Cut, Sew, Hot Glue…

I have been keeping myself busy lately sewing some little goodies, making a mobile for baby, redoing the Pram and sewing pretty pillow cases. I wanted to share some of the finished projects with you…

First off, our friends had their brand new beautiful baby boy last week and when I went to the hospital I brought along these 2 sewn animals for little Milo to play with. I like them both but I think the dino is my favorite. They both had felt backs in different colors with hand sewn details.

Next up was the Pram. I really hated the ugly design that was around the top of it. It was very dated and not very baby like at all. I decided to hack it off and redo it with some pretty lace. All I did was cut the trim, bind it with some white binding tape and hot glue some new cute lace around it. I love it! It looks so much better now!

Alright keeping it short and sweet. I am all the sudden so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open. Nap TIme!

  1. Danielle •

    Is that an R I see in the Pram? A clue perhaps to the babies name?
    Love the stuffed animals! Your little baby girl is going to be so cute! And the best dressed baby around im sure!

  2. ooo it IS way cuter with the lace! LOVE it! And those stuffed animals are so cute – I love that you added Milo’s name!

  3. Ooh, such great projects!

    Have you ever posted about your sewing machine or that aspect of your artsiness before? I’m in the market for a sewing machine and spied yours in the background of a photo here – would you mind sharing which model it is and if you’d recommend it? I’m a newbie, but an enthusiastic one. 🙂

  4. Ohhh my god! you transformed that pram, with only some little detail 😀 now looks so beautiful… love your toys so original and unique.
    I love also to create, now i’m doing a necklace 😀

  5. I spy the letter “R” in the pram… hmmm, a hint to sweet baby’s name, perhaps?

  6. You’re so creative! Love those toys and the lace is just so perfect on your pram. Praying for you guys as the day gets closer!

  7. oh the pram looks so so so good!! you did a wonderful job…and those little plushies are great too!!

  8. Dotty dot dot •

    VERY cute! Did you design those toys or did you create them from a template? Also, I second Lisa’s request for a post about sewing machines. I’ve been wanting one for a while, but as a newcomer to sewing, I haven’t a clue what to look for…

  9. Do you have an etsy shop Jen? You should totally open one. These are so adorable! I wish I had time to sew like this during the day.

  10. I love how you managed to take the pram from something a little boring to something wow with such a simple change. It looks fantastic! And I love the soft toys you made too. Very cute!

  11. Cute toys and love the update on the pram! Also loving that little plush R along for the ride! Can’t wait to hear her name!

  12. The little owl is too cute! <3

  13. Love those pillows, it has such a quirky feel to them and they look really special and unique. Great job with the pram! =)

  14. Brianne •

    I am in love with those toys that you made!!! WOW They’re so adorable 🙂 You should make some for your etsy shop!

  15. Brianne •

    Okay, I got so excited about the toys that I rushed to comment right away… the pram looks amazing, too! You are very, very talented!

  16. The handmade gifts are so beautiful and sweet! It’s insane how up to date you made the pram just with a little lace and love. So excited for you! <3

  17. Wow Jen, you are so gosh darn creative!! Love your work.

  18. These little toys are super cute and fun. What a job well done!

  19. Ha! I spotted the ‘R’ too! Love your blog Jen… can’t wait to hear about the birth of your baby girl.

  20. You’re right, the pram looks so much better now!

  21. Those toys are the cutest owl and dino of my LIFE.

  22. This is the part I miss about having a baby…the nesting instinct!! Love the dinosaur. 🙂

  23. That pram is just beautiful and even more so with the lace you put on it! 🙂

  24. The pram is so cute! When I was little I lived in New Jersey, and my mum, who is very British, pushed my sister and I everywhere in a pram. Everyone thought we were a little funny, but it was so comfortable and easy for her to fit all three of us in. Whenever I see one I have good memories. Your baby is going to have one styling vehicle!

  25. Jen what great pillows you’ve posted about here! I would love a pattern for the dino and/or to see it in your etsy shop….although I think it would be fun to try & make! It would be just perfect for my son’s room. Congrats again & hope your last couple/few weeks so smoothly…good luck w/ everything! Labor & delivery stories are so fun!

  26. jen i’m in love with the little owl you made! so cute
    you look great and cant wait to meet the new member of the family..good luck & praying for you

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