Labor Day…


It’s a little funny today is Labor Day as I sit here waiting for labor to start. I won’t say it’s not very very hard to wait but today has been lovely. I woke up this morning and decided I was going to enjoy the day and value every moment I had left with Kev being just the 2 of us.

We went out for brunch and then headed to Peebles Island for a hike. I love it there. We had the best time walking, holding hands, talking and sitting on a cliff overlooking the Mohawk River with the beautiful fall breeze blowing. Being on the verge of such a life changing event, I know it will be a moment we will not forget anytime soon.

Happy Labor Day!

  1. what a beautiful picture and a beautiful day to remember.

  2. best of luck Jen!

  3. How funny, I go running on Peebles Island all the time! You must be local to the Albany/Cohoes area….have you checked out New Too You in Latham? It’s the best second hand clothing shop, lot’s of great high-end items 🙂 Enjoy the beautiful day and time with just the two of you!

  4. It sounds like a wonderful day and one that you will always cherish! I hope that the baby comes soon and safely!

  5. aw that sounds so wonderful! I’m glad you two were able to have a nice time together. Happy upcoming Labor Day for you 🙂

  6. That’s a gorgeous picture! Everyone keeps saying its funny how I gave birth to my little girl labor day weekend (Saturday). Hopefully you go into labor soon! 🙂

  7. Looked like a gorgeous day! Glad you’re soaking the peace & quiet in before the big moment arrives! 🙂

  8. Wow, still no baby yet? It’s wonderful that you’re able to be so active so close to the baby’s arrival. Soak up the rest of your couple time!

  9. Happy labor day! It’s so good to hear such positive thinking. I hope you enjoy your last minutes of “freedom” with your husband.

  10. Happy Labour Day!

    ah, I remember that feeling as if it were yesterday…now we are amazed by how few years there are until the kids are finished HS, and it will be “just the two of us” again…

  11. Oh, I hope the baby comes soon. I was 2 weeks overdue so there can be a wait – try and keep busy if you can – lunch with friends, lots of walks, movies, and as much as you can stand! Going to matinees during the day can be a fun escape! Very best!

  12. best wishes for your impending labor! it was three months ago that my husband and i went from just the two of us to the three of us. it’s amazing but you’ll never forget those last days – enjoy it!

  13. That’s beautiful picture, you look so peaceful in it … Maybe today will be baby day! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you Jen!

  14. Ah, it must be hard… my coworker’s wife was 10 days late, he had to reschedule his parental leave. But I do hope I get to hear some good baby news from your corner before I leave on holiday – best of luck to you!

  15. Oh yes, and a belated but very very happy birthday!

  16. Today, Tuesday, is the day I chose. I said you would pick the name Ruby and she’d be born on a Tuesday just like the Stones song. At the time I felt so mean picking one past due but first babies usually take their sweet time in the womb. I’m glad you found the energy to make some sweet memories with Kev in nature.

    A song that got me ready for labour was Salt n’ Peppa’s “Push it”…ooh baby baby b-b-baby push it real good…my husband and I laughed hysetercially singing and dancing to it and our son decided to come out to meet the silly people who made him and join the fun.

  17. I have been dropping in on your blog from time to time, but this is he first time I have left a comment.
    First, you look amazing. I admire your ability to be so pregnant and still sport some killer heels. I wish I would have been as fashionable when I was pregnant.
    Second, just remember to enjoy every moment 🙂 It all goes by too quickly.

  18. Such a sweet post!!

  19. it sounds like you had a lovely day, and it’s nice you’ll have these photos to help you remember it! it sounds like you’re so calm right now, which is amazing. good luck to you!!

  20. Hi 🙂 Long time reader, I don’t usually comment, but there was something about this post. I hope the baby comes soon! I was actually born on a labour day many years ago. Hooray to September babies 😀

  21. lovely! it’s true that once baby girl arrives you will be absolutely certain your life has never been complete without her. but it’s good to relish in the present while you still have some alone time. i love your attitude!!

  22. your looking so sweet on that rock hehe

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