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So the time is getting close. I am feeling more and more ready (haha well, are you ever really ready?). I feel like we have all the details taken care of, all the “stuff” is here, washed and ready to go. It’ scattered about our apartment and some of the stuff is just too darn cute to not share. I can’t wait till it is all in use!
All her burp clothes, swaddling blankets, wash clothes, towel, etc.. are all washed & folded. Do you see some familiar fabric? The lovely Megan Nielsen made me a super cute baby kit with the extra fabric from my Maternity dress.

Kev and I are really not into all the patterned everything that is out there for babies. For blankets and things it’s one thing but for car seats, strollers, bouncers it’s just too much for us. We went with mostly black for all those kind of things. We really love everything we got and will work well for future boys or girls. We got the Chicco Keyfit 30 Carseat because it had good ratings and it was compatible with our stroller. This cute little white knitted blanket that is on the car seat is what my Mom and Dad had me wrapped in when I came home from the hospital. My mom gave it to me a little while ago and our little girl will be brought home in the same blanket. So special.
I am not a crazy wooden toy lady or anything but I do really like them. There are so many toys out there now a days and I feel like they take half the fun away of being a kid and exploring and using your imagination. They do everything for you. I love the basic sort of toys. Thats just me though. I know we will end up with both but for now we have some super cute Haba Toys for her and a crazy awesome alligator from Punky and Adam.
Have you been over to Blabla? They have the cutest, softest, most adorable dolls and rattles ever. I got a few things from there and I am pretty sure I will be getting a whole heck of a lot more. Love things knitted items!!
So I searched forever to figure out what kind of baby bouncer seat to get. There are so many out there and so many just dripping in ridiculousness. They were just not for Kev and I. I was debating getting one of the Bloom Rockers but I really wanted something that would travel with us. We travel a lot. So I decided on the Baby Bjorn Chair instead and we couldn’t be happier. It’s super easy to fold up flat when we are off to Grammy’s house.
We also have a few different kinds of cloth diapers to try out before we decided what brand we are going to use. Aren’t the colors so pretty?
Last but not least… I could take pictures of baby clothes all day but I just had to share these 2 I got yesterday. I have mentioned on more than one occasion Kev and I’s love of “hooded sweatshirt” walks. I think one of the things we are most looking forward to when the baby comes is going for these walks together as a family when she is here. Making homemade hot chocolate, bundling up and going out for our late night walks. I was at carters yesterday and I found this double lined fleece hooded little sleeper. It will be her own hooded sweatshirt to wear on these walks with us. Ahhh it is so cute and so soft. WE CAN NOT WAIT!!! Also, this little bathing suit was in the clearance rack at gymboree, too cute to pass up. I love the big coral bows on the shoulders. FL here we come!!

ahh why is all baby stuff so freakin’ cute? Alright little girl come on out and play!!

  1. I bought that little wooden alligator for a friend who also has a baby girl. She LOVES it! She loves the sound it makes and loves pulling it around.

    Personally, I love wooden toys because they’re not made of PVC (which can be bad for baby!).
    Baby stuff is so cute.

  2. Hi, I just set up my own blog following my pregnancy and just came across urs while doing some blog hopping. I love ur blog!

    Such cute stuff for your little girl!!! It’s making me really excited for my little one to come already. I am also hoping to do the cloth diapering and buy a lot of handmade toys too. I haven’t even started looking at prams and car seats yet, the thought kinda scares me. There is so much to think about and too many options. Eeeep! Looks like ur all set though.

    Take care 🙂

  3. um, that bathing suit? too freakin cute for words!

  4. oh my gosh yes that stuff is all ridiculously adorable! I hear you on the all the crazy patterns of kids stuff. I tried my best to keep it all black and neutral too – and its meant that I was able to use it all again with my second too. meanwhile i kind of want to wear that swimsuit…

  5. How beautiful everything you’ve bought. Baby things are so beautiful, I don’t know why haha it will be because babies are so adorable. I have no children but when i pass to baby shops always want to buy these beautiful clothes, and when a baby is going to come I love to buy gifts for the babyshower.

