Brunch Date Style File 08.18.10

First off let me just say I just had a bowl of Capt’n Crunch with Crunch Berries and it was DELICIOUS!!! haha I normally eat very healthy cereal but I couldn’t resist yesterday at the store and it was worth every extra calorie and gram of sugar in the bowl. Mmmm


Ok, back to outfit post.

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of meeting up with the very lovely and genuine Jenny Feldman. Her family was in tow and it was great to meet everyone and spend some time getting to know each other. I had a fabulous time and an amazing brunch of Raspberry oatmeal pancakes. Can’t wait for our next hang out!

Last week in the mail I received my new Carpenter Bee bag from Spotted Moth. Isn’t it freakin’ awesome? It was packaged so beautifully I had to wait till Kev got home to open it because I wanted him to see the packaging for himself (we are nerdy like that). I was so excited when I finally torn it all open, its got so much room in it. I love the contrasting stripped fabric on the inside. For now it is just being used as my every day killer purse but when the baby is born I have decided this will be my new bad ass mommy diaper bag/purse. haha. How cool will I be? Nobody will want to mess with us.

This lace tunic is so not maternity. The lining is half way up my belly but at least the lace part I can pull way down. I sure do love this shirt though, I cant wait to wear it during the Fall. I love the lace paired with the chunkiness of this necklace. Its like the perfect match to me. I love all the different parts of the necklace intertwined.

Lace Tunic: Forever 21
Maternity Denim Skirt: H&M
Chunky Twist Necklace w. Cord: c/o LOFT
Peep Toe Flats: Thrifted in Hawaii
Carpenter Bee Bag: c/o Spotted Moth
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Clubmasters

  1. Ooh I love the lace detail on the top! And I see what you mean about the necklace! It’s lovely!

    Haha I loveeee the bag! Great idea using it as a diaper bag instead of one of those yucky ones! You’ll be like the coolest mum around haha! 😉

    xo April

  2. I so love the purse, very trendy. I love your top really beautiful.
    I bet people will be jealous when they see your diaper bag/.

  3. Jen you look amazing!!! I seriously love how you’re rocking the bump honey! I remember when you wore that tunic when you weren’t pregnant, and I love how it works so well both ways!

    Meanwhile, oh my gosh yes you should so use that as a diaper bag when baby girl comes along!! Love it!


  4. oh that purse is amazing! i am definitely digging purses with the studs along the bottom…i just posted about a great alexander wang bag that has the studs on the bottom, there’s just something about it! that lace tunic looks incredible on you, i hope that one day when i’m pregnant i won’t need to buy much either. it’s great that you’ve done so well with that…maternity clothes would just seem like a waste of money (other then the few key pieces that you need) anyway, can’t wait to see this baby!!!

  5. You’re right – the chunky necklace and the lace look so great together! And what an awesome bag!

  6. Gorgeous bag and necklace. Love the lace tunic.

  7. Love the bag.

    I bought a bag from spotted moth earlier this month and yes they package it so lovely.
    I didn’t want to open it! I kept the string and re-used it for something else : )

    Your necklace is gorgeous!

  8. Love the bag!

    The combo of the lace and the necklace is really fresh. Lookin’ good!

  9. Is your belly getting smaller?! I love this look, you look beautiful. And I hear you about the captn crunch – I just splurged on a bowl of coco pebbles.

  10. That bag is RAD! This outfit is uber amazing. I think that you have got to be the most stylish pregnant woman on this planet! The little straight mini paired with this lace tunic is genious! AWESOME!

  11. love the look. That lace tunic is adorable!!

  12. you look great…the bag is perfect as a diaper bag, such a cool mom!
    Love that necklace !

  13. Adorable outfit..:-) BTW….I used to devour Lucky Charms in my pregnancies…what is it about those sugary cereals? hahahaha!

  14. That’s gonna make an awesome diaper bag!

  15. You are quite possibly the cutest pregnant mama I have ever seen! Love the so not maternity outfit!

  16. You’re so bad ass 😉 Love it!!!

  17. You look amazing in this outfit! I love it!

  18. Oh! I really admire you because you’re about to give birth but you manage to see spectacular with the clothes you wear, the lace tunic is beautiful and looks super with that beautiful necklace … I’ll see if I make one like it, it gaves me some ideas: D

  19. This outfit is one of my favorites- you look so cute!

  20. Look at you, stylish pregnant lady! You look phenomenal for a lovely brunch. That lace top is fantastic!

  21. that lace tunic is great! Is it Maternity? Love the bag too…the studs and lace make a great pair!

  22. the lace tunic is beautiful. they are opening a forever21 in my local city in england and i am sooooo excited because i’ve never had a chance to visit the shop. i can wait to see what it has to offer and maybe even make a few purchases 😉 xx

  23. You are looking SO good! Love the lace tunic =D

  24. I love that you’ve worn non-maternity things throughout your pregnancy — it’s so encouraging and inspiring! I lust over that lace top, you wear it so well!

  25. Goodness you look gorgeous. That lace blouse is absolutely lovely, but I love how the multi-chain necklace gives it a subtle edge.

  26. That’s a really lovely lace top. You look great!

  27. This outfit is perfect. PERFECT! You really do look gorgeous. So classic.

  28. You look so amazing!!

  29. I Love the Style and the Pictures with the rustic brick wall. Great Pictures. I hope you have some nice frames for them.

  30. Hi Jen,
    How is this bag working out as a diaper bag? I may be thinking
    along the same lines.

    Thanks for your help!

  31. […] The rocker spikes on the bottom of the bag are one of my favorite details. After seeing Jen and Keiko wear this bag, I was in love. It’s hard to see but my friend Giorgia brought me […]

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