Talk is Cheap..

Get ready for a post full of pictures. I don’t know why but this morning I decided to log into some old photobucket accounts. We have 2 full accounts that we used before we decided to upgrade to flickr pro. I feel like those 2 photobucket accounts hold the treasures from the last 4 years of our life. I started looking thru them page by page. I love looking thru old photos. I don’t know why but this morning I couldn’t stop. I was getting so nostalgic about everything. We really have done a lot over the last 4 years of being married. Looking back to you don’t remember the hard or tough times, you just see the joy and happiness- there was so much. We have really had an amazing life together so far. Kev is truly my best friend. I can not imagine going thru this life with out him. We have really shared so many memories together. I guess maybe when you are about to go thru a major life change you get all sentimental about things. Thats how I am feeling today.

Since we started dating we have always had a little motto that was “talk is cheap.” We have always been the couple that hasn’t let things get in the way of going on adventure. I love that about us. I feel sad for people who just let life pass them by because things might be difficult or wait around for everything to be planned out to a T. Fact is, nothing will ever be planned out perfect, you might as well just get up and go try. I get really discouraged when people say things to me like “when you have a baby things will be different.” Yes, I agree things are going to be different. I do understand that but I am not going to let people burst my bubble either. I am excited for her to come and to join in on these adventures with us. I believe that you can make things work and that is what we are going to do. So, although I am feeling all sentimental about the past 4 years, it makes me even more excited about the next 4, the next 10, the next 20. Can you imagine all the adventures we will have gone on then?

I feel extremely blessed to have Kev as my husband. When I was looking at these pictures this morning my heart was full. We keep joking about how old we are lately. It’s like all of a sudden it started to hit us that we are a lot older than we think we are (not a bad thing of course) but if I close my eyes and think of the two of us. This is the picture that I see…


Wind blown hair, sun kissed skin, Sweatshirts, smiles, some sort of inside joke being laughed at and ready for anything. Usually it would be some very late night drive home from somewhere that we just had to go to that day. The windows are down in the car, the music is up real loud, I am curled up on the passenger seat of the Element and we are holding hands. It is a very vivid image. It has happened just like that on so many different occasions. No matter what age we are, I think that will always be my image of us when I close my eyes. Maybe now, it will include a little munchkin in the backseat, sound asleep from a day of fun with mommy and daddy?

I love our life.

Remember to enjoy the small things, to roll with the punches and to go out and live life!

  1. Thank you for sharing that – what an amazingly wonderful post.

  2. Love this post! Similar to my marriage as well – adventure junkies for life! Living in the moment together is the best way to be…

  3. You two are so beautiful. I love how happy you look in every single photo. 🙂
    So excited for you to have your baby girl and continue all the adventures.

  4. This is amazing, thank you sharing it. It will certainly be exciting to share all of this with your baby girl. How lucky is she to have such cool parents?!

  5. What a beautiful post. It’s always so nice to get some insight into the lives and backgrounds of bloggers. You two make such a beautiful couple – I know the new one on the way will just make an already complete life even fuller! Thanks so much for sharing these with us.

    P.S. You received a Stylish Blogger Award on my earlier this week 🙂

  6. could you two be any cuter? i think it’s very special that you two have found each other. your daughter is very, very lucky.

  7. My boyfriend and I have been dating for 4 years this month and I feel the same way about us 🙂

    I know your little girl will add lots more fun and lots more adventures to your lovely family!

  8. These are adorable : ) I totally love finding old pictures.

  9. This is so true. I love looking at our old pictures too!

    also the previous post with baby stuff was so adorable!! she’s going to be one happy baby!

  10. this is extremely sweet, but what made me laugh out loud was the one with the bird.

  11. Oh Jen! Thank you so much for this post! My husband and I have the same wonderful bond as you and Kev, only lately the stress of life has been pulling me under. Last night we had (another) fight about something silly and today I’ve been in a total funk. Reading this (and a day full of contemplation) reminded me to stop holding on so tightly and just let go and enjoy what a wonderful life I have. Thank you for always being honest and sharing what your feeling!

  12. So cute! You guys seem like a very fun couple! 🙂

  13. It’s all true, but it could be coming out because you are prego. I just had a baby and I had my own little sentimental talk with my husband today over skype.

  14. Love this post 🙂 So glad you’re lovin’ the present and excited for the future. YAY!

  15. I was thinking about this post as I was putting my son to bed tonight. I don’t understand why people find the need to tell you how “everything changes when you have a baby.” This is obvious, of course things are going to change. But I believe that they only change how you as an individual choose to let them change. I mean, some things will have to change and there are always things to adjust to, but why is THAT what they choose to say when you tell them you’re excited to do all these things while having a baby. I think that people should just let you be and figure things out for yourself. And even when they do change it doesn’t matter because you’ll be so in love with her that nothing else will matter. There are a lot of things that were too much of a hassle for me to do when I had a baby but there are other wonderful things that will replace them.

    I think for me, having a baby in tow was not so much what made it difficult to do things but more that the money situation changed after he was here and I was not working. But sometimes the greatest little adventures cost nothing like a picnic in the park or a drive to someplace new.

