Bridal Shower Style File 08.16.10


Ever have a dress you sometimes like and sometimes not so much? That is kinda how I feel about this dress. I have had it about 2 years. I do not wear it very often but when I put it on the other day it fit. So really I didn’t care how I was feeling about it. Although because it did fit, I felt good and thought it was a good choice for my dear friend Suzi’s bridal shower on Saturday. I am starting to not fit into anything anymore. Even my maternity shorts are getting super tight around my stomach. I refuse to buy anything else until this baby comes. I am so excited to get some new fall clothes that won’t have to fit over a giant pregnant belly. I have been drooling over the JCrew catalog for weeks.

Dress: Johnny Martin
Bracelets: Forever 21
Love Birds Necklace: Figs&Ginger
Espadrilles: Nine West (thrifted from Clothes Mentor)

  1. Always great to read every post of your blog, i’m excited to see your baby’s first photos..

    PD. you look great! shinny 😀

  2. I think the dress looks great! The pattern is bold and fun, perfect for celebrating someone’s upcoming wedding. 🙂

  3. i don’t know why you wouldn’t like this dress, it looks perfect on you! i love the colour palette and you look so cute with your ‘giant pregnant belly’

  4. It is so cute on you! I love it with the wedges, and the back of it is adorable! I love watching your belly grow. My sister-in-law is pregnant and I love seeing her belly grow too! I’m very excited for you and your hubby! I also feel your drooling love for the Jcrews catalog. Though I live up in Canada, so we don’t have Jcrew here yet!

  5. I love these pictures! So fun and summery. You look cute as always 🙂 I love the ruffle detailing around the neck.

  6. Ashley J •

    You look sooooo cute in this dress!

  7. you looked beautiful on saturday! i just loved the dress on you! thank you again for traveling down to the cape for my shower – it was so nice to have you there! and im glad you and Kev were able to spend more time around the cape after. XOX

  8. I can’t believe it took me this long to discover your amazing blog! First off, I absolutely adore your dress and I love seeing other people work their pre-pregnancy clothes into maternity fashion (I relate to this challenge 100%). You look fantastic – you’ve gained a new reader. Congrats on your upcoming baby!

  9. the dress looks great on you for a summer baby shower…I remember towards the end nothing fit but a few t-shirts and how i yearned to wear “real people” clothes…ha

  10. i am starting to feel like absolutely nothing in my wardrobe fits as well. and it seems super silly to buy any new clothes at this point before baby. i just wanted to let you know that i simply adore your blog and you are looking fabulous. from a blogger newbie, thanks for the inspiration!!

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