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Yesterday was one of those days that you just can’t bring yourself to get on the internet. I needed a little break. I woke up- I sewed some stuffed animals for a Friends new baby boy and then I drove out to the hospital to go and visit them. I have to say sitting in the hospital room holding a brand new baby, talking with a friend about birth and life and just exciting things was really refreshing and totally enjoyable. Kev and I are so, so happy for our Friends. The baby is beautiful and the proud new parents are glowing. I also got to stop at the outlets for a bit and use a carters gift card I got for some adorable baby things. When I got home we had some friends come over for pizza, delicious salads and some games. I love game nights. Yesterday was a day that I am grateful for. Its always good to have days surrounded by good friends. Last night I was having some very uncomfortable contractions though. Kinda crazy. Kev rubbed my back for a long time, then I took a hot shower and relaxed on the couch and watched Rachel Zoe and ate a creamsicle. They died down eventually and off to sleep we went.

I really love my outfit in todays pictures but the photos and I were in a fight while we were taking them. I hate those days. Sometimes photo shoots go so easy (like 5 photos and everyone is a keeper) and sometimes like today they are so painful. Every picture is eh and it just gets worse and worse the longer you stay out there trying to take pictures. I had a few errands to run this morning so I woke up right after Kev left for work and got dressed. I have had this blouse for a while- its really flowy so it still fits good even though it’s not maternity. I love the ruffle around the collar. The skirt is not maternity either and if I was going to be out for a long time I would not have worn it. It doesn’t zip up the side anymore so I just pull one of my maternity tanks down over it to hold in place and cover it up. haha. oh the joys of pregnancy! I am hoping fall will come sooner if I just keep wearing outfits a little more inspired by fall than summer. Fingers crossed!

Jacket: LOFT
Blouse: LOFT
Denim Skirt: NY&Co.
Oxfords: Rockport (thrifted from Savers)
Necklace: NY&Co.

  1. Well dispite your issues with the camera the photos have come out lovely. You really are a very chic yummy -mummy-to-be x

  2. I love the outfit. I think the photos turned out well. Nice color palette.

  3. I agree with you – sitting in a hospital room, holding a baby, and talking about being a mother (or almost being a mother) is one of the absolute most amazing things. We are programmed to feel like hospitals are ominous and bad, yet we forget all of the amazing things that happen in them – births, new life, and recovery.

    I love this color on you. Totally random, but after I found out I was having a girl I found myself much more drawn to girly colors and fabrics for myself. Has this happened to you?

  4. Sorry picture-taking was so hard, but these ones turned out beautifully! The colors and soft textures of this outfit is just right.

  5. Love the colors in your outfit today!

  6. I love this outfit! Definitely going in my “outfits to copy” folder. 🙂

  7. sounds like a perfect day! i love this outfit too- i still haven’t bought any oxfords…i can’t commit. it really is inspirational how many of your clothes aren’t maternity. you’re a genius!

  8. I don’t think the pictures are bad. They came out very sweet. And that blouse is so pretty. I like this outfit. So you’re having a lot of contractions? I am just waiting for the call that baby girl is here! So exciting!!

  9. Chelsea M •

    cute outfit!!! When you don’t post for a day I think eeeeek maybe she’s had the baby a bit early!!

  10. you look amazing! love the outfit.

  11. Oooh that’s great your getting some braxton hicks!! You’re getting close honey! Meanwhile, this outfit is so cute… and I think the pictures are really great too

  12. I totally understand about having the need to take a break from the blogword and the internet in general. I hope it was refreshing for you! This outfit is adorable by the way.

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