    It doesn’t change when you’re on your second kid either. All I hear lately is “Oh just wait till you have two” or “You’ll understand when the baby gets here.” I just wanna yell at them – UG It makes me so mad. That’s why I had to comment about that. I love you guys and you’re going to make the greatest little family.

  16. I know it’s silly, but I got teary eyed reading your post. You and Kev are so wonderful and I know your life is going to continue being fantastic with your sweet little girl!!!

    Lulu Letty

  17. Jen, your blog inspires me everyday. I was accepted to the school of nursing I have wanted to attend my entire life and am about to continue the journey. When I am through with school I plan to move to Hawaii. That has always been a dream of mine… but nothing that felt real. However, reading your blog and seeing the way you choose to live your life has shown me anything is possible… and Hawaii feels much more then an impossible daydream now. Thank you for showing me how important it is to live my life.

  18. when my husband and i we’re just dating people say, when you get married things are going to be different. We’re married for 3 years now and everything just got better. This December we’re going to have our first baby. And I know things will get even better.

    I really don’t understand why people say those things. i have faith in my husband and in our relationship that we’re “different” from the rest and id like to think that for as long as we live.

    we’re happy. we’re excited. life is good.

    I wish every couple would stay madly in love.

    congrats to both of you.

    btw am pregnant too. happiness!

    I am Denise Katipunera

  19. I used to hear over and over again, “Your life is OVER once you have kids.” The truth is that it’s completely up to you! 🙂 It all depends on how yo look at things. Yes, things change, but everything’s always changing anyway. My son is two, and he is the most incredible blessing to my husband and I! It feels like life burst into millions of new colors when he arrived!

    We’ve already had so many amazing adventures together, and we’re always planning new ones. Plus, seeing your little girl experience adventures that you’ve already had will feel like you’re experiencing them for the first time all over again. It’s amazing 🙂 Best wishes to you and Kev, and baby, and many more adventures to come!

  20. So nice! I feel like I know you even better now:)

  21. Beautiful British Columbia! Love it!

  22. What wonderful happy photos!

    Whenever my husband and i are out I’m always the one taking photos, he never seems interested in taking any.

  23. You two are such an inspiration. So bold and beautiful and happy and confident. I’m going to bookmark this post and refer back to it whenever I need a reminder that “talk is cheap.”

  24. You two are so cute. I love that you go on adventures together. it makes me so happy when bloggers post pictures of them and their loved ones. 🙂

    thanks for sharing!

  25. Lovely photos Jen! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Btw, I’ve entered the Miss Shop Style Off competition, and it would be an absolute dream to win! I’m asking my lovely blog friends/followers to show their support by voting for me 🙂

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  26. I love your love for hooded sweatshirts! I have to periodically give away a few because they take up an unreasonable large portion of clothing space. Your baby girl is going to love her own hoodie for the family walks!!

  27. These pictures are so adorable! I have just found your blog and I am hooked! (:

  28. oh why, oh why won’t my b/f let me use the camera more! it’s looking back on years and years of memories like this that really makes me appreciate the small amount of time it takes to snap such important moments. And you’re right, life is too short not to just go for it, whatever that ‘it’ might be at the moment. And to kind of collage this post and the one I just wrote about the fashion blues, isn’t it so much more rewarding to spend your money on moments like these rather than that silly pair of wooden platforms. guarantee when I’m 80 years old I won’t remember those platforms, but I’ll definitely remember those very special moments with the ones who mean the most. the memories may be a little muffled at that point, but they’ll definitely last longer than the shoes.

    also, about having babies = the end of the world…. isn’t that the biggest crock of shit? why should that be the end? why not bring that baby into your adventures? people are so funny sometimes! i think the moment that made me realize babies aren’t the end of the world was when my anthropology teacher told me about taking her one year old son to live with her when she studied amongst the Pollapese people for a year. The men would fish and the women would harvest tarot. They had homes made out of tin and very, very few materialistic things. I think it was very reassuring to see someone living such an adventurous life with a baby. Her and her husband didn’t use him as a reason to stop living there lives! Even though I wasn’t too wild about the teacher, she did have a huge impact on my life because of that. I trust you guys will have no problem continuing on with your adventurous lives, even after baby comes. 🙂

    thanks so much for you comment on my latest post too. it feels good to know i’m not the only one that hits these ruts. you guys left some pretty amazing comments though, and i think it’s safe to say that my perspective has already shifted.

    take care of yourself!!

  29. What a beautiful post. It’s nice to see other couples out there who truly value each other & are each other’s best friend. So excited for years more of wonderful adventures for you & your family!

  30. You two are possibly the cutest, most adventurous, loving couple out there. I love these posts! I’m sure your new addition will only add to the fun.

  31. You have a bunch of great picutres guys!
    I love them all!!!!!

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  33. I absolutely love this post. 🙂

  34. This made me tear up a little bit, and I’m not even a crier. So incredibly sweet! I hope I have what you have one day… and when I do, I hope I appreciate it as much as you.

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