Fall, Fall, Fall…

I am so ready to wear tights & sweaters & layers oh my! The taste of fall this past weekend made me happier than I can say. There has been lots of Fall inspiration popping up all over the blog world lately. I have been saving a whole bunch of pictures and placing them in my clothing inspiration folder. I keep folders on the desktop to place pictures in that I use for inspiration when I get dressed. I cant afford all kinds of designer goods, but you can use pictures for inspiration to put together a similar outfit from your own wardrobe or to look for items at thrift stores & stores you shop. Its not about copying but using it as a starting point and making it into your own style.

What inspires you? and how to you use it to create your own ideas?

I have fallen head over heels with the Winter Collection from Secret Squirrel!!


and of course the J.Crew catalogs are always my favorite to look thru. Everything is just so beautiful! I have 3 J.Crew gift cards burning holes in my wallet right now. I am trying to be good though and wait till I can actually try something on post pregnant belly.


What are you most looking forward to wearing this fall?

  1. I hadn’t seen the secret squirrel lookbook but I think I’ve fallen in love. Thanks for sharing and i’m keep ya in my thoughts hoping that baby girl comes any day now.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. i totally agree with your choices! problem is i am having a hard time reworking my clothing lately…so maybe fall will help!

  3. Fall can’t get here soon enough in Dallas, Texas… but we usually have to wait for October -November for its arrival sadly. πŸ™ I love a season full of tights, boots, cardigans, and scarves!

  4. My favorite season!!! I’m looking forward to boots, leggings and huge sweaters! Lots and lots of layers, and I am loving coming across some great olive green things to add to my wardrobe this season. Also, I’m in the market for some great new coats.

  5. Ahhhh, these collections look so awesomely delicious (I could actually eat them!)Ò€¦they remind me alot of the urban outfitters collections!

    Hope your pregnancy is going good!


  6. Oh man – This has made me all sorts of excited!

    I thought I loved fall for the cozy candles and blankets you get to curl up in every evening. But loks like I added another reason to love fall – THE CLOTHING.

    Yours Truly

  7. I have a pair of boots that I bought about a month ago and a 1970’s vintage tunic….I’m so ready to be able to wear both!!! fall can’t get here soon enough!

  8. I keep an inspiration folder too. Right now I can’t wait to wear oxford shirts with skirts and dresses. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you and baby too.

  9. michelle •

    girl, i am so looking forward to tights, scarves and boots! woo hoo
    but like one of your other commenters, i have to wait a bit for fall in TX. πŸ™‚

  10. Awww, I’ve stumbled back across your blog! I used to read it all the time, but lost the address in the shuffle of changing computers. But I’ve found it again! yay!

    I’m so excited for autumn! I’ve gotten a good taste of fall the past few days, and I’m ready to layer back up. Also, J Crew is brilliant. It has defiinitely gotten better since only a few years ago when it was just TOO preppy for me!

  11. Oh you’re so lucky you have some JCrew gift cards! I always love everything in there but it can be so pricey πŸ™

  12. I am so excited about fall too. I just saw a yummy looking butternut squash soup recipe served in a hollowed out baby pumpkin. It looked so cute. However I still have a 2 months before I can dream of dressing an unpregnant belly. So for fall I can only look forward to scarves and boots for now. Oh and layers too. I could probably get away with wearing non maternity cardigans and blazers open. Any variety helps. I’m so sick of wearing the same few things. I get inspired from movies, for clothing and decor. I find myself always looking at the rooms and how they’re styled rather than the people.

  13. I totally have inspiration folders too! I find that I will come across an outfit that reminds me of something I have in my wardrobe and I file it for later use. So much fun when you have one of those “nothing” to wear moments!!

    For fall I really want more green and brown in my wardrobe. It’s funny how color seems to be the thing I change my mind on most!

  14. Anjelika •

    Such gorgeous collections.

  15. I think that J Crew has the most perfect fall styling out there. It’s such a great mix of feminine and masculine, and the accessories are beautiful. I’m mildly obsessed!

  16. o jcrew. that last pullover is just tragically expensive. as were many equally covetable pieces from the september catalog.
    wait wait wait to buy any closet newbies. i’m eighteen months past the arrival of my monster and the figure is still subject to change…
    thank goodness for target!

  17. Ohhhh, I love all of this stuff.. I absolutely cannot wait to wear tights again!!! I’ve been stocking up, because everything is on sale right now! Yayyyy for Fall!

  18. Ahh, I can’t wait to wear my scarves. My peacoat. My leather boots. My sweaters. My corduroy skirt from H&M. Definitely sick of summer over here in Istanbul!

  19. im never usually excited about fall but this year i am so ready for big knitted jumpers and crazy coloured tights, its going to be a very stylish autumn πŸ˜€

  20. Tights and my oxfords that I bought at the beginning of spring. I love love love that look and can’t wait. I always feel more fashionable in the fall.

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