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Look at me go. I may actually get in 4 outfit pics this week! Remember when I use to take 5? Oh the good ol’ days. How is everyone’s week going? I can’t believe how fast this week is going by. Its already time again for my weekly midwife appointment. I feel like I have them everyday. It has been really humid this week and my hair is driving me CRAZY! I want to keep growing it out but it is just so blah and my bangs are getting in my face. I have been trying to grow them out because I keep seeing these super cute pictures of girls with middle parted hair and grown out bangs and I love it. My bangs are getting pretty long but they are at the awkward length that is to short to make it back when I put my hair up but way to long to just be left down. Whats a girl to do? I am not very experimental with my hair which maybe I should be? Today I tried some little prairie girl braids and its cute but I have a hard time looking at these pictures and feeling like myself because I never wear my hair like that. Its funny how one new hair style can make you feel so not like yourself.


Isn’t this dress from modcloth super cute? I love the little lace detail in the center. The fabric is super soft as well. I kinda felt like I am wearing my pjs, which I think is an excellent characteristic of a dress. If you can look nice and be that comfortable than thats a winner to me.

Happy Thursday!

Navy, Navy Not Dress: c/o Modcloth
White Ruffle Blouse: Target
Belt: Ribbon from my craft room
Red Boat Shoes: c/o TImberland

p.s I am 38 weeks today!

  1. You look so lovely! I love how you did your hair. Up-dos are my friend during the summer. And I love the pop of yellow and red and ruffles! It’s hard to narrow it down with this outfit 😀 I hope you are feeling well lately. 38 weeks is so exciting!

  2. Aw, I love the way your belt looks like the bow on top of a gift. I hope I’m able to pull being pregnant off this well (when we finally decide to go for it lol).

  3. Happy 38 weeks!

    Will you share your birth story?? I really hope you do!

    I like that you added the blouse underneath the dress, it looks like one piece.

  4. You should wear this braids more often, you look great with them!

  5. oh, goodness. this is by far my favorite of your maternity outfits! love it! and you look so cute with your hair in the braids!

  6. Jen! You look beautiful!!
    What size dress have you been ordering from Modcloth while pregnant?
    I’m pregnant too, and the only thing holding me back from their clothing is sizing.

  7. that dress is super cute! I love comfy soft dresses like that 🙂

    what I usually do with my hair when it gets in the awkward stage (or when it’s humid like it is now) is curl my bangs and pin them up with bobby pins. it can look really cute and if you decide to grow them out you wont notice until one day they are long!

  8. I just love these whole outfit, quite fantastic. You are glowing!

  9. Adorable shoes. I was getting board with my hair so I said give me layers and a long bang without cutting off too much. And I love it. Grow out the bangs! Long bangs are fun!

  10. Love your hair! You are the cutest pregnant lady ever, by the way.

  11. I love your boater shoes!…38 weeks, it’s down to the wire!!

  12. This dress is too cute for words. I love that shade on you.

    Ha, I know what you mean. I felt very weird and not myself when I wore my hair in Heidi braids, too. I also tried to grow my bangs a bit longer but they kept annoying me so I cut them again.

    Lulu Letty

  13. i love how you styled this dress with the white underneath and that yellow belt! great look. your hair looks cute, i wish i could figure out how to do it…but i get it, i don’t know if i’d be comfortable in it…but i love the style.

  14. I have a random thought – have you ever thought of making ‘Lula’ a middle name or second middle name for the baby? I remember you writing that you were sad and a little reluctant to give up your lovely family name, and it sounds like a pretty cute and adorable name for a little girl as well..

  15. I love your hair; it’s really cute!

  16. that blue dress is amazing on you. so lovely. and you’re such a beautiful and radiant pregnant woman. i hope i look like you do when i’m preggers!

  17. Super cute!

    When my daughter was growing out her bangs, she got frustrated and gave up twice…then she donated her hair, and the layered bob ended up being the same length as the bangs, and then it didn’t feel so annoying…strange that even though they were still the same length, they were less bothersome because they integrated into her style…

    That reminds me, I need to measure to see if her locks are long enough, she wants to donate it again before the school year starts!

  18. Pretty hair and cute outfit!

  19. The neckline on that dress is fantastic.

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