Style File 08.24.10


I feel like every dress I own is now way, way too short in the front because of my giant belly. Even my maternity shirts, I feel like are doing that sticking out thing because there isn’t enough fabric to cover. If that doesn’t mean this baby should come sooner rather than later I don’t know what does. I was pretty excited to wear my new cardigan from Modcloth today though. I felt very back to school when I got dressed this morning, which led to wearing little peach colored socks and oxfords. I couldn’t help it. I feel like I just need some books in a leather strap and I will be all set. Which is fitting since I spent a good part of the morning reading one of my old art history text book. haha. I forgot how heavy those things are. We kept everyone that we got in school, so lets just say we have a shelf with about a million pounds of books on it. I just love art history though. Half way thru school I decided to minor in it because well, its just so interesting to me. You will find out soon why I was doing some art history research. I have some very special post coming up after the baby arrives!

Pearly in the Morning Cardigan: c/o Modcloth (only 4 left!! Grab one while you can!)
Tank: H&M
Skirt: Heritage 1981
Socks: Jcrew
Oxfords: Rockports (thrifted via Savers)
Necklaces: Forever 21

  1. Lovely skirt cardi combo.

  2. Love that cardigan! Love ModCloth!

  3. Ohh, we still have our art history books from college, too! I love them!

  4. love, love this cardigan – it’s too adorable!

  5. man oh man! i remember that stage of pregnancy. i’d sworn i wouldn’t buy any more shirts until the baby came but i ended up going out and buying an XL maternity tee that was WAY too wide JUST so it would cover my belly all the way for work. (i was a teacher, too, and i taught all the way up until the day before i went into labor.) i just found out i’m pregnant again so i’ve been paying extra attention to your style files and making mental notes for later 🙂

    you look great – i know you are ready to see that baby girl!

  6. Love the shoes! You look just beautiful. Best wishes to you and Kev and you’re little girl.

  7. Totally adorable, and the skirt looks awesome

  8. Beautiful Jen. I have very much enjoyed reading all your baby updates and now the time is getting real near for “baby girl” to arrive. I have been so encouraged by your blog! Do know that I’ll be praying for you these next few weeks. 🙂

  9. ooh that cardigan is adorable!! too bad i’m poor haha

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