying because i was sure my baby would never ever ever come out. you, on the other hand, look stunning. don’t worry, she’ll come. you’ll do great.

  18. Heather Pogor •

    Less swelling = baby time (that’s how it was for me!). My guess – it’ll be soon!

  19. I turn on my tweetdeck every chance I get for baby news. I’m sending good baby vibes all the time. This outfit is amazing, Jen. Seriously…amazing.

  20. love the outfit! i’m looking into glasses lately and had to ask because yours look awesome – where’d you get ’em?! prayers your baby comes soon!

  21. Love the outfit – I think ruffles are great and you look great 🙂 I hope baby comes tomorrow b/c that’s my birthday!

  22. I just really love that outfit. It just screams FALL. Not windy, rainy fall, but a tiny chill in the air, the fresh smell in the morning, the dew on the grass, the leaves swaying in the wind fall. And I love that skirt. I really need to find a great jean skirt like yours.

  23. lovely outfit… it looks great with the funky glasses and I adore the Zara jacket! Hope your baby comes soon. xx veronika

  24. I love ruffles too, so of course I think this look is super cute! Hang in there, I’m sure the baby will be here before you know it!

  25. Very cute! Hang in there…my first was 9 days late and I was going insane with the waiting, so I can imagine how you might be feeling!

  26. I know exactly how you feel, I went 41 weeks and 1 day. I was induced which resulted in a C-section and so as much as you want that baby here, you don’t really want to force it! Good luck! You will love being a mom!

  27. You look great Jen! Hang in there, and baby – get out of there! 🙂

  28. 41 weeks pregnant and still looking fabulous! I hope the baby comes soon.

  29. This is gorgeous! I know you must be going crazy waiting, (I don’t blame you at all!) but I am super super impressed that you’re still doing style files and looking amazing.

    Fingers crossed for your family this weekend!

  30. You look spectacular! I know it’s hard to wait but maybe your baby just needs a little more time to grow. What fun to find your blog through What I Wore. Love your style.

  31. You look SO great! I can’t believe you are 41 weeks pregnant! Hang in there–I would be anxious too! I’m only 19 weeks pregnant and the baby is all I think about all day everyday–how can you not?! I think its great you are waiting instead of going for induction. She’ll be here soon!

  32. look at you all prim and polished and who knows, you could have went into labour right then and there…hehe. i bet you are just aching to meet your new baby. i would try pushing really hard and see if that starts her moving…lol. you look amazing!!

  33. 40 weeks and you still look so amazing!!I love your jacket. Hope the little one comes soon!

  34. You looked absolutely gorgeous and so radiant right up to the very end. As I write this, you are already enjoying your precious little girl, but I just wanted to say that and am behind on commenting. CONGRATULATIONS! I can’t wait to see more pictures! And to hear the name!

  35. You make pregnant look chic and effortless! Love this look.

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