Week 36


We are half way thru week 36 now, on our way to 37. Time is seriously flying by so fast and then at times seems to be standing still. We went to the hospital last week to see our friends brand new baby boy. When we were walking in, I asked Kev if he had ever been to the hospital to see a baby before. He said he hadn’t. I think it took both of us back when we walked in that room and saw the beautiful little 1 day old baby. That was going to be us in 4 weeks. It def. put a lump in my throat. He was beyond perfect. We are so happy for our friends! We are about as ready as we are going to be I think with baby stuff. We got our car seat last week, the extra car seat base for the other car, our baby bouncer, sheets for her pram/bed and all her little things are getting washed as I type this. I also got all the things I needed for our hospital bag. The time is coming fast.


Dear Sweet Baby Girl
It’s almost 2am as I sit here typing this. Your daddy is sleeping in the other room. I can not sleep. I have not been sleeping a lot lately. Mommy is getting pretty uncomfortable and you make her have lots of strange dreams that she doesn’t really like having. I know its not your fault but it makes me not be able to sleep. My mind is also racing tonight. It is getting so close and I am excited but I am also scared. I hope that I can be everything that you will need me to be. I don’t know how to be a mom yet. Is it something that comes naturally after you are born? Sometimes I feel like I haven’t even figured out how to take care of myself yet- so how will I be able to do a good job with someone else. I am going to give it my all, but I worry sometimes at night that I wont know what to do. I hope you will just know how much we love you and that we really are so, so excited for you to come. We went to the Race Track yesterday and the whole day I kept wishing you were there with us. Enjoying the summer, the sun, and a nice picnic. Sometimes now it feels like we are missing something when we go and do things. That missing piece is you. We are ready for you to come on out and be a part of us. You are welcome to come out any time now. (hehe) We will be here anxious, excited and a little scared but filled with love and open arms.
We love you little one.
Your Momma

  1. 4 weeks left, wow! I have a deadline in 4 weeks so I know how little time that is! But I’m sure you’ll do absolutely fine Jen. You don’t have to know everything in advance. You can find out together and grow together, you as a mom and your baby girl into a happy healthy kid.
    Sorry to hear about your sleeping problems, I know how draining that can be. Take care! (And looking forward to horse race pictures 🙂 )

  2. I love your blog!

    Your letters to your baby girl are so sweet!

    It is a very good idea to write them and I’d like to do this, too. (Although it won’t be soon 😀 )

  3. I hope you’ll be able to get some sleep soon! There was a time period when I was having strange dreams that it started to make me dread going to sleep but it passed and I can finally get some sleep. I hope you both enjoy your last four weeks together!

  4. I wish I knew you were up at 2am. Cuz I was too! I fell asleep with Anthony when I was putting him to bed and then I couldn’t sleep all night. If I ever fell asleep I found myself on Iron Chef, battle Bacon, trying to make a BLT iron chef worthy. It was very stressful, especially since I don’t really like bacon. I was up wondering if you were up too. I should have just sang “somewhere out there” out the window and maybe you would have heard me and called to chat. LOL. I’m getting so excited for you and Kev. It is so sureal to have a baby of your own and I’m thrilled that you’re this close to experiencing it. I wish I could be there so bad. Please let me know if you need ANYTHING. Love you! xoxo

  5. If possible rest during the day, or prop yourself up against pillows….it gets a little harder to sleep as the due date approaches so don’t fret, just try to grab as amany naps as you need during the day!
    and don’t worry about being a good mama..you’ll do just fine!

  6. I love your blog as well! And as a mother of two girls (4 & 1) I can tell you that you will grow into being a mother. Everyday, at every moment. You don’t have to know it all, you can trust your intuition, it will tell you were to go. And perhaps some days you don’t know all the answer…well then the next day they will be there….
    My experience: baby’s and children need a lot of cuddling, attention, warmth, coziness etc. So hold her, smell her (how great their smell), watch her, talk and sing to her! Both of you will be great parents! I can tell. Even though I don’t know you in person.

    And the sleeping/dreaming…sounds so familiar….take care…..

    I will check your blog again to see how you are doing!

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