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Ugh! Still no baby for those of you that are wondering. Sorry to keep talking about it but its all I can think about every minute of everyday! If you have been late or if you are late when you are pregnant you will understand.

To keep my hands and mind busy I have been sewing and crafting things these last few days to put up in my etsy shop. I made one of these adorable dolls for our little girl and thought they were just too cute to keep to myself. So I made 3 more to sell. Snatch one up if you like them. I only made 3.


I also made a couple crazy cats. I love how funny they are and how cute the vintage fabric is!


and because fall is around the corner I made a few Grey Tunnel Scarfs. I seriously can not wait till I can wear mine again. It was my favorite thing last year. I wore it every day all day long (I would give myself dreads because my hair would be wrapped up inside it all day long). They are just too cozy to not wear all the time! I also made this cute headband. I love the different fabrics and flowers grouped together.


Head over to my shop to check out more pictures and details of everything listed!!

Also to help pass time I finally signed up for a formspring account. Have a question you would like to ask me?? Here’s your chance…

  1. Cute stuff!! You’re very talented 🙂

  2. You are so talented Jen!! I want one of everything!!! They’re all so fun and cute.

    Lulu Letty

  3. how is it possible you haven’t had your baby yet??? I would be going crazy with anticipation! Love your crafts, especially the dolls!

  4. aw! still no baby! I’m anxious for you! Won’t they be inducing you any time soon?

  5. Love the dolls, the cats everything… 😀

  6. I love these dolls so much. They’re absolutely beautiful. They look like you and your sisters haha! Did you name them? I will go check out your page. Good for you for keeping busy. Hope baby girl gets here soon – I’m just dieing to see what she looks like.

  7. careful of those buttons on baby toys! i’m sorry you are late. i was two weeks late with both my sons, and it was very, very hard. she’ll come. they can’t stay in there forever.

  8. I got one, I got one, a tunnel scarf for the grayest days (and considering I’m in Vancouver, there are many of those in my future…). Thank you for being so productive in these last days of your first pregnancy, though I’m sure sewing/knitting/crocheting are welcome distractions.

    When my mom was late with my brother, she went on the swings…something about the gravity and the weight..give it a try!?

  9. I know how you feel with no baby. My daughter was 9 days late and it was miserable. I started believing she would actually never come out and I’d just grow her into adulthood in my uterus. Also, love the dolls! Way cute.

  10. Holy moly. You have been one productive lady! I love the dollies you made for your daughter. They are so colorful and fun.

    I hope the baby comes soon, Jen!

    Bea from A plus B

  11. Super cute stuff! Hopefully she’ll make her debut soon! *fingers crossed*

  12. Hang in there! My due date was on August 3rd and I had my little girl on August 11th. So I feel your pain. Just know she will be here soon!

  13. I absolutely love that headband. It’s gorgeous. And the kitties are adorable. You are quite the talented lady! Love looking at your stuff and reading your blog. Hope the baby comes soon!

  14. My baby was 17 days late…and I was finally induced! Hang in there…some women just have long gestation periods for babies! Here’s hoping she comes soon…I totally understand where you’re at!

  15. My son was a week late… I know what your going through!

    I went over to the shop but can not find the tunnel scarf…..

  16. Have you heard of the Padalily? I saw a mom carrying around this really cute carseat handle pad and thats what she said it was… looks like it would help my arm out a lot!

  17. Have you heard of the Padalily? I saw a mom carrying around this really cute carseat handle pad and thats what she said it was… looks like it would help my arm out a lot!

  18. Just found you via WhatIWore and wanted to say that I think your site is just beautiful. Love the dolls and the tunnel scarf – if you make more this fall I’ll be sure to pick one up 🙂

  19. Oooo, love the dolls and the scarf.

    Hang in there being overdue. Due dates are such bull. Less than 4% of Moms deliver on their due date, most are after. Try, try, try to be patient and avoid an induction if you can. Inductions can lead to other problems. Your baby will come when she is ready. Design Mom has some great birth stories on her website: if you like that kind of thing. Here’s my post from 4 years ago when I was at the point that you are now! Good luck and wishing you the best birth and a healthy baby.

  20. The crafts are all great and a nice way to keep yourself busy in these last few days/hours before baby. I especially love the dolls. Also wanted to thank you for yesterday’s tweet on the Boathouse Mocha drink. Picked up a bottle to have some for breakfast today and it is simply divine! Fills my need for that coffee taste with some added protein. Kind of genius!!!

  21. Hang in there! My first girl was 10 days late and when a waitress asked me before (a week before our due date) if I was prepared for her to be late I almost threw my plate of food on her. Seriously. And I am not a plate-of-food thrower. Get lots of rest though – that is the only thing I wish I did differently (besides wait more patiently!). I had light/medium contractions for about a day and a half and didn’t rest enough so the actual birth ended up being tougher and longer than I think it should have because I was exhausted. I had both my babies naturally and it is possible! (Blessed by no complications of course….) So hang in there and keep thinking positive.

  22. oh no did I miss out on the tunnel scarfs? I just checked your store and only saw a couple dolls. Love how your tunnel scarf looks so cozy!! I usually wear a scarves all winter long too and something like that would be so lovely!
    I hope your baby comes today!!! xoxo

  23. oh my goodness – i love cloudy the cat! SO adorable jen!!!

  24. Wow Jen, so great of you to do something productive with your “waiting time”. These are all gorgeous!

  25. hang in there! I second Sarah S. about getting plenty of rest. I had the same medium/light contractions for 2 days before my son was born (15 days late) and instead of chilling out like I should have, I tired myself out more. Good luck. I know this is cliche, but just remember, you waited this long already–a couple of more days is nothing!

  26. oh my gracious. too cute for words. love!


  27. Another 2 weeks and counting late lady here…I finally had to be induced and my doctor told me I probably would have gone an additional 2 weeks longer (4 weeks overdue!) or worse if we didn’t induce. Apparently, some women’s bodies just carry babies for a long time. It’s really frustrating when you meet people who had their baby the day it was due or a few days or week early, but in the end it really will be here so soon!

    I echo the rest! Take naps alot if you can. Once you go into labor, you aren’t sleeping another night through the night for months (maybe years! ;). Literally! I remember thinking that seemed so unfair – I checked into the hospital and the last full night of sleep I ever had was the night before I checked in till my firstborn learned to sleep through the night 10 months later (I nursed)

    So rest up! Blessings to you, you look beautiful!

  28. Oh my..these are SOOOOO cute…I love them all..I really need to make things like this with my scrap fabrics and notions!!
    I am soooo excited for you to feel the joy of motherhood…and all that comes with it!! I shared a very (in my opinion) humorous story about my daughter today….I think you will enjoy seeing what you are getting yourself into…and maybe you can laugh hard enough to enduce labour!!??

  29. Your are quite the crafter! I love the dolls. I sadly have no one to give them to. Also, if you want a way to pass the time, that is if you haven’t gone into labor yet, I have a fun contest on my blog if you are a football fan and shop at Victoria’s Secret. Check it out. Thanks!

  30. I missed out on the tunnel scarf! I am sending you positive vibes for you and your beh-beh. I am sure that you will all be together very soon!

  31. Oh no! I missed the tunnel scarf. Any more coming?

  32. i love the tunnel scarves and i’m so bummed they sold out! will you be making more this fall? good luck with the baby, i hope she comes soon! 🙂

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