  6. We loved fuzzy buns! So cute. But in the end we ended up using more prefolds and covers.

  7. So funny! Justin and I kept telling George to “Come out and play!” before he arrived. Come on baby girl Richardson!

  8. Those toys are SO precious! This gets me so excite for you two : )

  9. omg- adorable. that bathing suit is precious!

  10. Supermom •

    I was totally like you about a year ago, in the hurry up baby come…I recommend the side snap tshirts. When they are newborns they are the easiest to put on and the onesies aren’t until the belly button excess falls off. Just a tip, not that you asked for it, but I would have loved to have known this beforehand and not have to run to every baby store to find some.
    My husband and I use to practice “strolling” around the house but we really didn’t get to enjoy that part of it until she was a few months old. But, each baby is different, hopefully yours loves to stroll more than mine. She’s almost a year and doesn’t like strolling, she prefers a baby carrier. Which I would recommend an ERGO. I have the baby bjorn sports, but honestly she’s about to outgrow it, but the ERGO will get you more for the $. Get your rest, everyone says that but its because your baby will need you almost every second of the day. So hard to get sleep, I’m still sleep deprived. LOL

  11. That’s all adorable!!

  12. Such cute stuff. You are going to love the baby born bouncer seat. My son sat in this everyday till he was almost 3 and now my daughter is using it. Congrats to you guys.

  13. Thank you for sharing this absolutely cute baby things with us!

    I, too, cannot wait to see your sweet baby girl in this adorable clothes.

  14. Awwh all this stuff is soooo cute! I’m so excited for you guys! 🙂

    xo April

  15. I hope when she comes that the daily style files will also include her outfit because baby clothes are SO CUTE!

  16. eeeeee! such cute stuff! she is going to be the cutest little munchkin! i cant wait to meet her!

  17. ohh! and i LOVE that MN made matching baby stuff from the fabric from your dress she made for you! how amazingly adorable!!!?!!!

  18. aww,
    im pretty sure adam wanted that alligator for himself.

  19. what cute baby loot! i think i have told you before about the prof i nanny for … the experience has taught me a lot about what babies need/dont need! i definitely agree with you — sometimes people just go way overboard with the toys! most babies are perfectly happy with blocks and dolls and cardboard books (ooo .. you should do a favorite kids books post sometime!)!

  20. I see you got a baby bathrobe. 🙂 I got one for my shower and contemplated exchanging it for something more ‘practical’, but I’m glad I didn’t – it’s just TOO cute!!! 🙂

  21. Elizabeth •

    I think it’s a great idea to get the expensive stuff in neutral and simple colors. It’s easier to reuse those things if they aren’t gender specific. We had a girl first and everything we picked out was in very neutral colors, now we are having a boy and pretty much the only new stuff we have to buy is clothing. My friend, on the other hand, had a girl first too and everything they bought from the pack-n-play to the bouncer, stroller, carseat, you name it was pink, flowery and girly. If they have a boy next they’re either going to have to buy all new stuff or put their little guy in a pink and purple butterfly carseat.

  22. I love the dolls from blabla! So cute. And PS, we also happen to have the same grey rug. When we do finally see each others’ places, I think it will be funny to see how many things we have in common! I can already name a few…

  23. I’m so excited for you guys and can’t wait to see pictures of the little girl!! Oh, and you have the cutest stuff for her!!!!

  24. Congrats. All the things you have are so cute. My sister recently had a baby boy and is using the fuzzy buns cloth diapers.

  25. AHH! I am so for you both!!! Everyday you update your blog, I always click on you first on Google Reader cause I think “maybe she had her early….” Haha – you probably wish that everyday! Everything looks amazing and so perfect for your soon-to-be family of three!! Yay!

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  27. UGH girl babies have the cutest stuff! ALL of my friends have boys, and I’ve been hoping one of them has a girl already so I can indulge in all of this cute stuff! haha

  28. Our due dates are pretty much within the same week I believe and wow I’m getting so excited! All the things you got are so cute! 🙂

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